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How to Create Killer Affiliate Marketing Content in under 20 Minutes

Hello and today we are talking about how to create killer content for your organic affiliate marketing traffic in under 20 minutes.

So why would you want to create affiliate marketing content.

0:24 Well,

0:28 when you have a problem right. One of the first few things that you will do usually is, you would go somewhere online and you start browsing looking for answers looking for examples, looking for tutorials, asking questions like how do I train my dog, or how do I get six pack, or how to I, you know, write faster or read faster. You said, asking all these questions so that you can see how people have done it in the past.

1:07 And by learning from them. The goal is usually you implement what you've learned, so that you can get the same results that you're looking for.

1:17 And so by creating content, you are then creating the basis for someone to come to you with a question and read your experience, how you overcame that problem, so they can overcome the questions and the problems that they're facing, as well.

1:36 So that's a.

1:39 The reason why we create this content is so that we can help others, through education, right. And I think this is really really good.

1:48 It's one thing that I've learned about marketing and I was very happy to learn this concept, the idea that you can help others, through education, usually the best time to learn is, you know when you don't even need to learn but most of the time, the most effective way we learn is when we have a pressing need.

2:14 We will go and we will look everywhere. We will do a lot just to find the solution. And so creating this content means people come searching for you to find the solution. Right. And it's also the reason why you want to create content is because it becomes your source of free traffic, right, it's going to be unstoppable once, you know, it has built up the momentum and people are coming, they're getting used to coming and seeing you in reading, you know, looking at your results, and reading along.

2:50 Now I'm just going to stop there for a second and say, if you're new to this channel, we've been talking about affiliate marketing and that's what we talk about, day in and day out. And in the past episode we talked about niches. And we talked about three core markets, how you can go in and carve yourself a niche within the three core markets. Then we talked about how affiliate marketing works and what it means for you and me when we also talked about how to get more affiliate marketing clicks, sales and profits. And more importantly, we talked about how to find hot buyers want to buy from you today, right.

3:38 So, if you've missed any of those from our previous episodes, you can go back and listen to those as well. And then when you come back, you're still fine this year, but since you're already in to it. Let's continue.

3:56 So what should you do.

4:00 What I mean is, what should your content about affiliate marketing be about. Now when you're doing affiliate marketing you're promoting any number of product, or one single product. The goal is usually to pick one product so you can create a tonne of content around it. There is literally so much, so much content, you can create around one product. So, by specialising from one product and then spreading out and becomes the easiest way in because you become the expert. Right.

4:34 And the content that you can write about is you could write about the top 10 problems.

4:44 So you could go out and you can Google all the top 10 problems about the key particular niche that you're talking about, that you want to talk about. So for example, if you wanted to talk about getting,

5:01 then you could find, you know, three co problems associated with that, right. Usually this pain, there's usually a lot of work involved, these, you know, when someone wants to get an app, what are the top 10 problems that they'll search for. Right. How do I get out faster How do I get, how do I get how do I lose a beer belly or something like that.

5:35 So by finding these problems, and then writing about them and talking about them, means that if someone's looking for a solution goes searching for this problems you're likely to see. The other thing is you create content about the top 10 questions. Excuse me. And what this means is,

5:58 is when someone is asking those questions, you can come again and find you. Then equal create the top 10 roadblocks, about the key niche. So for example in this case, what are the roadblocks that are going to prevent people from getting a six pack.

6:18 And usually, it could be that they have an unhealthy habit, eating habits, or maybe laziness, you know, your turn of things that could prevent so finding them, and then writing about them and how to overcome them could be one way. And then, of course, find top 10 results of benefits, and then talk about those. And by creating all these content here you will create a lot of content just from finding those four things problems. Questions roadblocks and results. So you, this is hopefully becoming a parking there I've mentioned this in the past before.

7:02 Now with that said,

7:06 the next thing becomes, how do you get your affiliate marketing content, done in under 20 minutes. Right.

7:14 Well, the answer is very simple. Usually, the goal here is, if you're very good at writing then you just try and write.

7:23 But for other people like you and me, and someone else who we are not very good at writing. I've written but I'm not the fastest typer typer.

7:38 What I have learned is you could record what you're saying, and then convert those into a blog.

7:50 And then, from their own you have your own no written content. And there is transcription services that allow you to do this. And, oh, if you wanted to do it for free. Google Docs. If you go to Google Docs, and tools you can add a microphone there, so it will speak and then Google doc will write for you.

8:16 Whatever it is that you're saying.

8:19 And then after that you just add it and you're done. And ideally if you talk for 10 minutes then you've created 10 minutes worth of reading content. And that is actually how long most blogs are actually you know, most blogs are less than about five, six minutes, four or five six minutes. So if you created 10 minutes, that's a good high quality content. Right. And then you could do a video and then transcribe that and then also take out the audio so that you have a video podcast and blog. So there are ways around this, you could get creative. But the goal there is. If you record yourself talking for 10 minutes, then you're editing that if you're very good at editing can edit fast. That should take another 10 minutes or five minutes, and then you have two minutes to post it up, And then you're done. That's it. That's me.

9:21 So thank you so much for tuning in and this episode, and I will talk to you on our next episode, good evening.



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