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How To Attract More High Quality, High Paying Client Lesser-Known Method

So have you wondered what are the ways out there to attract clients, if your social media channels and not driving you enough traffic?

If you don't have the money to buy ads, or if you just simply don't have any other methods that you can go about getting clients. So let's say if you live in a very remote, remote location and your business is primary online, and you're wondering how do I get our clients. So today I'm going to cover that very particular topic. Hello and welcome to this episode of the virtual entrepreneur.

If you're new to this podcast, a very warm welcome. I am your host herbaria set and go to podcast for entrepreneurs who see their businesses as a vehicle for change. Look, I bring you the tips, the tricks and the big secrets, the how tos and the success stories. Success knowledge from entrepreneurs around the globe.

And today my friend, we're gonna be talking about how to get more high quality and high paying client, and less known method by small business owners but before we jump into that are in our previous episode we talked about how to position yourself as an expert on social media channels. So if you didn't get a chance to listen to that episode I want you to go back and listen to that and use those methods to your advantage because positioning yourself as an expert will give you credibility, even if you choose not to use social media as your main source of getting those traffic. Now that you've done that, the next thing is.

If you want notes for that episode, I want you to go to her bed, marketing And there you can get all the help and all the episodes as well as all the notes from our previous episodes, So that is her better marketing Herbert is my first name which is h e r b e rt So with that said, let's jump into today's episode which is essentially on how to actually get more high quality, high paying clients.

Less known methods by small business owners, if you've been in this business space for a while, you will realise there's a lot of ways to get clients, but sometimes as a new business owner you get stuck, and you get stuck because one method may be working for you, and another method is also working and trying to find which method should you focus on and what I recommend is pick the one that resonates with you and focus on that as much as possible. Just focus on that just get as much of that as possible. If there's a method that I would really love to be super good at is cold calling. I know it's awful. I know most people hate it, I mean I don't mean it's awful.

I mean, I know a lot of people hate it, but I just think being able to be confident to speak with very strong conviction that you can help the prospect attain good results for their business for their families, for whoever it is, and whatever reason you're selling them for, I believe that's a really good place to be in because it's a place where you can speak confidently about your ideas. But in a world of day where you can also express yourself through writing called call it music, the only way.

Listen, today we have videos with writing and with audio. So the choices are really yours. We also have short blogs and text, there is text, there are other social media platforms where you can sell by using those tags, which is super, super awesome.

So, if you're not using social media to drive traffic to your website, then you wholly have considered cold calling, as another method. This is usually a very powerful way for a lot of businesses they use these as a way of getting those high-quality, high-paying clients, especially if the product are over 1000 in the 1000s.

In terms of expenses or price, then it makes sense to just get on the call and talk to the clients so that they are talking to a person because they are going to have a question, they're going to have concerns, they're going to have roadblocks, they're going to have, you know, misunderstandings from not knowing exactly what to do and having that reassurance that they're talking to a person, and that if the transaction doesn't go through, they can always call back another person to get their money back. So, that becomes a very powerful way but it's not the only way you can also sell super expensive products without going into the cold calling.

And with that is there's another method which is less known but also is being used quite a lot and that is cold emailing. So, I have done cold calling and when I was doing cold calling, I didn't even know it was cold calling. Doesn't my first business and calling them and my first experience was terrified, called this person just from talking in a meeting, I think they had a really bad meeting. It was a financial firm I think the guy just had a really bad meeting. And after talking to him he was just not happy you're not with me but he just, he wasn't happy from the minute he got on the call, and I was like, Hey, I was always coming from a very good positive side, but one thing I noticed was, it's a method of getting clients.

And I had no experience but I was jumping into it, and then the next method I jumped as soon as I learned that I also jumped into cold emailing, and I also didn't know what it was what I was doing. And so, you know, I'll go to Eventbrite. And I would look for events, or, you know, I wanted to get in touch with event managers or look for event managers who add events, and they were looking for photographers. So if you're a photographer, this will really help, go to Eventbrite looking for event managers who have already booked an event, well advanced but chances are they haven't gotten a photographer yet. And so I'll offer my services. And funny enough, it was such a good place to be, that I actually got a lot of positive responses, and even. I think the three clients who said yes, but I wasn't very good at pricing and positioning myself yet. I wasn't really just learning about the business and I was doing it as I go, but I picked up some really good things is I went and I find that it works. So if you know your ideal customer very well.

Ask yourself what are they doing, where can you find them, and how can you help them. And this gives me an idea so if you do that you can really really help your prospect gets to the solutions that they want, right.

So, with that said, I did that and it works, and I didn't learn it was called. It was called cold emailing until later on this year and this was years ago. So, what I wanted to do is talk about how you could go about using this method to get super high-quality clients, very fast, very efficiently without even wasting too much of your time in fact, if you do it right, it'll just take you two, three days to start getting those responses. And if you really nail it down for us best practice. Don't try to be perfect. Now, I wouldn't tell you exactly what to do.

But here's what I can say, Dan is better than perfect, I've learned this from a lot of people. And one thing I've noticed is, you send one, you get a lot of feedback whether they open it or they don't, then you're just you keep improving on that until you. You're getting to a point where all your emails are getting opened and replies. And the funny thing is, if you really narrow down and super focused on a particular niche and really focus on a very, very high quality leads. You can also get people who are not interested, email back to you, but also not with theory or angry, angry or anything, but they'll just simply tell you. Thanks, but we already have this right. So, depending on how you position yourself, you may open up doors of opportunity.

