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How To Easily Make Your Services Relate To Your Clients

Have you ever wondered what you need to do to essentially connect your products and services to the needs of your customers to how they identify what the problems are, or what their roadblocks are?

Hello and welcome to this episode of the virtual entrepreneur. I am your host, Herbert innocent, and if you are new to this podcast.

A very warm welcome. This is the go-to podcast for online business owners of virtual entrepreneurs as we call them, solopreneurs dad printers, mom, printers, who wants to scale their business online, on the episode on our previous episode one of the key things that we really talked about was this, we had an interview with Rachel Chung and one of the biggest things that she was touching on was this procrastination, the idea of how procrastination holds us back, and she gave some really good tips and tricks on how to overcome this procrastination and essentially the interview is called How to overcome procrastination and unleash your true signature self. So if you want to go and listen to that podcast so you can understand how to overcome anything holding you back, I recommend you go and listen to that. And then once you're done you can come back here and then we can continue on this episode.

And the episode today, essentially what we are talking about is how to connect your products or services with the needs of your customers. Right now, we're going to be connecting your products or services with the perceived needs of your ideal clients, and it's notice that I highlighted perceived needs. And another thing that I want to highlight is, We are really connecting them. We are connecting your products and services with the perceived needs hopes and dreams of your ideal clients. Right. And the reason why I'm highlighting those words really focusing on them is that when it comes to sales, marketing, and copywriting these things, one of the few things that you need to realise is, there are some elements that are really important in decision making.

Right. And if your client feels that their product is not connected to their needs to their hopes and dreams. They will simply dismiss them as something that they don't need, even though they're really needed. And so, it is your job to be able to know what their perceived needs are, What benefits, they are looking for, what roadblocks they want to avoid what problems they want to overcome what questions they want answered what hopes they have for the, for themselves, for their business.

And what dreams they carry with them, because these are the emotions that will allow them to make the right decision. Either in purchasing your product or the product of someone else who is addressing these and that is as simple as it gets right so if they're not buying from you, they're buying from your competition. And in that regard, there is no second place you're either you sold or somebody else sold on your behalf. So, this is really what it is all about. So I want to complicate the subject, because it's very very simple. And essentially, it really comes down to three things when you want to make your product and services, relate to your clients and your prospects. And the first thing is, is your products are going to have features, they're going to have unique selling points, right. And then the next thing is your product also going to have benefits.

These are the things that are showing your ideal clients how to overcome the problems the questions and the roadblocks, and then you. The next thing then is we need to tie the features and the benefits with what this means for clients hopes, dreams and fears because they have hopes, dreams and fears when you can tie our products to their hopes, dreams and fears. We can show them how they can get towards their dream because they want that, that's the reason why they build the business in the first place. That's the reason why they get up in the morning, to build a future for yourself, to secure security and all these things, so they can be happy with the people they care about, with the people they love.

And with the friends and families, right.

So the first thing is the feature now the feature, a lot of us intrapreneurs know them, because we have built a product. If you are in the tech you're likely are the person who has built the tech, as well as the person who's trying to sell it, like I was like my team was, and so we know our features right in this case I'm going to move away from tech and use an example in coaching. So if you're a coach, you may be thinking, Well, my coach, the benefits, or the key feature of my. So, yeah, the key feature of my coaching is, it's a one to one right now saying your coaching is just one to one on itself is not connecting it to the clients, at least not in a meaningful way that gives them value that shows the value of your one to one coaching, right. And so, the benefits of one-to-one coaching you could say something like, it's a one to one coaching, so we can focus on you and your business.

Right now, this allows them it gives them an in-depth understanding of why you've decided to put that feature down there, right. And then the next thing maybe even focus a deeper to explain what this means for them, right, so remember feature, then the benefit and then the meaning what this means to them in terms of their hopes and dreams, and so the meaning will be.

Right, so that way we can grow your business on your terms. So let me repeat, all that together so that it all makes sense. So it's one-to-one coaching, so that you can, so that we can focus on you and your business. And that means to you. And what that means to you is that we can grow your business on your own terms.

So as you can see there that the goal then becomes you know we've closed everything together so when someone hears that they're like, oh, okay, that makes sense, because I do want to grow my business, on my own terms, I want to control. And I want all these other aspects of my business under my control. Right, so this becomes a way of tying it up to their, you know, to their hopes and dreams.

Another example, done for you, so high converting done for you, landing page, copy that could be feature. Right.

So you can so you don't have to worry about writing copy, or learning to write copy.

Right, that's the benefit.

And that means you can focus on what you enjoy doing. A lot of people don't enjoy writing copy it's a stressful work. So here what I'm saying is, you know, it's a high converting done for you, landing page copy. So you don't have to worry about learning, or starting to write copy, and that means you can enjoy doing what you enjoy doing in your business.

Right. And so when we say that way it really speaks to your customer that you know they can forget about all these worries and the value of the copy being done for you increase is relevant just it's done for you, copy, right.

So the other example that I want to share here is custom done for you, emails for your coaching, right, so for example I do custom done for you emails, accuracy, custom done for you, emails for your coaching.

This allows you to skyrocket your leads and sales conversions.

And what that means to you is, you have more money in your business, for other things as well as more profits to take home.

Right. So you can see that I'm tying the lead pages to something that they want which is more profits and money to take home, because they want that financial freedom life. Right, so that is the goal in this study is we are tying our product and service to our clients. And what I am seeing and what I'm learning. Remember, this whole podcast is about me becoming a student and then reporting back to you. What I'm learning and what I'm learning is when you use these methods on your product services and courses, or whatever it is that you're selling online, it really hits.

You know the key points key decision making, emotions, it triggers those emotions for your clients and ideal prospects, so that they can buy from you because they see how your products and services, relate to their goals, relates to their benefits, as well as it relates to their own personal goals, their hopes, their dreams and their fears, right, for most people having to learn to write copies probably not a very good experience that they want to experience.

They just want to build the business, deliver very good customer service. And so, showing that you can help them overcome these worries this dress is very key now these here I use three examples, but you can use this method on any of your products and services. And if you need help with that you can always come to me at And I'll be very happy to help you in that, especially, especially it's one of the few things that I've been doing a lot that I've enjoyed doing for myself and for others, and it has worked quite aggressively, but the focus here is, I wanted to share this with you because just doing that for everyone a few key features and products, it can really dramatically skyrocket your sales if it doesn't improve it by about 20%

Then the next thing you'll need to do is just improve the traffic as well as the quality of traffic, as well as the headlines, and you're really only way to go because people are sold as soon as they see the headlines, everything else just justifies and builds on. And these are bullets, they're known as bullets, they're designed to, you know, build up that low connects the customer with the product but also to really build up that emotional connection, so that it's not just a product anymore, but it relates the intangible desires that they have, right, because they have desires they're human, they want to get their goals, their dreams they want to reach to a certain point or they're aiming for these ties that, that this ties up what you're doing to them.

Now, that is me for this episode I hope you've enjoyed and gotten value. Again, if you want to listen to Rachel Chan's interview where she discussed procrastination in go and do that. And then this year. I hope you got some value from that. Thank you so much for tuning in on this episode of the virtual entrepreneur. And as always, I will talk to you on our next episode of the virtual entrepreneur. Have a wonderful evening.



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