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How To Bullet-Proof Your Relationships With Clients

Have you ever wondered, what are the best ways to engage your clients, your audience so they can do business with you.

Well, hello everyone and welcome to this episode of the virtual entrepreneur. If you're new to this podcast. A very warm welcome. I am your host, Herbert innocent and today we have an episode on how to get more clients using questions now before we jump into that. On our previous episode yesterday we talked about the concept of comfort zone and if you didn't get the chance to listen to that episode, I want you to go and to listen to that episode and here is why.

See when it comes to the language that we use to define the things that we do as entrepreneurs, the language we use to define the things that we do is very important, it is very, very crucial and I've heard a lot of important people.

People in important positions of business, talk about the importance of the language we use, because depending on the terminologies that we use these shape how we view success and how we set goals and how we go about achieving them. And today we are bombarded with so much materials, some of these materials have not been vetted have not been confirmed, it's just pure out misinformation.

It's like Donald's story if you've ever heard there's a story, or there's a game that is used in team building exercise, and the game goes like this you write a message in a piece of paper.

There is, let's say 5,6,7,8 or 10 people.

You write a message on a piece of paper, and then you whisper that message to the first person you don't let anybody else hear it, and you tell them to repeat telling that message to everybody else, they don't see the paper they just tell them what you hear, and the results that comes out at the end is a message that has been distorted and is nothing, but so far from the truth from what you had originally created right, you tell them whatever story is it may be as simple as possible, but the results that you get is a very very distorted message and that thing that happens online, people read books, and then they forget the key concepts that they've read.

And so what they deliver to you, is their misunderstandings. And so, you as the entrepreneur as a virtual entrepreneur who has an ambitious to build the business might find yourself using the wrong terminology using the wrong concept using the wrong mindset, not because people want you to fail, but because they have been feeding you wrong information.

As a rule of thumb, the majority is always wrong. When I heard this, I wondered how can that be, but after research after learning, I've come to realise the majority is always wrong and here's why. It takes a lot of energy to do the right thing. It takes a lot of energy to work harder to get a better result. And so if everybody is going to result to average result. Average action, and average, goal setting and ambition, then obviously we are missing the mark by so many many margins.

Now, before I jump into all these concept of setting goals and everything let's stick the topic which is the topic is how to get more clients using questions. Now you're probably wondering, why would you, or should you use questions to get clients in the first place. Well there are two reasons, and these reasons are what I am finding to be working with businesses in the field today, And the fifth reason is this it's very very simple actually. The first reason is this, your business is built on the premises that it cannot give services and products to the client. Not to us, not going to give you services or products when they give you the your client, unless UI on client. It's built to serve your client and so we can't communicate all the time to the client by talking about us, or talking at them.

Right. And, unless we're asking questions, in most cases we are only talking at them, and people don't respond very well, being talked at, it's not the best way to go about. And so, you'll find that sales people, and not just sales, even people in the marketing areas, if they want to make sure that their message, click and connect and resonate with the ideal clients, they will tend to resort to questions by resorting down back to questions. These gives your ideal clients, the opportunity to engage, and when they engage, they feel connected, they feel listened to, they feel cared for, they feel like this is built for them. They feel involved. Is that making sense.

Right. You we like to be given an opportunity to be heard. And so, by asking questions, even if you don't get the chance to hear them because the question was on their website or an email, you still gave them the chance to think about what they care about you.

Think about what they want, what is important to them. And so, this is the importance of asking questions, and it can be used as a powerful and very effective tool for getting more clients to your business. Now that I've convinced you that is really important. The next thing I jump into is, what are some places that you call us and to ask questions and after this I'm going to go to the top of a very very powerful question questions that I am seeing to be working.

Let before go into that, where are some places that you could be asking questions where you probably are not asking questions or you are but not or could do more of. So the first place is, if you go to your website right the first thing someone see at the very top of your website. It could be a question. So the big bold words, usually, we have a headline there, it could be a question in a form of a headline, right.

So the first thing, and does the first place, your articles, The first big bold headline could be a question, and that will be very well.

Well very well received and other places, video the first opening statement, right, that could be a really powerful way of getting that initial engagement getting that initial involvement. Another place is your printed materials when you print a brochure when you print a booklet, or even your book inside your book, it will have questions as headlines for some chapters. Now that we've covered those areas, there are many areas, by the way. And the goal here is to just give you a sample so we have your website.

Now, you may start with a headline, as a question, but as you go deeper, explaining to your services you can also ask them questions, especially when you want them to feel in details about them, you may want to ask questions, so they can tell you about them so you can qualify them as a potential client, right, and this is very very powerful in helping you filtering out who you can work with because not all customers or clients are created equal. And this is very important.

There's an episode where we talked about the two types of clients and one of them is very profitable and one of them can be very detrimental to your business, and here's why. They may be the type of clients who always complain about your price your services, even if you over deliver.

So knowing the difference between the clients you want to work with, and the clients you don't know work with can mean a difference in not just the stress but also your progress and your ability to make your business prosper and grow. Right, grow and prosper. Right, so that's very key. And there are many other places as I mentioned, but one place that I also think is very important, and I'm going to jump into that, into the minutes is before we get into that is in the middle of your content.