So with that said, the reason why it's called cold emailing, is if you remember, on some of our past episodes, one of the things that we've talked about in the past is with the traffic coming to your website, it can be classified as a hot, warm or cold. And what we mean by these three words is the, you know, the, the prospects of the leads, they are cold when they only know the problem that they want solved, but they don't know what solution or who has the solution, and then they are warm when they know what the problem they have, they also know that this is a solution, but they don't know who has it so they don't know that you exist and that you have the solution.

And then they're considered hot leads, if they know the problem, they know the solution and they know that you have the solution but they haven't made a purchase yet. Right, so that's a hot traffic that's hot leads. Right, so the goal here then becomes, to get that high-quality leads and the best way to go about getting the high quality leads for your cold calling is to really filter out the misfits, to really know who you're emailing, and to start a conversation from a point of view of helping them with something that they are already doing. So every email you send them is irrelevant, and that way it makes much more sense. And aside from that.

One thing also you get is, is quite a significant improvement in conversion so you can really turn up those conversions. And I think for me when I was doing my photography, I didn't. I don't think I sent 50 leads, I got three clients with just about 50 leads. Now for some people they may send 100 emails to get three clients or 300 emails to get 30 clients. So you may get up to 10 clients, but for me, it was just 50, and I'm not even sure it was actually 50 I'm just taking 50 Because I think it's a really high number that I don't think I got to that number. I think it was way less and I was already getting three clients saying yes. The next thing you can do is a.

You can also systematize the cold calling, cold emailing you can systematize that and have, you know, virtual assistants doing this for you as long as you're split testing and checking the result, because it just becomes a matter of finding information and plugging it into the email template that works.

So with that said, here's a few things that you might want to consider before jumping into cold emailing and start getting yourself, all these super high quality clients that you want to help them, you know, with a problem or a roadblock or question that they have. So the first thing is, when you're sending a cold email you're sending the email with intent of turning a lead into a prospect. Right.

And so you also want to shortcut that cycle because the chances are the next email, or the next two, three emails shouldn't be them saying yes I have an interest.

Right. And so you're bringing them from where they are to Yes, I'm going to buy. And that's the idea here. And so to do that. Consider your subject lines, your subject lines are very important I want to go into details in this, but we have done an entire episode on the subject line in the gave a few tips of some very powerful subject lines that you can use to get those in to get your emails, much more open. And then on your main body of the email this thing that you want to consider. So you want to consider the concept of idea.

What do I mean by this idea is an acronym for attention, desire, interest, and action. Right, you want to keep your emails, short, and in the first sentence, you want to capture their attention, talk about something that's relevant to them, ask them questions about what exactly they're doing right now. So if they're if it's an event I remember, for me, they were writing the, you know they had scheduled this event and that asked him, asked him, Hey, I noticed that you have this event I was just wondering if you already have a photographer for your event. You know, I've taken a photograph of these events in the past, which could really help you share your message.

It was that simple, and it works wonders, right, the next thing is to express you know the desire, the thing that you want to help them, right, the need and the interest so you and arouse those interest and then the last thing is you want them to take a very specific action at the end, called call to action you want them to take a very specific action, which is reply to you with either a yes or no. Sometimes on some product you want them to reply to you so you can schedule a call, or sometimes you just want them to reply to you, expressing interest.

So those are the things you want to consider you can personalize this email. If you look for your leads properly, you can find the name. You can find more details about the business, you can vary. You can really tailor it right. And one thing I can say is, when you're learning how to do this online.

You will notice that a lot of people teaching this will tell you don't do this, don't do that. Here's what I can tell you test it.

If it works, keep it. If it doesn't change it.

Like, there's no one size fits all, you might just discover something that really, really helps you. But one thing you know is that I didn't even know the concept of idea when I was first, emailing, I just thought to myself, How can I best get their attention and get them to me to photograph for them.

And the quickest thing I could think of was, let me start by talking about this events that they already organised because then that makes the email relevant to them. I know their name. And I know their event, and I know their email address so those are the first three things. Right. And if my photography is about event, then it's so much more relevant.

And that's the goal there. Now I didn't know at the time about really pushing my value prop is my benefit, or my key focus value proposition really high. And I was just learning about that, but it worked. Even when I was, I didn't know all the pieces it worked. So don't try and overcomplicate it. Just do it, get it done, and then you'll find yourself, you know, learning as you go. One thing I'd say is get an email specifically for this because you will make mistakes. And some people, no matter how well you try to make an email, speak to them.

You may find them on the bad day, and they may just flag your email as a spam email or just purely out of anger or whatever you know not everybody enjoys their job, so they may try and put that on you. Don't let that put you off, just blush it because, you know, just take it as if it's nothing to do with you it's just them on a bad day and continue improving and progressing. Don't let that you put you off.

You know, like the guy I called him today, it was just him, probably from anyone I call the assistant had said he's in the meeting.

So call again later in the call later. We're five minutes later, he was out and the guy was just not happy. So, I mean the assistant was happy so you can tell that it's not, sometimes you know you're getting people and not everybody doing their job enjoy their job but don't let that put you off. Now with that said I want to thank you so much for tuning in on this episode of the virtual entrepreneur I hope you got so much value from it. My aim was to deliver value if you did, That is awesome. Side from that.

If you want to notes for this episode, go to her bed marketing that is, h e r b e r t, marketing,, and then you can find all the notes for this, and if you want help with getting your market or even drafting the first cold calling, emails, just email me at contact at Herbert marketing and I'll be happy to get back to you with whatever help you need.

Aside from that, thank you so much for tuning in on the episode and I will talk to you on our next episode of the virtual entrepreneur.

As always, have a wonderful evening.



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