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How To Create Shockingly Simple and Powerful Follow-Up Messages That Drive Up Sales Fast!

So, how do you get your clients to go to your website from their emails to go and make a purchase?

Join me on this episode of the virtual entrepreneur. If you're new to this podcast and warm welcome. I am your host, Herbert innocent and today we are talking about how to create shockingly simple and powerful follow-up marketing messages, fast.

So in our previous episode where we talked about was how to turn lookers into buyers, and that was the simple process of taking a person who's just browsing on your website, and turning them into a buyer, and what we said was, you need a lead magnet and the lead page is so simple. Its job is to take a person who's just browsing and tell them to potential customer or prospect, somebody who has an interest, who has expressed an interest, who has shown that they're willing to look at what you can offer them.

Now, if you haven't listened to those episodes, go back and listen to the last two episodes, and you'll get a full understanding of how this works right now that you've looked at that. The next thing that you want to understand is by creating that process of getting that prospect, you are initially warming them up into being able to start making those sales, those transactions, right, and so on this episode we're gonna we're going to do is we're going to focus on creating the follow-up messages, the email messages that will get them to go to your website and to click the Buy button, right.

So in the first step is they've expressed the interest, they've taken the lead magnet that means they've said hey, I want that, right. That means they want that lead magnet. They want what it can offer them the benefits, right. And so this is very important because it means they have an interest. Right.

And so the next step is, how do we talk to them to get them to take the next step. Right. And so these follow-up messages are very important because they talk about the benefit of, you know, being able to get them to not just come to a website but also to make a purchase. Being able to be able to go back to the customer and talk them at any time, right, because they become our customer.


And so, you can always go back and talk to them and really be able to create this follow-up message really is the best way to be able to generate those auto-pilot profits or income right from your emails. And so what you, you won't be needing to buy ads if you have enough people on your list, right, because you can use that to grow your list even further, right, without having to go and buy ads, and even if you sold your products from your list. You can use that money to then buy ads increasing your list even further.

You also be able to sell to them more than one product, right, there's all of these all these follow-up products, products that complement each other, allowing you to get the results faster, easier, and so on these tools, these educational tools. Right. And this is also the platforms that you can use to accelerate the results. So there's always, all these other products that you can sell to them, they can be your product or other people's products, and we'll talk about that later on on how to sell other people's products, actually, we've already talked about that on our last episode it's called affiliate marketing. If you want to go to the episodes on affiliate marketing, that's how that works.

Aside from that, we're gonna focus on how you can start, you know, creating these marketing messages that allow you to make that sale, start making those transactions.

Right. And you can sell to this list for as long as you want. That's the beauty of this, you can sell to them for as long as they own your list, as long as you bring the relevant products and to keep the listing engaged, they will always be willing to buy from you. Right, so now that's done, the next thing is how do we go about creating these follow up messages. Now sometimes these messages are called auto response autoresponders, or sorry, follow up email sequences.

Right, so this is what they're called, follow up email sequence. Right. And so, one way of going about building this is on day one you will talk about the ebook or the coupon that you give them the lead magnet that you gave them right. We'll talk about that, how they can get it right, how they can download it, how they can use it how they can open it. Right. And then you can talk about the results that they can expect to get from it. But also, you can talk about other things that we'll be getting from email so that they should look for your emails every time they get an email they should open it. Right, you're setting up those expectations.

You're saying you know.

You want my feature, emails, I'm going to give you another big bonus to help you get this benefits that you get from this lead magnet. Right, so you're setting up those expectations. That way every time you send an email, you get higher open rates because it might be the bonus that you promised.

Right. And so that's one way of going about setting that up.

And when that part is done another email that will be on day two, what it will talk about is you could give them this benefit that you promised them on email day one. Right. Or you could give them another piece of content that really helps understand them understand how to use the lead magnet that they got from you, or if it was a product that they bought from you. Right. And so from there what you're doing is you're getting them to engage, but you're telling them this will cool things about how to get more from what they already have. When people always appreciate that.

Right, so you're giving them this piece of benefits, and you're also gonna be talking about, you know, you're mainly focusing on talking about the lead magnet, but you can also use this opportunity to set up an expectation of what is coming. You're always setting up the expectations. Right. And then on day three, you can really drop down a secret, some method is really less known. Did you know, X amount of our customers, gotten the best results from this when they did this tryst and see if it works for you and let us know. That's just an example off the top of my head. As a format but the idea here is, you're dropping down a little secret telling them what to do.