The middle for content is a very nice opportunity to take a pause from just talking, right, and this could be written content as well as spoken content, but it's a very nice opportunity to take a break from speaking, and allow them to take a break and just think for themselves. Right, it's a mental break it's a very nice way of keeping them engaged because otherwise they are going to zone out their minds aren't being engaged, they're being bombarded with information. They are not getting time to process it, and the question allows them to process it and the more questions, the better the more questions, the better. Why, because it's like climbing a little stairs. Right.

One question, leading to another into another. And before, because it's about them remember people care a lot about themselves, right and you're giving them the opportunity to do that through your content, now, now that I say the one thing that I had mentioned earlier I was gonna cover on is this one more place that you could really use and shine in in using these questions and that is your email subject line, and I've used this, and I actually don't see marketers use this as often, which is quite surprising, but I tried this when I was in college, you know, I send an email I knew my email will be ignored, but I used headlines, so I used questions, and the headline was just, is it too late.

And literally equal the email could be about anything when you write is it too late, and the person will respond very quickly. They respond very quickly. And the best part is it's a very innocent email subject line very innocent question. Just prompt conversation. And that's how powerful that is right, and I've seen a lot of salespeople, use a lot of headlines, and I've a few examples here that I've seen, for us, but they're quite effective. They are very effective, not just in spoken but also in written format. For example, do virtual entrepreneurs work as slow as they read.

Now, you could use it as a content headline, and it could be one place if we use it, or virtual entrepreneurs need more money. That's a very nice question to ask, have you seen a virtual entrepreneur cry. Now I don't know why you'd use that question, but it certainly does provoke a very, it does force you to think, and it's quite dramatic. Actually, I like it I like it. Have you ever seen a virtual entrepreneur cry. Another question is whose fault is it when virtual entrepreneurs don't get more prospects.

And that's a very good question. Whose fault is it. I don't know. Do you know. So there's these types of questions and these are just a few here I have quite a good few, another one is other virtual entrepreneurs making more money than you.

Whoo, that's a good question.

Right. And so, that is just another example that I mean I have a lot of questions here that I've prepared for you to understand, for just another example, he's which business growth where which business growth websites are more at risk of being stolen.

Now that may seem like it's irrelevant to us. It can be better phrased to be relevant to us. Another example is what our virtual entrepreneurs doing with their new business growth website.

Right. And why can't I get more prospects, that's another very good question, and this will be, you know, in the case where your client, your clients and prospects are reading on your website, they're wondering, actually, why can't I get more more prospects.

Another question could be, could, getting your account banned actually improved getting more prospects, okay that's a really, that could be rewarded. I didn't get that could be rewarded much much better to, to really stimulate because these questions, don't have to be reinvented. Right, there's a formula to writing these questions, and that is you want to address the key area that your prospects are focusing on, and you want to, to address the key results that they want, as well as use specific sets of words that are positive and guaranteed to get them thinking, and in a very specific way that you want them to think for example you wouldn't just ask any type of questions you ask questions that leads them to take an action that results in a business.

For example, when you ask, why can't you get more prospects. This is a question that could augment will read lead to say to a sale, especially if you're helping them get more prospects, right, if your business is all about helping them get more prospects, then this is a very good question.

And that's one thing that I wanted to mention down there. Now as I mentioned, there's quite a lot of different, different type of questions like these, all designed to help you as an entrepreneur, of virtual a virtual entrepreneur, connect more with your clients, even if your business is solely based online, because, and it actually is much more important, since your business based on land because you don't get that connection with your clients. And so those are just a few sample that I had prepared for you without jumping too much into the questions, you can find a tonne more of these and if you need help, crafting these kind of messages to really attract clients, you can always reach out at how about marketing For more information now, thank you so much for tuning in.

On this episode of the virtual entrepreneur. I hope you've gotten value from that I wanted to keep to make sure that you got enough of this information to help you thinking and get started. And right now, before we close the episode. I would like to invite you to actually ask yourself, what kind of questions. Could you use to get more clients. Right. What do your clients want, what do your prospects need what pain points are they failing. What questions do they ask themselves and a good place to go and find questions actually is Google.

So if you go to Google, ask yourself What will your clients be searching for in order to get a solution to what they're looking for, what kind of questions, and use those questions in your content, it's a very good strategy. If you use those questions in your content. The thing most likely to happen is when your clients are searching for those questions, your article, or your content or your website will come up and guess what, you just got yourself a client or a prospect, and the next thing becomes how do you convert from a prospect to a client, and that's a topic for another day.

So, thank you so much for tuning in. On this episode of the virtual entrepreneur. I hope you got value from that, and I hope you'll use that to help you better connect with your prospects and clients so you can deliver to them the best services that you can deliver to your abilities. Aside from that, I want to thank you again, and I'll talk to you in our next episode of the virtual entrepreneur, the notes for this podcast can be found at Herbert marketing And as always, have a wonderful evening.



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