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How To Generate Leads Part 2

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

So have you wondered how are you going to go about creating those lead magnets.

Join me on this episode of the virtual entrepreneur. If you're new to this podcast, a very warm welcome. Hi, I'm your host, Herbert innocent and today we're going to be looking at how to create your lead magnet we're gonna really break it down into the granular details so that you're able to essentially reverse engineer and build your entire lead magnet.

Now, on our last episode we talked about belief, we talked about faith, we talked about a sense of purpose, right, and sometimes in entrepreneurship we find ourselves, that we have lost this sense of purpose and so we've hit rock bottom, and we just don't know how to bounce back, and it helps when we can essentially look to outside of ourselves, to find another reason to get back up to find another strength to get back up.

So if you didn't get a chance to listen to that episode, stop.

Go back to that episode. Listen, when you finish come back we'll still be here.


The notes for that episode can be found at Herbert marketing that is H ER b e t marketing

And with that said, let's jump into today's episode so we can focus on how to go about building that lead magnet. Now we mentioned that having purpose and all these things is very very important. But another thing is very very important in business and that is allies.

And without allies, everything just becomes so much harder and everything depends on us.

Without allies means we have to work extra harder, not just to build up our pipeline, not just to find a tonne of customers, as well as, you know, provide the services and fulfil the service requirements. It just takes so much longer.

Right. So there are ways to go about around that. And all this goes into this concept of building a team and faith. But before we get into that, let's, let's go back into the reasons why you might even consider building a lead magnet, and this is a process.

So one of the key things to understand here is we are building a process that once it's up. We don't have to worry about. We can just improve, but we don't have to worry about not having customers because they will always be coming to us more and more as the time goes on. Right, so you don't have to worry about paying to get customers, right, and some of the things that consider this 74% of buyers usually choose to work with a vendor, you know, who has provided them with value and insight. First, right. That's 74%.

That is just

about two thirds just over two thirds, you know.

And the next thing is 30% of prospects are usually don't don't have interest in your company, right, and then 33%, don't have the need.

30%, don't have the need of what you're selling, but then the next 30%. They have the need, but are not ready to act.

Right. and then there's a 7% who intend on acting, make me change.

And then there's 3%, who are active buyers. So if you look at this statistics 90% of your prospects are not ready to make a purchase.

So being able to get that content contact means that later on you can reach out to them, means that later on. You have them already when they are ready to make a purchase.

You have them and you can reach out to them and have them make a purchase and this is why we want to build this process so that you can capture the 30% who have a need, but they're not ready to act as well as the 7% who intendant change but maybe haven't changed yet. And then, capturing the active buyers as well. Right, and that's a total 40%.

Right, because 82% of buyers view at least five pieces of content.

Before buying five pieces of content before buying and if you think about that, that's, that's a lot. Right. And this is a this is a data from for yesterday, so it's, it's, it says a lot about what we need to do.

Now, today we're going to focus on something, go and build a lead magnet we need to understand something that I've learned and one of the things that I've learned is this. Usually a prospect has a problem and they want a specific result if it's pain. They want relief from pain either from the elbow. Tennis elbow or cough, elbows, or whether it's it's a knee pain or maybe it's a body injury, maybe it's what we need to breathe properly.

They're tired of not being breathed because of a bit of weight gain, or it could just be other problems in business they want to stand out, they want to attract more clients, more, more, more, more business.

Right. So there's all these reasons that attract prospect, there's all these reasons that attract prospects, right, so the prospect has problems questions and roadblocks that are stopping them from getting the result, but you know how to get the specific that they want, you know how to do it.

So there's a process that you use. If you're a coach, you start coaching, And how to come to a specific mindset, so they can get the results so you have a process for that. Right. If you're a car dealership, then you have a car, you're selling them this vehicle which can take them from A to B.

Right. If you're a dentist, you've studied you dental practitioner, so you know how to give them oral hygiene, you know how to help them get and maintain that oral hygiene, which is very important, right. So whatever it is, whether if you fast food restaurants and you know how to create for them food, so that they don't have to work to go home after work and try to build up, or sorry, try to assemble these ingredients together to make their own food.

So whatever is the result is you have a process for getting them the result.


And there's also the.

So there's a process for getting them the result but there's also other things that you can give in exchange for the contact detail because the aim of this process is to get a contact detail that you can always reach out to them.

So for example, one example that I heard was, if it's a restaurant like a pizza restaurant. It could be that you can ask them for an email address in exchange you can give them something for free maybe extra toppings, maybe a drink or something for free. And if it's a gym.

