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How To Approach Your Business Promotion

Join me on today's episode of the virtual entrepreneur if you've ever wondered how do you go about using a similar mindset to the people who have tried business strategies and have gotten the results.

Today we're going to talk, we're going to talk just about that.

Hello everyone and welcome to this episode of the virtual entrepreneur, I am your host, Herbert innocent, and today we are talking about some of the key mindsets that very highly outperforming and successful entrepreneurs seem to us to get their business off the ground, faster with much much greater impact and momentum, which seems the other businesses seems to struggle to do so.

And on our last episode we talked about a few things relating to the differences, again, between mindset and so yeah between mindsets that intrapreneurs who succeed, use and utilise see the key difference is the principle, the business principles are the same, but how we go about approaching them and using that mindset and using those business principles is different.

We all know that a customer is very important you need money for your business, you need to keep selling, but it's something that are very different. And those things are what separates us from everybody else.

If you didn't get a chance to listen to that episode I want you to go and listen to that. You can also find the notes that episode at Herbert marketing that is h e r b e RT marketing Say, Tony Robbins, I heard him say something very very intriguing once, he said, if you put in poor effort.


You won't get poor result.

You won't you will get no result you'll fail, right, you'll be fired if you're in a job, if you're under the ship, the person will leave you because you put in poor effort.

Right. And if you put good effort into your business into relationship in whatever it is that you're doing, you get poor result. Right.

Again, the people who love you, we love you because you're not, you're just doing good, essentially, it goes down. Right.

So, again, you lose you get replaced because the only deed, good effort. Now if you put excellent effort, then you get a good result. Right. So if it's an a job and you put excellent effort, you get a little bit of a good result.

If it's a wish, you get a little bit of good attention and good attraction, and all these things kind of working, but if you want, but if you did something that very few entrepreneurs or people seem to do which is put in an extraordinary amount of effort, then you get excellent results.

Right. And when I first heard this, it kind of hurt, right, and I noticed that other people in the audience also felt a little bit hurt, to hear this, because you would think that if you put in good effort you get good results, but if you put in good effort, you actually get poor results.

Right. And if you put him, poor results he just plain white out fail, right. So, one of the things, and now I'm using the word fail here, but essentially you just get you get replaced you get no results you just get replaced, you don't get anything significant right without recognition. And so the thing, the reason why I'm talking about this here.

It's not because of what he said, but it's what he said after I say this, and what he said was the difference between excellent and extraordinary is so small, but the difference in the result is magnitude. It's what makes you stand out, it's what people recognise it's what the difference is so huge in the result. But in the effort to go from excellent extraordinary to extraordinary is not even so much that you're doing the same work. Any much better was just putting life into the work that you do.

Right now one of the things that I've been I've been noticing, I have been noticing entrepreneurs that I've been studying, to see how they've built their businesses is this. The key business principles are the same. Right.

Money is important clients are important. You want to go and find clients for a certain feeling the needs in the market. All these business principles are the same keep momentum and all of those are the same, but the difference is this is the approach of these business principles, right, so today I'm going to be going on it and I'm gonna try and touch into those as we go, just to understand what exactly are they doing, that we could do.

You see, one of the things that I used to have doing when I was in college working essentially is selling the university by using to or demonstrating the university but actually what I was doing was actually selling the university, but we did it by demonstrating the university the facilities and everything, giving them such an excellent tour giving them the stories, bringing it to life, making them. Imagine what it will feed.

What, making the parents and the student imagine what it'll feel like to be a student in the University, and they love it so much. In the end, every time I give it to my friend would say 110 miles, right, and you know the extra mile, it's almost like a stamp and I should say a statement that made it feel like as time stamp of approval that I just went overboard i over delivered that I should say. Now to me, it was so much fun doing that, because I was at my element.

I love presenting to people and giving someone that wow factor is something that I look for I want them to thank me afterwards and they always did, which was really really awesome. But the thing is, I was giving the same to everybody else. The difference was so small. It was so small it's almost negligible. It was my energy, my enthusiasm.

My passion it was how I approach the two. Now, it's not that I, it's not that I had high energy all the time. Sometimes I didn't want to go and give the two, but it's how I approach the problem and that was a difference between me and everybody else. I made sure that they felt, you know, cared for their questions answered.

