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How To Build A Powerful Landing Page In 10 Mins(No Lead Magnet Required)

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

So have you wondered? Have you ever wondered well how could you go about building a landing page very, very quickly, even if you don't have a lead magnet to give your audience yet?

Join me on this episode of the virtual entrepreneur, I am your host, Herman, innocent, and today my friends we are talking about how to build your landing page in 10 minutes, even if you do not have a lead magnet are no past episodes, we've talked about a lot of other different topics, and most of them have been focusing so far on marketing and positioning and pricing.

So how to look at your pricing, how to position, how to talk about your product, and all these things and if you want to go and learn more about that if you missed those episodes I want you to go back and listen to those because they will really help you because a lot of people, and the price themselves because they think that the customers aren't willing to pay more, see the customers are willing to pay more, But the problem is you don't communicate your product in a way that explains how this will benefit them.

You have to understand that in a lot of times when you're talking to someone, they have their own mental image of reality they have the, they are in their own world, in their mind.

And so for them to bridge across and understand everything that you're saying you must break, it must build a bridge, and that bridge is a relationship between what they know and what they don't know.

So your product must do that.

And to do that your product has must have a feature which is what's unique about it, that feature will then be explained by a benefit that which is why it will do for the audience, but you don't stop there, you take the next step further you explain what this benefit means to them and their lives, in their business and in their personal relationships and all those things right.

And so that's how you build that bridge you explain and create meaning you give meaning to what you do, whether it's your service or your product and your actions and that what all these falls down to. So if you didn't get a chance to listen to those episodes I want you to go back and listen to those episodes, you will get a tonne of value.

And if ever questions, just contact me at contact at Herbert marketing help calm, that is, contact at Herbert marketing Or you can just and Herbert is spelled as h e r b e RT. Yeah so marketing help. COMM And aside from that, let's jump into today's episode where we are going to be talking about, essentially, how to build your landing page, even if you don't have a lead magnet, which is usually an infographic or a video or an ebook or it's usually a lot of things that it could be and today I'm going to show you how we can go about doing that, even if you don't have any of these things.

Now the episode is going to be a little bit short, because I'm a little bit under the weather.

And, yeah, it's a sunny day but I don't know what's happening. So let's jump into it because we want to get all this good input to you so you can build your lead magnet in as far and as short a time as 10 minutes actually.

So the first thing you want to do is I want you to think of something that you know somebody that is specialised that's knowledge, whether it's astrology, whether it's a process, whether it's a system that you use something that you know, teams insider secrets, right, or tricks that you know, right.

So, one thing I want you to think about this, this is something that I have just learned recently is communication is a product where repeat that because for a lot of people they will want to understand what I just said.

So communication when you're communicating with someone I want you to think of that as a product. As a product, it's not tangible, it's like a service, but I want you to think of it as a packaged product, because all communication have an end result, when you communicate, you have a goal in mind.

And the goal, ultimately, is to feel better, to feel good, right, regardless of how your communication is, whether you're on a date, right, you're talking there in hope that you will be there, you will build a relationship and feel better.

Whether you're buying something, you have tried by maybe negotiating and hope that you'll get a better deal and feel better, wherever they are, they are talking to a child, you're talking to them in hope that, you know, you get them to do something that you believe is good for them and then you feel better and proud about yourself as a parent.

Right. So, I want you to think of communication as a product. And if it's a product, then the act of communicating is you putting that product in a box and shipping it to the other person. Now two things is going to happen when you ship to the other person and the first thing is they could ever feel good.

And the second thing is NyQuil feel bad, there is no in-between. It's one or the other, right. So what happens is, most of the time we communicate but the message delivers, but it's the wrong package. Right. So imagine if you ordered something and then it came in, it's the wrong package right how would you feel you wouldn't feel very good quite unless it's more than what he ordered but in most cases, it never is more than what you ordered.

Right, so what you want to think about today is, well if communication is this what it is, which is a package, and it has a goal. So if you are to build a landing page, and you don't have a physical product like an e-book, you can actually usually have something even better, you can give them something that you can share with them so that you know, a strategy, a secret, a tip. And that is a product in itself. Right, so you can see, you know, subscribe.

Sorry. Just enter your email, it will be to the email list, because every Tuesday, I share an insider's strategy that helps you tackle this particular relationship problem. And notice that if you're in the relationship market and you address that big problem there.

