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How To Get All The Leads You'll Ever Need For Your Small Business

Do you want to get hot qualified leads that are guaranteed to blow the lead of your sales and profits?

Well, join me on this episode of the virtual entrepreneur. If you're new to this podcast. You're very welcome. And thank you for tuning in and joining us on this episode, I am your host, Herbert innocent, and today we are talking about leads, how to get tonnes and tonnes leads, and in this episode, the goal is you will discover the hidden secrets that will allow you and your small business to generate more business and make record sales, even in this times when sales seem dry.

So let's jump right in. In a previous episode one of the things that we talked about was the idea of the secrets behind fast growing businesses right and we touched on two secrets that are key and fundamental and growing a business, if you didn't listen to that episode, I want you to stop, pause this episode, go and listen back to that episode, and when you're done, come back, we'll still be here, and you'll catch on, because this episode is building from our last episode, we are always building on. It's all the little steps that adds that brings us closer to our goal.

So this will make so much sense once you know what we're talking about last on our last episode.

So today we are talking about the leads, lead magnets, and before I jump into all these things that have to do with leads and what types of leads people are using, or the businesses are using. I'm not gonna go into that I'm gonna go into something that I am seeing that is working, I am seeing, and it's a hack. It's a very simple hack that will allow you to multiply your results with very minimal effort.

So what am I talking about. I'm talking about how you can create your lead magnets and make them so powerful and irresistible that you're guaranteed to generate sales from them, you're guaranteed to generate a tonne of leads coming in to your business, even in times when it seems like people are not buying. So the first thing that I'm going to talk about here is, there are three ways that we consume content, right, we either read or listen, or we are watching. Right. And depending on how this consume this content is created, it can either feel like labour to consume it, or it can feel like fun. For example, watching video something that will consider fun it's easier, unless the boring lecture. In that case, it's called the boring lecture for a reason, right, it's always fun. Listening is also very interpersonal it's very connected thing of podcasts, people who listen to podcasts feel very much connected to the host to the podcast host. And so, whereas reading seems very detached, the sense of humour is most of the time tuned back down. There are humorous books but not as many. Whereas in a podcast it's very easy to come across as, you know, to have that human element in video it's even much much easier.

Right. So there's all these elements that are integrated into the different types of content, right. And so, when it comes to lead magnet. The first thing that we need to understand is, before you can jump into creating which by the way, you do not have to create this, which is, which is even better. If we can jump into that the first thing is we need to understand that there are three ways to consume content. And we also have different perceived value of each of different kinds of each of the different types of content that we consume. For example, books are usually considered to be at a certain price audio can be considered to be at a higher price, and videos all, you know, classes can be at even much higher price. So the perceived value of content is already different for each of the different ways that we consume content. Right, so that's very key because if you want to create content that has a higher perceived value for your ideal clients for ideal customers, you need to use the right medium for the content, because if it's a book.

It's only going to be worth a book. If it's a class it's a video, then it can be worth more because people consider class to have been a lot more work, you're sharing a lot more details you explain it's much more understanding. Right. Most people don't finish reading their books. Right. They read the first few pages they get bored, they leave it down there and they never pick it up. Right. And so, the perceived value is different. Most people when listening to podcasts, they listen up to at least 80% Most of it. So if a podcast was 40 minutes episode, they'll listen to up to about 30 minutes. Right, so three quarters, most of the times.

Right. and so when it's videos, it's also the same people watch they don't always watch the full video, they either skip to the end, or just go to the next thing, their attention span is short.

And so people may not be thinking about these things, but it's at the back of their mind when they see it, they ask themselves, will I really read the book. Will I really watch the video. So understanding that mindset. Here is the best way to go about creating a tonnes of leads. So first we need to know who we are talking to right. Do they have the time. Right. And we need to understand, Does our lead have a very high enough perceived value for them. Notice I said perceived value and not actual value, right, people value things differently, what is value for one person is different for another depends on what they want, what they want has more value than what you think is important for them. Right.

So that's the first thing they're understanding that is the first step. So using the right titles is going to be very key. The next thing is understanding that there are these three types of lead magnets, and depending on what medium you're good at creating content, then the chances are you already have all the content for your lead magnet. Right. And all you have to do is trim it down into the size that you can give a freelancer from Fiverr, or, to create for you the lead magnet, and you can guide them, and if you're not sure where to start the best place to start is look at your industry who are the big players in the industry and what lead magnets are they using, how effective are they look at lead magnets that you have downloaded.

What made you download them, be conscious of those questions because knowing those will bring you closer to understanding what your customers thinking when they want those lead magnets.

