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How To Explain Products and Services To Sell To Clients

So have you ever wondered how do you go about explaining your products or services?

Well, hello everyone and welcome to this episode of the virtual entrepreneur if you're new to this podcast. A very warm welcome. I am your host Herbert innocent, and today we're going to be talking about how to explain your products or services to your customers, and more specifically how to explain it in a way that makes sense and means something to them. Now, if you're new to this podcast, I want to welcome you.

In our last episode we talked about one mistakes. One mistake that really prevents a lot of entrepreneurs from getting results. And one of the things that, you know, I started this show about the reason why I say this show in the past was essentially a way to learn how successful businesses are built right. And so, go out and learn how they're doing things and then I'll come back and report into the show.

So, essentially, I bring you the tips the tricks and the big secrets right success stories really as to how to how to do stuff, and then the success knowledge from all the entrepreneurs that I'm learning from around the globe and today we are looking at how to position, how to talk about your product in a way that makes sense.

And as I said in our last episode we talked about one big mistake that stops a lot of entrepreneurs from essentially getting the result that they want and if you want to learn more about that episode if you now go and find the notes you can go to Herbet marketing And I have the notes as well as the episode down there and you can subscribe to the podcast as well. Or you can just tune in for some of the past guests that we've had, which has been exciting. We have a few more guests coming up next week. With that said, let's jump into today's episode so we can look at, you know, what's the biggest mistake that we make whenever you want to go about, you know, talking about our product and what exactly are the key things that we do.

So, before I jump into exactly why we want to do when you're doing that is one thing to notice is this, when we're talking about our products, right, for a lot of people this is something new, it's a completely. It's a new tool, it's the new information, and the way we learn is we need to build a relationship between two things, something that we know and value and care about, and connect that to something new, which we do not know yet.

Therefore we do not value yet and therefore we do not care that, and that is essentially learning, then is building relations between two things. The thing that we know and the thing that we don't know. Right. And so if you ever wondered how do you teach someone anything they very simply, will talk to them about something they know and then link that to something that they don't know.

And once you can build that relationship, then they know oh so this is like that, a very simple example like that, of that is a, you know, is essentially how we go about learning, teaching, and so when it comes to business and when it comes to talking and explaining about our products and services for a lot of us entrepreneurs, one of the biggest mistake that we see

my screen switched on practicing with this, I have

no idea how to do it. Yeah, good stuff. So when it comes to us intrapreneurs when you want to go about essentially creating these products and services. We're so focused on the things that we have done, you know, we build this gadget, which makes us really happy, and we are proud of our work, but we forget that it means nothing to the person on the other side. And so before I jump into exactly how you go about talking about that what this means to the person who's watching, sorry the person who's looking at the product, they're wondering what's in it for me. What does this have anything to do with me, and why should I really pay attention to the product or service or to you for that matter.

And so, what do you want to know here is a mistake to just talk about a product, because it means nothing unless your product has been so well communicated in other areas that when they come to see it, they know exactly what to expect, right, for a lot of us, unless it's food, because, you know, food is, it satisfies our basic needs, so we don't really need to explain the value in that right and bread.

Everybody knows the, you know, the value in that. So unless it's food. Unless torture us anything that really had covers of basic needs like you know security shelter, you know, medicine, but unless it's one of those things. And because we understand how well they fit into our life, then we don't we still need to explain how they relate to us, if they're new and they're not very straightforward. And they're not very simple. And what I mean here is the reason why we need the product or service if it's not very simple and clear for them to understand we need to explain that much much better.

And so the first thing we go about doing this is essentially talking about the product right, so we say well this, the name of this product is, whatever it is, right, it's a, let's say if you're, if you're a coach, or if you're in marketing, let's say if you take the, if you take the example that I'm using the example that I am learning, you may say well, this is a product, and the benefit of this product is this. And what this means for you, this benefit what it means to you is, you know, you get more security, or it means you get peace of mind, or it means you get a much better quality of life or it means you'll get much better health, or it means you have, you'll be able to focus on building stronger relationships.

So essentially we are taking something that they don't notice a product we explaining what these products the benefits when an offer, and then we are connecting to something that they know they care about, and they can relate, right, and we essentially talking about the meaning. Now this is, this is a simplistic way of actually talking about a product, what I've seen is some guys go as far as saying, you know you need to create a state, at which, you know, you remind people of something that they love and value and care about so that you can bring those emotions those feelings, and connect that to your product, right.

And so you'll see a lot of commercials, you'll see a lot of campaigns that tend to go about avoiding talking about the product and really focusing on creating a very specific emotion, or creating a very specific feeling into an individual so that they can arouse those emotions later on during the purchase and these create the relationships.

And essentially what this means for us intrapreneur is, you know, talking about meanings is great, but linking the customer to a moment where they felt what you want them to feel when they get the product when they're using the product becomes even more powerful. So for example if a tool is going to help people build better relationships.

So taking advantage of how they may have felt in their past relationships, whether negative or positive, right, can have a very huge benefit in helping them make the decision so that they can go about getting those experiences that they have in the past that they had in the past. Right.

So for example, in one of our past businesses we have this product which was a lady bird and what it did is essentially monitor your house and your energy usage and consumption. So this decision. So, how we will go about describing that using this example say this is a ladybird right, it monitors your energy consumption.

This gives you control over your energy spending gives you control, and certainty over your energy spending and wastage, right. So it saves you money. What this means for you is you can have peace of mind in terms of where your finances are at in terms your energy bills but also gives you a peace of mind that you're building a better future for your children, by not wasting so much energy, but also, you know, teaching them about eco friendly and all these other benefits that parents will find them very, very valuable, right, so that's how, essentially we go about talking actually get a stand for this. That's how we go about talking about the products and services.

So essentially we talk about the service so we say what the service is right we just say what it is. Right. And then we say, what's the benefit of it, not what it does but what the benefit of it is, then we say, why is this benefit, important to them. So what does this mean to the person who's using the product or service. Right.

And by focusing on communicating the meaning, right, communicating those emotional experiences the reasons why they're buying this is those machine experience they want to get those by focusing on those, we essentially create a much better ground for the customers and clients to understand. So this is what I've learned, and this is what I'm seeing a lot of Intrapreneurs do. Right. So, if we take another example, you would say, well I'm a mobile phone devices, pretty standard. We take something not so common, you can say coaching.

Coaching is very little understood for a lot of people. So, if you say coaching and then we say business coaching for people, for a lot of people who will be like, Why would I need business coaching I understand what I'm doing, but this could be like you know success coaching, why, Well, the benefits of success coaching is to allow you to reach your goals right just to allow you to come up with a plan that will guarantee you reach your goal in the timeframe that you've set for yourself.

What this means for you is, you can reach financial freedom faster, you can have more time to spend with your family and you can build your business without sacrificing your health and hurting your relationship with the people that you care about, right, so that's a very simple example for a coaching service there. Now there's many ways to go about this.

But the idea here you see that the meaning part is why customers buy, and in most cases just talking a lot more about what the product means to the client is the best way to communicate to them rather than telling them, oh this is this it's going to do this for you.

A lot of people don't really want coaching, they just want to build their businesses without hurting their, you know, their family, their relationships, their health, as well as, you know, without neglecting their duties as parents, or neglecting their duties as brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers, and so that's what I wanted to cover on this episode of virtual intrapreneur I hope you got a tonne of value, the notes for this episode will be found at Herbet marketing

that is h e r b e r t marketing So you can go there and get those there. Aside from that, thank you so much for tuning in on this episode of rich entrepreneur.

And as always, I'll talk to you on our next episode. Have a wonderful evening.



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