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How To Capture More Clients Using Content Marketing

So have you ever wondered how you could use your content marketing to essentially get more clients high paid high quality, clients, faster.

Hello everyone and welcome to this episode of the virtual entrepreneur, I am your host Herbert Innocent. And today, my friends, we are talking about how to use content marketing to get high quality prospect, faster, and efficiently and effectively and also easily.

Nor should I say simply.

Now, if you are new to this episode. A very warm welcome. This is the go to podcast for entrepreneurs who see their business as a vehicle for change. I come here and they bring you the tips the tricks, and the big secrets, the how tos and the success stories, the success knowledge from entrepreneurs around the globe and I'm super excited to be here with you today.

If you're new to this podcast you probably missed that. On our last episode we talked about what is content marketing, and this concept may be new to a lot of people who had never been may have not been coming from a business background, like myself, and essentially, if you haven't heard that episode, I want you to go and listen to that it's going to give you a tonne of insights to help you get started with content marketing for your business. It is the way to champion, your cause, but also to reach to your audience in a way that comes from a professional and respected point of view of you as the expert, not just helping, but also educating them on the problem they are facing.

Because look, who wants to keep going to the doctor for the same problem over and over and over again. Right, everybody wants to learn from their mistakes and move on doing better stuff so go listen to that podcast episode. If you get a tonne of value from that and if you're looking for notes on that previous episode, go to Herbet marketing And you'll find all the notes and all the previous notes from previous episodes, and all the other good stuffs over there. You also find our guests, and their profile there so, all of them down there. So that is Herbet marketing And it's h e r b e AR marketing Yeah, Herbert marketing hub comm.

So with that said, let's jump into today's episode we will be talking about how to capture more clients using content marketing, efficiently and simply write when this is essentially called lead generation and this gen, this process is essentially, that's how you generate leads and buy leads we just simply mean prospects who haven't spent or invested money or time on you yet.

Right, and so they don't know about you but by capturing a lot of these you can educate them about our products and services, and tell them how we can help alleviate the problems or pain that they're feeling about a particular situation or problem that they're facing, and that positions us as an expert who can not just provide the solution but also the education that the soul in need to avoid any similar situations in the future, which is really exciting. So, with lead generation or with cap with using, and this process actually has a two part. the first part is you have the content part, that's the part where you're delivering information to educate, and then the second part is the part where you are capturing them and then later on.

The third part is delivering the, you know, driving them to go and make a sale. Now, all these parts are very important, but they are given in a very particular way. So for example, if you want to go about, you know, if you want to go about helping a prospect. The first thing you need to do is create. So step one is creating new, beautiful, outstanding piece of content, right.

This is going to be what you're going to give your clients, sorry your prospect or your leads to engage with. Right, so they may go about in a group back on a forum and they may ask a question about how do I do this right, how do I lose five pounds in a month, or in three weeks. And so you may know this strategy.

Since you're an expert or how do I feel more confident about myself so if you're coach, that becomes a way for you an opportunity for you to jump in and address it, you know, these are the things you could do and if you want to really make sure you use this effectively.

I have other five extra strategies, just go to my website and I'll show you, right, is a very simplistic way, there's a much more better way of doing it but the idea is this, they have a question you're answering that industry or using that opportunity to police yourself, but not just as an expert but somebody who has a solution that can we get them to the result that they want because at the end of the day, the question is just a way of them filtering out all these information so they can get to the results that they need.

Right, so creating a beautiful content is the first part and there are several ways you could go about creating your beautiful content and the first is, which was a covenant on our previous episode, is this video this audio, and this blog post, right, the written the spoken, and the recorded visually right and all these are very useful, you just need to pick one that works with you most.

To get started, Then the next one is the, there is also a lot of tools to help you with this right. So for example with videos these days there's a lot of tools and platforms. And some of these tools are free to use. Now I won't go into the tools right now, because we will take us a little bit extra but maybe in the future we'll go into that. But the idea here is this these platforms like YouTube, anchor and medium for sharing audio.

Sorry for sharing visual, audio, or written content. And then there's also platform like Instagram for sharing images right also type of visual, but it's mostly image so Pinterest, and Instagram for those. And then these platforms like tools or platforms like Fiverr and Canva. You can go to those and you can really just create your own content with that. Right, so if you're just getting started under to understand you create content creation strategy process.

That might be a very good place for you to start, and as you get comfortable you can advance with better tools. With these, you out if you outgrow these tools, but I have never really grown some of them I still use them they're excellent, very excellent. I've seen a lot of big companies still use them so why not. Now, step two, step two of this process is polishing your content. So you've created a beautiful content, but you want to maximize the impact. And because this is gonna be the first way for you to capture those.

This is going to be the way for you to capture those leads, it's going to be the way for you to connect to your prospects to future clients, And so you want to polish your content in terms of using a headline that will attract more addresses, you know, reach out to there. Speak to the question that they really want answered right you want to address the key language that they're using, because they'll be using different key phrases, different keywords and you want to make sure you have those in your content, and by posting your content just really just need to have a very good headline, you need to have content that is easy to read.

