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How To Build Email Marketing List Faster

How Anyone Can Build Their Customer List Using Email Marketing.

Whether you’re starting an email marketing campaign, or whether you’re building an online business, or whether you want to launch a new product.

Building an email marketing list is one of the most important and powerful assets, the most powerful business asset.

You can have it for your company.


In this episode, I am going to talk about the right way to build an email marketing list. Whether it’s for affiliate marketing to sell e-commerce products, selling Clickbank products.

Oh, to promote any product that may require selling or customer awareness really,

That said,

Let’s jump right in.

So, before you start building your online store your email marketing list.

What do you need to be able to do is you need to define your goal.

So step one is defining your goal.

You need to decide who, or why.

And when you want the list fully built, and I’ll explain what I mean by this. So, knowing why you want this customer list will change how you build it. But also it will also determine who you target as well. Right.

As in, and what I mean by this is, first you need to know why you’re building this list. Is it because you want to launch a new product.

Does that mean you need to find new customers?

Oh, does that mean you want to build a new audience for a specific channel? Social media channel.

Oh, do you want to improve upon, your connections with your existing audience.

Right. So,

What am I talking about the ease by knowing the difference in what you want your list to do for you. This means that how you go about building your list, also changes.

The best example for this is essential if you look at someone launches a new product. Or, if you look at a new business, opening up.

Those will be a very good opportunity to start building a list and buy a business.

I mean it could be an online business, or it could be an affiliate marketing business, Or a new product. Or you may want to build a specific list for that new product, that makes sense.

Now that said, Now that we know why we weren’t on the list.

Step number two is your dream customer.

We need to know who is our dream customer.

And knowing who is our dream customer means that we are able to communicate with them. That least in a way that is not just meaningful but also very impactful.

And some of the simplest ways we can know who our dream customers are. Is by using one of the strategies that Jim Edward talks about in his book copywriting secrets. I’m going to link, it somewhere here.

Right. It’s free, you can get free.

In the book, Jim talks about knowing your ideal customer.

Right, your dream customer. You need to know their problems.

You need to know their questions.

Their roadblocks.

And you need to know the results that they want.

By knowing these four things about your dream customer means that every time you send an email.

It’s going to talk to them in a way that they are ready to interact and understand you. And here’s what I mean.

What I mean is that.

So, if they get an email that is talking about the problem that they’re facing. This is something that they are already familiar with. And they’re able to interact.


It could if we take for example, in the weight loss industry.

Then, it could be that the person wants to lose weight fast without necessary.

You know, going through a very extensive workout. Maybe they want to lose weight, through diet. Right. So understanding the problem that they’re facing and understanding the questions that they’re thinking about the questions that are keeping them awake at night. You know, what is the most stressful thing for them.

Right, and understanding the roadblocks the things that are preventing them from getting the results they really want.

It’s by understanding these things that we are able to talk to a gym customer.

Now the next thing you need to understand.

You need to understand is how to build your email marketing list,

The way you go about building it. Right, never buy a list.

It doesn’t always work out very well.

Haven’t heard of, in any cases where it works out much better. The cause you don’t really have to test it before you buy it. That’s what anyone really recommends you have to test it before you buy it. That said, to build your list.

You'll need is a squeeze page.

So, a squeeze page essentially will just be a page like a landing page, or a one-page website. Where your dream customer will come in and you give them what’s called a lead magnet.

So, this could be a PDF guide.

Or it could be a cheat sheet.

Or it could be a checklist, or a to-do list, or a recipe guide.

Whatever it is, It is something that your dream customer wants.

Ideally, it’s free.

And they’re going to give you their email address in exchange for this.

And usually, the way you’d ask for the email address will be for them to download the PDF guide into the email address. But also this becomes an opportunity for them to subscribe to your newsletters. So you can send them any of your promotions upcoming offers and products lunch, that you may have.

Right, you can see how it’s all coming back together. So the idea here is, you’re going to need a set of tools to be able to achieve these goals.

And the first two, you’ll need is a squeeze page builder.

There are several squeeze page builders out there.

The next tool you need is a domain name.

This is going to be your website URL.

Next, you’ll need a domain name or email address.

And then you will need an autoresponder. This is going to be the software that you used to send automated emails.

And these emails are used to onboard your customers into your email marketing sequence.

And then after that, you need a lead magnet.

This will be the PDF guide, or an infographic that you give your dream customer in exchange for their email address. And finally, you need.

You Will Need Email Sequences.

You need to write all this out.

Now, once you have all that done.

It just becomes a matter of assembling it together.

And everything is done and ready to go. So as an example, the way this would work is,

Let’s say you have a product launch, that is coming up in two months' time.

So what you may want to start doing it, you may start, you may want to start creating a landing page for that product. Where you will get as many people to subscribe as possible before. Even the product has been launched.


And as the more people subscribe to your product on your landing page, you start promoting this product to them, you build anticipation. Until the day that the product is launched, then you have a lot of people who. You are expecting to come there and purchase the product because they believe it will benefit them.

If that makes sense.

Now that’s a very simplified version, but that’ll be one way to go about it.

Now, another thing you may consider is supposing how the email sequences work.


And the way this works is, so once you’ve created your landing page. So, for the product that you want to promote. Right.

What do you do if you have an onboarding sequence, emails,

These emails may be set up to go out to your dream customer on certain days. So for example, on day one, it may be a “Thank You” email this may be sent. At the same time as they subscribe.


You email them thanking them for subscribing and give them the lead magnet.

And then on the PS section,

you may say,

By the way, since you’re interested in this product, we have this other product that will help you get the results. Either faster or easier, or cheaper, or it’s done for you.

And it’s going to be launching on this day.


And then on day two, it’s going to be another email. It’s going to be telling them maybe benefits and how they’re going to get the results from the lead magnet faster. But it may also hint if they want to, you know, a much more convenient way.

Then there’s a product launch coming soon as you keep an eye on that. Right. And so this could go on for 5 emails sent one after another until the product launch day.


And in that, in those emails what you could have is a link that’s redirecting to the product page. Where they can pre-order the product before it’s even available. And usually, that’s how you have a lot of pre-sale products before even the product is available.

Now the Benefit of Having an Email

As well as least, is that this is a list of people who have needs.

People always have needs.

And if you can help people with their needs. Then they are willing to pay you.

Because some needs like better health, more health, wealth. Right.

Better status.

You know, all these things about making money.

Less worrying. All these services help us feel secure feel protected feel safe.

They are worth paying for. Right. So the benefit of an email marketing list is that you have a list of people who you can promote products. Right, you’re going to solve their problem.

In exchange for money.

And what’s fantastic about that is that you don’t have to pay to access these people because anywhere else you go. Whether it’s Facebook, YouTube, or any other social media channel, there is a cost to acquiring or to talking to those people.


And that’s where ads come in.

And so, the beautiful thing.

So the beautiful thing about having an email marketing list is you have your own audience that you can use.

Or you can help, you know,

So that you have a source of traffic you own traffic that you can use to promote future products. And since people’s problems are never-ending, you will always keep solving the same problem, different problems for the same people.

Because really, the sky’s the limit and from there.

It’s just a matter of making sure that your list is healthy, and I suppose that’s what I wanted to say. Because, at the end of the day, it is people.

And you are talking to people, it may be a little but you are still talking to people. So that was the Beginner’s Guide to building an email marketing list for affiliate marketing.

That requires at least an audience.

So yeah, thank you.



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