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How to Do Wonders with a Little Small Business Marketing!

Have you ever wondered when is the right time for you to start doing marketing for your small business.

Hello everyone and welcome to this episode of virtual entrepreneur if you're new to this podcast, a very warm welcome.

I am your host, her bed, innocent, and if you're new to this podcast, you probably this is the go to podcast for entrepreneurs who see their business as a vehicle for change might bring you the tips the tricks and the big secrets, the how tos and success stories. Success knowledge from entrepreneurs around the globe and today on this podcast we are talking about. When does your small business need, marketing, and on our last episode we talked about how to capture more clients using content marketing, and if you didn't get a chance to listen to that episode, I want you to go and listen to that issue ever to get a tonne of value on the mindset that you might need to be thinking about as you start going about your content marketing.

And today, as I said we're gonna be talking about when does your business need content marketing, but also the notes from the previous episodes, if you're wondering where you could get those, just go to Herbet marketing And you can get those down there so that is Herbert, which is h, ar ve RT marketing And if you were to get all those lovely content and everything else that we have you down there. Now with that said, let's jump into today's episode which is on.

When does your small business need content marketing when does it need marketing in general. Well, when it comes to that, there are three things to consider it your business. When does your business need client before product launch during product launch. And after forever. And the best way to think about this is this.

When do you want to start generating revenue and for most business owners is as soon as possible, even if it's before the product launch, having revenue means you have more cash to work around with you have more, you can hire more staff, you can do a lot more, so that when you hit the ground running, you have all these things taken care of. And that is the beauty of what marketing can do. And so you could do it before product lunch and or before even your business lunch, right and one of some of the some of the ways this can be done is through pre orders. So there's a lot of people a lot of business owners who have written books and sold a tonne of copies, before the book was even published yet, and that's the beautiful thing that's a key word they published right, they've sold a tonne of copies with pre orders before the book was even published.

Now when I learned about this I thought this is the coolest thing ever, because now they have all the costs they can cover for the books, right, and the back end they verified that the book will sell, which is a really good place to be because rather than spending all this money they've already tested it, and if it doesn't work, there's always this idea you can always refund all the money back, and you've acquired much less of a cost, whereas for other business owners, they will try and write the book and buy an entire stoke stock of books into their, you know, somewhere basement or their house whatever and then you have all these materials, and if the audience doesn't respond well to the title of the book or the cover of the book, then you've wasted all this, because you never got the chance to test.

So, doing your marketing before your businesses even launch or before your product launch is a very good way to verify that the market is ready for your product, the market will respond well to your product and the market will actually take their money and buy, which is essentially voting for your business to exist within that market space right, so before a product launch, you could also start building your audience as early as possible. These are going to be early adopters and the more you inspire them, the more you feel that burning flame for whatever cause you want to champion, using your product, then what that means for them is they're going to become your raving fans, right, they're the ones who are if they're there early, then they're the ones who are going to be shaping the history of your business with you.

They're the ones who are going to go about telling their friends and friends and sudden bringing you more customers before you hire the teams of salespeople, or teams of marketing people, because at the beginning is probably going to be you and whoever is CO founding it with you, whether it's two or three people, but your raving fans are going to be your earlier, they're going to be your earlier employees and customers because they will do a lot of the marketing for you without asking anything in return, simply because you've helped them with a very specific needs, you've spoken to their CO design as a human but also solve the key problem that they're facing in our daily lives.

So building that audience, and by audience, there's a difference between traffic audience. And I suppose customers right. So, an audience, essentially, may have bought a product but they also come to you for your message for your cause, for your values for your vision, right, those are audience, your customers may buy from you, regardless of your vision, some of them may just want the product to solve that problem. Like how I buy a computer I don't really usually care much about what these companies values of it, nor do I even know what their value visions are. But I just want something that can compute.

Right. And so I'm just a customer just buy the commodity and whoever can give me the beautiful, elegant design that does the work I'm done I'm sold. That's it.

Whereas, for some other products, then I'll go to someone for their cause for whatever it is that they believe, and they want to champion, whatever it is that they want to do. Right. So, some when you're building this audience, what they, why they are there for is not necessary. The product so they are there for something much more. And one of the key things to think about this is, during before your product launches you're building your market.