You'll find that people will opt in even more because now you're sharing this it see it as much. There's a much higher perceived value than an ebook. Right, so you really need to understand that if communication is a strategy.

So it is a product, then there's a tonne of it. Right. And so the best way to think about this is, sometimes people buy things that aren't a physical thing, or they add services when you go to a charity, and you give all the advice that you have buy something, you're buying an emotion you want feel good, right, and what you're saying is, from what I've learned is this, you're saying that the money you gave away, right, is not as much as doesn't have as much value as the emotion you're gonna get.

Right, so you're getting a deal for that emotion you're going to get right. That's the reason why we donate to charities to feel good to feel significant, a sense of contribution. Right, so you need to now, stop yourself from thinking in terms of products and services which is what most businesses do.

Because from what I have learned, remember I took this challenge to become a student to learn how successful businesses are built, and from what I'm learning is this price doesn't exist. It doesn't exist. And here's how I'm going to tell you something now so I can destroy completely your notion of price. Price is like fuel for a car.

And this is Simon cynics quote, right, and if the price is like fuel for car, you don't buy a car, which is a business, so you can you don't buy a car so you could keep getting more fuel. You buy a car so you can go somewhere, and the fuel is just a resource to keep your car running. So money.

Money is just a few.

It's just a few. So if money is just a few. The price is a myth.

The idea that you know price is limited money is limited, all these are just myths and stories we tell ourselves that hold us back.

So, now you're gonna if we go back to how do we build a landing page with this mindset. Well you can, first of all, consider this. What do you have that is unique that you can give away. Right. Do you have a secret to how you do things that helps people in a relationship, or workout or in coaching or in physical health, or in whatever it is that you do, do you have a secret, or do you have a strategy, or do you have a process, or do you have a tip or do you have a trick. Right.

So there's are five different things that you could call those things right. So, what is one of the things that you do, even ideas do you have ideas, right, I have several ideas that I would like to share with you that really helped you in this. People will jump into those.

Now, the thing you give is not as important as how you give it.

Sometimes the best of gifts, isn't the most expensive gifts. The best of gifts or the gift that I give it us with the best of intense, right. So, when you are writing this opt in page, some of the best strategies that work. Here is my profitable system that I have used to make money for myself. If you enter your email below. I'm going to share exactly with you how this process can make you money as well.

You're going to learn how to do this, how to do this and how to do this, or what this means for you is this, less than this. That's it, and that's your landing page there.

Now, obviously, you can polish the word to specific to add to be a little bit more specific. But the idea here is this, you are talking about how to do this without a problem.

So how do you help them get an outcome, a positive outcome in life or business without the roadblock or something that they are worried about without a specific fear that they have, perhaps, Right?

And then we are showing them that if they enter their email, they're gonna get this thing, sent to their inbox. Now sometimes if it's a process. You may say, I'll be sending emails to explain to you now you don't want to keep your landing page long, but you can say, I will share my secret strategy and your emails, maybe 12345 emails, and this could be your email sequences, and inside in those email sequences he could be sharing the strategy of how you do it.

And that's it. You've just built yourself a powerful landing page without even writing a book, without even doing anything that's considered, you don't have to go about creating these, these things, right, so as long as you know what your ideal customers or clients want, you can build the landing page.

Right, so I'll repeat that his secrets, his tips in this tricks, his strategies his processes, as well as these ideas, these stories you can share stories. There's so much more there's examples right these case studies. These. Like, there's so many things that you can share and the best part is you don't even have to create these you could already have these in the business. What are you doing exactly already in your business that your clients would love to know.

Because hear that I can tell you, just because you share it doesn't mean they're gonna copy it, some cases they may, they may, but usually it's very middle area for people and if they do carpet. Does that mean that your business will die instantly. Right.

So, figure out what of these things do you have that you can really put in your business. To get yourself more lead because the more leads you have means the more fuel you can get for your business, and ultimately drive to your destination.

Now I want to thank you so much for tuning in on this episode the notes for this episode can be found at Urban marketing help desk comm. That is, h e r b e r t marketing help. COMM And here in questions you can always email me at contact at Hubbard marketing Aside from that, thank you for tuning in, and I will talk to you on our next episode of the virtual entrepreneur.

And as always, have a wonderful evening.



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