Then the next thing is, if you have videos online classes. Right. These will be, you know, lead magnet that we consumed by watching. So this could be webinars online classes consultations zoom calls or short videos. So if you have those, you can offer them by themselves as a lead magnet as long as you have a cover art image that you're using. at the front of your lead page to give it that higher perceived value, right, you have to sell the lead magnet, it has to be in a package in a way that is simple and easy to understand at a glance, because this is where people spend them minimum time on your website. As soon as they see it, they've already decided if they're going to get it or not.

Right, so the next type of lead magnets will fit into the audio. So whatever you had on the videos, you could easily turn them on to audio, And this could be in the form of audiobook, or it could be a form of a, an interview. So, and then it could also be as a form of podcast, most liked podcast if you're a podcaster. So the idea here is, though, you're repurposing the content that you have into a lead magnet, just giving it a little bit, you know, makeover in branding, making it much more appealing and attractive to the ideal prospect.

And then the next type of lead magnet is something that we can read right.

So, again, if you have your audio you can transfer you can transcribe that down, then turn it into an infographic or report an ebook or cheat sheet, a checklist, a template or a newsletter, you can do a lot of things you can go crazy with it. But the idea here is you already took what you had. And then you're just breaking it down, and it makes less work for you. Right, rather than going out and saying, okay, so I have to start writing ebook for my lead magnets which is not the best way to be spending our time because again procrastinate, you're going to get stuck.

This is the best break way breakdown that I am seeing some of the experts in the field are using this as a way of creating lead magnets superfast. In fact, a lot of people are writing books this way, these days. My first book was an interview. So there you go. So, that is one of the ways that to create lead magnets.

So there's another type of lead magnet that I haven't covered here it's like a consultation call but this case, if you're in the E commerce space. This will be like discounts and coupons. So, if you wanted to initiate that sales for the customer, giving them an incentive to start buying, giving them a discount or a coupon. If they subscribe or and then telling them that coupon, you know is valid today for X amount of hours, could be one way to get them to not only give you their email address but also to make that purchase, because at the end of the day, that is what you're after, that purchase. So that's another type of lead magnet.

Now, notice I didn't go into detail into all these other lead magnets you can find them in front of Google, but here I wanted to cover the process through which you can go about creating a lead magnet. Now you're probably wondering, okay, so I have all this content I can create a lead magnet what's my first step, step number one is simple identify the content that you have, identify the content that is much more valuable has much more higher perceived value for your ideal customers were ideal clients. And then once you have that. The next thing you want to do is look at the format that your Industries has in terms of the cover. Right. The visual cover the colours and all those hire somebody who has done it before on Fiverr.

Don't try and do it, they'll charge you 20 bucks but they'll give you a resource that works if you're trying to do it yourself. I've seen people try to do themselves. It's not as good as you think it looks like you tried to do it yourself. It looks that way. It's not very professional. Okay, give someone $20 They'll do it for you and then you have a very nice, beautiful, attracting irresistible lead magnet. Right. And then inside you have the content that you had. So it's a book, whether it's a video, whether it's an audio. The idea there is you have it for the ideal customers, right, so once you have that the next thing you want to do is you want to create your lead page.

We did talk about lead page, we have an episode on how to create lead pages.

And that episode specifically talks about how to create a lead pages for your affiliate marketing.

Right. But if you're not in affiliate marketing. Now that you're talking, talking more about business, small business owner, then that episode will apply to you.

You just have to change the affiliate marketing to small business owner, it really is the same method of how to go about it.

But sometimes you have much more guidance if you're an affiliate marketer because you are using content of whoever you're doing the affiliating for.

So if you're a small business owner, the best way to go about this is, look at your competition. Ideally, the big players, how they're doing it right, if they're asking us if are they targeting the exact same customers in zero.

And if they are then model them, because the chances are they know something that you don't.

They figure something out using money. And if you're a small business owner. I bet you don't have the same fat wallet as they do.

Right. And so you want to try your best to do what you make do with what you have.

And the best way to do that is to learn from other people's mistakes. So, that's it. The call to action for today is just identify your content and pay someone to build for your lead magnet, it's gonna drive a tonne of traffic for you. The way this works is if you're not very sure is a customer comes to you. You tell them, give me your email address, I'll give you this lovely ebook. It will help you, XYZ. So in this case, you want lead more leads, right, a lead magnet. If I have this little booklet here. I'll give you this booklet, it'll show you 47 ways to get more customers.

And you can start using it today.

Just put your email address here and download it below.

That's a very simple made up way of starting this process of creating this lead magnet.

The idea is the same. Right.

You use that to get the email address. Now you're probably wondering what do I do with the email address.

We'll cover that on our next episode of the virtual entrepreneur. Thank you so much for joining us on this episode.

I'll talk to you on our next episode. Have a wonderful evening.



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