At the same time, at the PS section of the email. You're saying, by the way.

Another bonus coming up your way. And one of the future emails. Right. And these bonuses don't even have to be big, they could be a piece of content, there could be another piece of secret on how to use their results, or they could be a 232 it could be anything that helps them. And that's going to be much more valuable to them. With respect to the result that they want.

Right. And so from there, you know, you're really set up day three, they're very open, they're excited, you know they've got their result then day four, you ask them, you know, hey, I have this piece of content, it will really help you in relation to the lead magnet or product that you already have from us, right. So this could be your own content or it could be someone else content, content that you curated. Right. But the idea here is you can either ask, or you can just share, but having spoken to social selling experts, asking them, gets you a much better respond, because not only are you giving asking for permission, but also you're engaging them, which is good for your email, because the autoresponders will then notice that your emails are getting engaged, which is beautiful, right, so you're hitting two birds with one stone in that regard.

Right. So from there, what you're doing is not only are you sharing a little piece that is not yours, which takes up the pressure from your shoulders having to create new content, but also, it's giving her an opportunity to be the good that good guy, you know who gives them something that is relevant and useful without always just pitching their own quantity, their own stuff all the time. Right, and so you wanna, you wanna use that opportunity there. That's one way to use it like that. And then on day five. Again, on day four is to set up an expectation, right. And by the way, is I say that promises something's going to be coming up, you know, a new, another big bonus will be coming up. You've promised them or another product will be coming up. You keep talking about this.

Right. The idea here is you keep setting up that expectation. At the end of every email on the peer section, and by doing that, you're reminding them to always look for the next email.

That way when they get it, they're expecting it, they open it right, it could be the big bonus that they were expecting. And if you make your bonuses really sweet, then that really minimises the labour on your emails having to set up expectations.

They don't do five you called, then ask them to, you know, you could be giving them the big bonus if that's what he had set up for them, or you could be then sending them to a sales page to go and watch an accomplishment to go and buy a complimentary product, or to use a free to, but it helps if it comes with education, as in what I mean is, you're explaining more so it doesn't just feels like you're selling them. It feels like you're helping them get the result using this free tool. Right, So what I mean here is if we take for example of email marketing, and I wanted to help you with email marketing, and I've given you a template I've said right.

So on the first my lead magnet let's say it was an, an ebook on how to generate sales from your email, right. So on my first email, it might be me, giving you the ebook and showing you the simple steps to how you could generate sales from email. And then the second day it could be a bonus which. And the bonus could be.

By the way, these are the most common perfect subject lines that work for this niche, and here, my goal might be to target the niche that I know you are in because of the ebook that you're looking for. Right.

That's the eBook that you downloaded from my website, right.

And then that could be the first bonus that I give you and then I tell you to expect something else. Right, so I asked you, you could expect this coming on in the on the upcoming days with the knuckle drop down a little secret, right. By the way, these call to actions in the email, really get the best response, so call to action such as video, watch this, or using subject line, such as, please respond or using subject line, such as, please confirm your membership.

Assuming that is a membership. Right. Oh, did you get your bonus yet, or using the first name, and then asking them a question, those subject line tend to get much better open rates, right, so I'm dropping down that secret and then I'm setting up another expectation.

Right. And then another piece that you will use with email subject lines or with emails will be. By the way, if you are in E commerce, using Canvas with your emails is really good because you can create really cool designs for your product for free, and then just upload them to emails, and they're ready to send, right.

And here is the five templates on Canva that work really really well. Right. And this is how I've seen them being using the market so them giving you a little bit of an education, and taking them to in to let them I use, which is cover, which is a free tool and I'm giving them as much value as possible can in that area. And then on the last email maybe be like Hey, so I hope you got as much value if you're still stuck with email, by the way, I have three copywriting services that I can help you write your emails get them all done for you, as many of the emails as you want, from seven email sequences, all the way to 20 of 200 email sequences, all done for you for your product, relevant to your customers.

Right. All you have to do is go to this website and click here.

Now, I may not want to sell it in the email. But the idea here is that could be the last thing that I find a way to talk about, such as if you're still struggling with email, this little video might help and then the video may talk about me, helping them with their email, creating all those emails or teaching them, their emails, if that's what they want to do.

So that's, that's a simplified example that I made on the spot. I hope it made sense, and I hope you enjoyed this episode and you got value from it. If you did, that is awesome. Thank you so much for tuning in on this episode of the virtual intrapreneur, and I'll talk to you on our next episode. Have a wonderful evening.



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