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How To Create Original Marketing Content Consistently

Have you ever wondered how do you go about consistently creating content for your marketing campaigns without running out of the creativity and energy to create.

Join me on this episode of the virtual entrepreneur I am your host Herbert innocent. And if you are new to this podcast, a very warm welcome. This is the go to podcast for entrepreneurs who see their business as a vehicle for change.

I started this journey as an entrepreneur, who became a student, right, as an intrapreneur who would take the child who took the challenge to become a student of entrepreneurship, I wanted to understand how successful businesses are being run, how they are built and how they're put together in a way that guarantees success not just in the short term but also in the long term. In our last episode,

we talked about ways that you as an entrepreneur can go about essentially can go about using a simple but powerful promotional strategy there that guarantees, you will get leads, because you're reaching your audience in all the right places where it matters.

If you didn't get a chance to see that episode I want you to stop this episode, go back to that episode, and listen to it, you will get a tonne of value and you understand a lot more about your audience and drive a tonne of traffic to your website.

It's a long term strategy, but the tactics matter, and on today's episode we are talking about how to consistently create original content for your marketing campaigns for your marketing so that you always driving traffic, the notes from our previous from our previous episode can be found at Herbet marketing that is h e r b e RT marketing

And you'll find a tonne of our previous episodes, as well as my contact if you want to email me and you and ask me question questions. With that said, let's jump into today's episode and talk about and talk about how you can go with creating consistently, original content without running dry, especially if you want to create content, week after week or day after day, every single day.

With that, say, the first thing you need to realise is this. When it comes to creating content, not all content is created equal.

When it comes to creating content, the best content you want to create is content that your ideal clients your ideal prospects are looking for content that addresses their needs. Think about your ideal clients. I have a formula for creating content that I use, I call it bills day was the end of the day you sit down on your chair, you're wondering about your deal clients, my ideal client is Bill, right, Bill owns an agency, bills,

Bill owns a consultancy. It's a five team, business right five or six teams business. And the only marketing person there. So they're sitting down and they're trying to find ways that they can go about bringing in more business.

And so I wonder about all these things, what have they tried what have been tried, what are the things that they're curious about. Now rather than me going through that process of how I go about the things that bill may be considering.

So Bill might consider saying things like, what are the questions that questions that my ideal clients are thinking about. Because guess what, when new ideal clients go to Google and they stop searching.

They are searching for questions. They are searching for their problems, they are searching for information that will help them with the problem that they want to address either in their business or in their life.

So the first thing you have to think about are questions what kind of questions, ideal prospects, Thinking about what kind of questions. My ideal clients, frustrated, and really looking for answers about.

So creating content, addressing those questions, means that when they're searching on these media search engine platforms, they're much more likely to come across your content, your website and if your content is structured very well, you might as well lead them to the point to the place where they give you a content or even make a purchase.

The next thing you might wonder, is what problems are my ideal clients or prospects trying to understand.

See for a lot of us when you first encounter a problem we try to understand it, we try to tackle it by ourselves. You know, if my heating is not working,

I might Google something like radiator not turning on or if I know something about the radiator and it's an oil radiator MSA oil radiator not turning on the thing to understand is this, we try to understand the problem. So what kind of problems I ideal clients, trying to understand what words are they using to describe the problem, if you can create content, talking about the problem that they have, then the chances are when they start Googling about that problem to understand it, your content to come up.

So the next piece of content you can create and talk about is a problem. Think about the 10 ways you could talk about problem the 10 questions they have about the problem that they have. Right. And if that's if that is 10 questions that's only 10 pieces of content.


So you turn problems you have 10 questions, then the next thing becomes a roadblock for a lot of us. Usually we come up with a solution, but as we tried to tackle this solution we encountered a roadblock, something that we don't understand how to overcome.

Then we started googling for questions like, how to do this, how to overcome this problem. Those are roadblock questions they're also the most searched after content because this person now understands the problems a little bit. But there's something in the way.

And so, by addressing and creating content, how to content and addressing the roadblock of the facing means that they, again when they go to Google and they go to search for how to get around these roadblocks, then there it is, your content to be there.

Right. So there you have it there so your three piece of content by talking about 10 roadblocks, talking about 10 questions, talking about 10 problems that they first around the one area that you are an expert in means that when they are looking for solutions. Your content will come up and they will you lead them right to your website right your business and you have the opportunity to engage them in a way that who results in a transaction. But there's another thing that we'll talk about, and that is solution.

The result. And this is where you can start comparing, which of these products can give you the best solutions you've seen them write the reviews and all those things. By comparing the solutions. What this means is, when a client, usually a client who is searching for a very specific solution with very specific benefits and results will be looking for this content, these are hot buyers, they're searching to try and get the best pricing for the best results.

Right, so what that what that means is if you create content about how to get the most out of this. Well this has been which is the best, this and this, you're comparing two products, or you're just comparing two results with a very specific tailored niche for example, it may be that it's two cars, but one of them is best for kids and another one maybe it's B is best for single guys looking to you know build up their relationships, or finding a mate.

So what that means, essentially, is you could compare two prices you could compare two products, and when they're searching about which is the best. These are really hard buyers, but by creating that content you address the solution that you're looking for.

So there you have it 10 solutions, you could talk about, you know, 10 different ways you can create 10 pieces of content, addressing the solutions 10 pieces of content, addressing the problem 10 pieces of content addressing the questions and 10 pieces of content, addressing the roadblocks.

Now you're probably thinking, okay, that's just about 40 different pieces of content. Well it looks 40 But if you look at it, you could create videos you could create audios equal create written blogs, you can break it into pieces create treater content equals a break into piece, create those snippets and use them as Insta post as well as Facebook posts, or quotes.

But all of that came from those 40 And if it's 40 pieces of content that's one piece of content per week that covers your 52 week, year calendar year there were better yet, you can even expand deeper into all of those, you will always find another different angles because for a lot of different clients, they may understand the problem by approach the questions from a different angle depending on their understanding of their problem, you will expand it will go from 10 pieces of content per questions problem roadblock or result equal to 15 because clients tend to have a tonne of questions.

And the best part is you don't have to come up with a question, just type in Google and see the suggestion that Google gives you and those suggestions are what your clients are searching for. And when you put them out there, you give yourself a chance at addressing your ideal clients and driving traffic to your business. So I wanted to share it with you that. And the best part about this is if you tackle the problems you're addressing the cold market. These are the cold traffic. And when you tackle their results, you're addressing the hot traffic.

Right. And if you tackle the roadblocks you're addressing the warm traffic because they're searching for how to overcome these. But the best part is about combining all those, you can address all of these and all and lead them all today one specific solution, or to a perfect lead magnet that will give them the results that they really, really have been looking for and searching for.

And who knows, that's how you might attract new business. So that's how you go about creating, you know, content for your business without running dry always creating original content without running dry and repeating yourself.

With that said, thank you so much for tuning in on this episode I hope you get some value, the notes for this episode will be at Herbert marketing that is h e r b e r t marketing And if you have any questions, just email me at contact at habit marketing And I'd be happy to answer any of your questions. Aside from that, thank you again for tuning in and I'll talk to you on our next episode of the virtual entrepreneur.

And as always, have a wonderful evening.



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