This is also the chance to bring those people because those people are the ones who are going to be much more passionate about your solutions, and they will go about giving spreading that word of mouth, Right, talking to their friends, friends, families, as well as relatives to try and bring you all these other people who believe in the same thing that you're trying to do, who believe in solving the problem, not just with your product, but also with for your business existence because the business doesn't just exist to solve that need that exists champion, much more than just a product need and if it just exists to solve a product, then the chances are, somebody else is going to come and take over that market because people want more than just a simple solution, They want much higher purpose cause something to be to belong to. Right.

And so, you will talk more about that as we go on, but the idea here is this, you know, you have audience you have customers, and you have visitors and visitors are just strangers looking, Right, like people passing by the shops and looking through the windows. Some of them might go in. Just have a look, and then walk back some of them may just look through the windows and then walk away. So those would be the equivalent of your visitors and the audience, they come there, whether you have a new product or not, they come there for themselves, they show up to your business, to your products and buy them for themselves, not for the not for you, but for themselves, and to prove what is there, and this will be the equivalent of Apple, championing.

Well these raving fans and customers right, people who believe in thinking differently. And then, the other reason for, you know, doing start launching your product or doing your marketing before the product launch will be together, word of mouth, because that is the most strongest of all testimonials, you could have. Imagine having 1000 People saying good things about your business and company consistently. That is powerful, it's more powerful than your marketing you can ever do I mean your marketing is great but.

So it's more powerful than any ads you can do the ads will be great but those are going to cost you, but also a customer acquired by an ad from you can also be acquired by an ad by a competition by a customer who is there for themselves and buying from you because of what they believe in what they want. The chances are, whenever, wherever they go, they will.

They cannot be taken by somebody else. And I've had no experience with this, that's why I think it's a very powerful topic. And I'd also work well, while you start doing your market before even your business exists.

During product launch, you can also do marketing during product launch, and this becomes a very powerful space of utilising all the existing customers who made pre orders as your brand ambassadors, right, using them giving them more opportunities updates information, but also giving them that space where they talk, giving them the space and opportunity to talk about your product, talk about what that means for them, but also to bring you more audience, if that makes sense, but also becomes an opportunity for you to reach that tipping point, as it was referred in the last diffusion, without the point where there's enough raving fans there's enough initial audience, to bring you into more audience automatically without you needing to start running ads.

Now this is something that I'm learning that other businesses have we utilise it, and it can be strategically planned for, which is a very beautiful thing, it can be strategically planned for, so you can plan for this to happen so that you never have to run ads for your business.

So, after that the next thing becomes you could also do marketing, after your product launch and business launch, and the goal for doing this then is simply because you want to continue growing a business, you want to continue capturing more ideal clients, so that you can carve yourself that space in the market space, but also maintain the space is not just enough to capture this base, you have to maintain it. The best way to think about this is you want to be able to acquire a piece of wealth or land but also mean, be able to maintain it, keep it because otherwise the weeds will grow in trees and bushes and shrubs will grow and they'll just ruin the space, if they don't grow properly.

Land deposits and all these other things could happen. So you want to be able to not just capture that space, but also be able to maintain that market space so that you are in a consistent, or a stable business within that Mac space.

So, in terms of, of this, what it means for you as an entrepreneur is you can also bring new products into the market, and because your business is going in, introduce new products that still satisfies, maybe what comes after the needs because the initial product is always going to create more products, and even your business as it solves more problems it's going to create more problems. And those opportunities to solve them, and bring more and more clients but also giving the existence client, more to look forward to more business opportunities with you. Right.

Just because we have the toothbrush, doesn't mean they don't need the Colgate. Having a Colgate means they need something else, right, maybe a new Colgate.

Maybe a new toothbrush after a few months, or, a month and then maybe something else extra what else can they do to keep their oral hygiene going right, then you have dental implants, this is just an example. Right. Maybe there is dental hygiene right these teeth whitening, that's the next step, perhaps, what's the next step after that. So you can see there you started with a toothbrush as a product to selling but now you can create all these back end offers you can always introduce more and more and more as you go on.

Right. And then we've introduced family dental plans, right, and now you're going from a product or commodity that was very competitive, to creating something very unique in the market space. So, this is a goal over there and the idea here is this.

All of these can be strategized, and a process can be put in place for all of this, right, a process for creating the content marketing, creating the market plan so that you can reach the audience properly, but also a process for capturing those clients audience and customers as they flock into your world into your business into your universe that you've carved for yourself in this market space. So I hope you enjoyed that and you got a tonne of value from that, the notes for this episode can be found at Herbet marketing that is h e r, b e r t marketing As always, thank you so much for tuning in. I will talk to you on our next episode of the virtual entrepreneur.

And as always, have a wonderful evening.



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