It could be that you really have a pile of list of people who have signed up in the past that you could reach out, instead of sending them content sharing the logic and give them three something, and then when they get there, you can also sign up after the, after they've tried, because they use texts.

If it's something like walking a dog babysit babysitting lawn mowing, so you know you could be like, Look, I will come and help you with your lawn more, you know, in the next three weeks, or I'll be fully booked. If it's a babysitting it's, it's all these are similar principles, they all resolve about around.

If you already have clients, it's easier to just get the email, and then start automating the process.

And if it's in the E commerce space, then it just takes finding one thing that you can give away for free in exchange for an email address. But if you're in the information of service based businesses, then it may take, looking at the framework of how you get the result. So this is how I understand the process to where it works. Right.

So the first process involves understanding who exactly to provide the results. For me, I've always find that I enjoy working with managers, specific marketing managers, people who have a messaging they want to share I enjoy working with them because I feel like they inspire and empower other entrepreneurs. Right.

And one particular result I feel like I'm very good at getting for them is making their content extremely relatable. That's one thing. Right, through photography or through copywriting, making their content extremely relatable. Right.

And so there's a process for that.

So for you, you might be asking yourself what is the process that you get result. So for me, I'm a photographer and I know how to use my photography equipment to make someone look at the photo and really be pleased with what they're seeing, so that they want to get the result. Right. For you it might be that you have a process for coaching that helps people get the result. Now there's a framework for that or there's a process that you use that for, or there's a strategy.

Now, and that strategy can provide people with, you know, what is the ultimate result and then these several results that you get them before you can get to the big goal, right. So for example, if the goal is to stand out in the public, create a website that really really attracts your ideal prospect, then the goal may be the ultimate goal is to attract all these prospects by the small core results within that, maybe, capturing the experience.

Capturing the happiness, but also making sure that it's easier to see, it's friendly and easier to use right so this could be some key results and taking those photos for them so that they don't have to do that. Right, so this could be many core results.

But before, even that may also be where to focus to make that message relatable. But the idea here is is a process, right. So when I take out my camera gear to go and take those photos, there's a process I follow is the settings I use to capture the photographs.

There is a process I use to frame my models to make sure that, You know, they get the best photographs, you know, to give the best highlight of the venue to get the best highlight of the, the event. Right. So there's all these things that I do. There's also a process I used to make sure that the photographs are really really beautiful and stunning, and everyone who sees them loves them. Right, so there's a process there.

And so, when building a lead magnet, it could be that you could just find one very very specific process that you could give out you prospects, right as a lead magnet, a process that will give them a very quick, simple result, but is very highly appealing.

An example of this is if you look at those personality tests where they ask you, you know, find that 20% test these and they take your email address, that's an example for lead magnet where they give you a test, and then to get the result you put your email address, that's an example.

If you're coaching, maybe you could do a test.

If you are in the marketing space.

And in, in the space of hotels, maybe you could give out a small little piece, or something like a reservation advance, something that is so valuable to them to your ideal prospect, but it doesn't cost you anything to give them. Right. And the whole idea of this is so that you can capture that email address. And so that you can let them know you know, these all these things that you can do for them.

So, in this particular episode what I wanted to focus on is this acknowledge that is a process that you use to create a tool, get your clients results, there's a process, or these a framework that you use to get your clients result.


And by breaking it down. You can find that each of those processes create several small car resorts before you can provide the overall big results which is what they're paying for.

Right. So, in photography, if I take that as an as an example, where is the experience during the photography. How do you make someone who is nervous smile during photographs.

How do you make them feel good. How do you make him prepare before the photographs, how do you make them show their venue in the best light possible. All these things exist.

Right. And if you can give these, these are processes that I follow to make sure that every single photo comes out, Sterling.

Now if you can use that you can create a simple process that you can give as a lead magnet and it will allow the people who you give to feel Sterling, about the result that they can get.

So if you want to follow this method, you can go about certain creating a process by looking at how do you provide the results for your prospects and breaking it down to how can you get them a small result very very fast by writing a simple paragraph explaining how you do that, but making it so appealing to them.

For example, how to set up your venue, your event venues, so that all the photographs turn out stunning.

Now that's probably not the best appealing one, but just something to think out of my head.

Anyway, so that's how you go about doing that and then below, we're going to continue discussing and breaking it down, and coming up with more concrete example, examples.

As for now, thank you so much for tuning in on this episode of virtual entrepreneur, I will talk to you on our next episode of the virtual entrepreneur, the notes for this episode can be found at Herbert marketing that is h e r v e RT marketing And as always, I will talk to you on our next episode of the virtual entrepreneur.

Have a wonderful evening.



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