And then you also need to have a call to action.

Now what do I mean by a call to action. So they've read all this content, what do they do after they read this, and usually it may be, hey, go to my website and do this, or download this piece of information to get started, or whatever, is the next process for you. But there is so many things you can offer. And there are so many ways and strategies you can use to give them the next point to you know go about start doing the next thing that you want them to do so they can get the result they want. By the way, a good example of this is if you go to listen some of our previous episodes, you'll find that I have talked about calls to action hairlines and things like that.

See what I did there. Now step three of our process is the lead capture process. Now we've talked about this a little bit, but we may not have talked about it as a, how do you go about from content to this.

And the best way to explain this is very, very simple, right. So, if your call to, if you want to call to action to work very well, then the next step has to be, you are giving them an additional value something a little bit with a higher perceived value or something with a higher value, but of higher value for them so that they can take the next step and the next step, ideally easy you want to establish Reaper and start connecting with them. Right. So this could be you creating a landing page or an opt in page, where you are giving them either. If a piece of free information, like a PDF guide, a cheat sheet or a template or a checklist or whatever it is that they want to get help with whatever they need to do right, or a recipe, it will be a lot of things.

But by giving them that you're also gaining their email so that you can send it to their email, and also initiate any future communication to give them more value in the future. Right. So you can either give them a free piece of PDF information or you can give them the benefits of them being in your newsletter, you can promise them this benefit people will actually like that. Right. They won't know what they will get, and then most people will take that. Oh, the other thing is you can give them a free consultation call or a free.

What do you call that discovery call.

So for a lot of people in the business of coaching them in, a consultation or discovery call, or if you're in the marketing you may call this a strategy call. And so the idea is, we are using this strategic call as a way of you, assessing them as a client but also providing them with enough value so that they opt into your world and if they like how you work, how you present how you. In fact, if you're giving them a free consultation call.

That's a really hot lead who wants to work with you, and it just depends on how you show up, you may really just get a client right off the bat. from there. But the idea here is also, you're getting those contact details so you can contact them with more future information and value that you have that, that when you offer them could really transform.

We know the result, because they want good results, don't they, They want good results. So the phone.

And step four, this is my favorite step thank them.

Right. Just want to thank them for opting into your world and you want to make an outstanding first impression, and this is an opportunity for you to show that you're not just like everybody else, because chances are you won't need to do much on this but it'll be something that they will remember so just thank them, you know, appreciate their time, and may feel like this was a unique moment, it was a unique experience, give them a unique experience to remember because here's the thing, if they remember you. The chances are when they want something in the future they will come to you.

And by default, you have one client there. So, I'll tell quick story here so I've learned something in the past few weeks, and that is the concept of domination is it's being used wrong in the industry. And why by that what I mean is, a lot of business owners, and a lot of entrepreneur talk about domination, right, or dominating your marketplace or dominating, you know, your buyers mind, and they don't really understand what they mean by that, until somebody explained it very very well, what it's meant by dominating your market is this, when a prospect thinks about a suit, a problem and the solution of a particular area let's say coaching dominating means they'll think about the key person who is dominant in that market. Right. There'll be thinking about that person, that means you've dominated that market when they're, when they associate that key person with that industry with that particular area.

That means that person has dominated that area for example if you think of, you know, smartphone, and if you think of, you know, yeah, if you think of smartphones, just in general, the key dominant area player in the market his iPhone they're the most known phones. I mean there's all these other phones like HTC and Samsung, but iPhones are the most known so iPhone is a key dominant player in that space, right, because every single person knows, you know, these, these are the phones. Some of them don't even know what other names, these are the phones have but iPhones, stand on its own category.

If that makes sense so dominate in that area.

Right. So that's the idea that.

And then, step five of our process is follow up, right, so you've given them this resource follow up, make sure you're engaging, make sure you're delivering value, make sure you're the, they know you are there, make sure you're always, you know, nurturing that relationship with the point where you address addressed all the key concerns and objections and suddenly they want to be, because they have questions and by addressing all these, you can easily convert them into clients, and that's the whole process there, right.

So, that is it for this content. So step one is creating a beautiful content. Step two is polishing it right, making sure your headlines. Your content is easy to read and there's a clear call to action so what they should do next. Step three is capturing them as leads through your call to action. So sending them to a landing page and capturing them by either using something free a benefit or a free call, and there are many other options you can use or recommend referring to those. And then step four is thanking them, right, because this is the pre framing this is you introducing yourself here because they may have made your content from somewhere where they didn't get to see your name, but this is an opportunity for you to present yourself, and it's a very good place to make the first impression, and then step five is the follow up process.

And in that step, essentially what you want to do is start establishing rapport building up that credibility, but also putting them in a position where you have answered all their questions and they're ready to do business with you. So I hope you got value from this because I got a tonne of, I had a tonne of fun making it.

I want to thank you so much for tuning in today's episode and I will talk to you, when our next episode you can find the notes to this episode at Matt Herbert marketing and as always thank you so much for tuning in.

I will talk to you in the next episode. And as always, have a wonderful evening.



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