So what does this mean that was actually a sale, that was me giving say, that was me selling the university, and just so you're wondering if I didn't do very good at what I was doing the students and parents will pick a different university, they would pick a different university, and I believe that there they could find what I found, I believed in what I was selling, right.

So, one of the things that I wanted to say was this.

So when it comes to our businesses that believe that passion heavy demonstrating, not so much as showing exactly but demonstrating the end result, going beyond giving that 110 It's like a, the extra mile, right, and it's so small but what separates difference in separation between someone who does it and someone who doesn't do it is so huge, it's very, very, very, very big.

So I'm gonna jump into that in a minute, but the first principle that I've noticed is, you must first offer your services for free. Notice that for a lot of these people, for a lot of these students, for any of these intrapreneurs to get their business started and kick started, they offer their services for free.

And one thing I've noticed is this when you offer a service for free. It creates a very huge attack a very huge gift, the person who's receiving it, they know the value in the appreciation, and they know that you've put a tonne of effort into it. And so, the love and enthusiasm that's going to come out of that is just so huge, it's unbelievable.

Right. And so that's the first thing there, right. And that creates people who are going to promote your services, long after your energy starting to run low. Right, they will always remember that.

And the other thing to remember is this opportunity is more important than money.

Because at the end of the day, the opportunity is much, much more important than money. So you have to remember that as the entrepreneur, right, so this is something else that I'm noticing that a lot of business owners. If they see the sale.

They see the sale as not the key thing, but they see it as something that they can use to get the next step.

Right. So you want to be an entrepreneur who does that as well, because that essentially means. Sometimes, you may want to give it for free so that what you get is more connection in what you get, it's more result.


And the next thing is this, best known is bet a bit best, and this is a phrase that I've heard being used, but the idea here is this, the more known your services and products are, you're always gonna outperform even the best of qualities in the market if they're unknown. That is true. People are gonna buy what they can see they can't go and buy something that they don't even know it exists.

So you, those are the things to think about. Right. And so, to follow up is to think in terms of money falls, attention, which is something that it takes a while to understand. But what, but what that means is, if you can create attention in what you're doing grabbing that attention, money will follow that attention.


And then the other thing is, We do not have to essentially chase the money but you have to chase the opportunity. Right. And, don't wait, you must chase after the opportunity to create an opportunity. Right.

I've heard an intrapreneur I forget his name, who says, set your own table, right, create your own opportunity, and I think Gronk says something like, you want to control.

Right, you want to assume control of the situation at all times at any time. Right. You want to get on top of food chain is another phrase that I've heard being used. So these are all very powerful mindset.

Right. But even though they sound aggressive. You want to think about them from a point of view of this.

When you have control over the environment. That means you can also control the key and message how you're packaging that message delivered your ideal clients and customers and prospect, right. So that's one of the few things that I'm noticing, but it all comes down to this.

It's the effort that you put in, and once you put the best effort, it's that extra mile, thinking that extra.

What else would make this stand out. Right. And so, that extra is just the little bit extra day. And the strange thing is there really isn't much, so much of a formula that I've seen yet. But if we do find a formula, I'll bring it to you, but one thing I'm noticing is this.

You do your very best. And then you add a little bit extra.

Right, so that's one of the few things that I wanted to cover with you today on this. And one of the things that I've seen is, you know the phrase if you snooze, you lose, right, but in the in the in the thing this phrase goes very well with the mindset of, you're going to hit a roadblock. Right, so you want to aim bigger, right. So, when I was in high school.

One of the things that I used to tell myself, is if you're shooting an arrow, you're not aiming higher because gravity's gonna pull it down. Right, So you're gonna hear me a little bit higher. Right. And what this means is this.

You want to go bigger, because setbacks are always going to be there. And when you aim bigger means you have much more cushion, right, if something happens you can always just pivot very, very quickly, and you don't lose momentum as intrapreneurs as we get older, we learn to aim for what we need, which is really really bad.

Right. And so, one of the books that 10x rule which I really really love to say is, you know, whatever your aim is just 10x that now 10x means 100 times that, which is, you know, go big or go bigger, right, so that's the goal there, you want to go big or go even bigger, which is a very very powerful mindset, but the important thing is this.

If something goes against your way, you want to quickly pivot, and you use it as an opportunity.

You want to quickly pivot, and use it as an opportunity. And one thing that I've noticed is if you use that well, even if you have clients. It seems to work for the best. Especially if you're very creative in terms of how you come back at it, it's like you know this didn't work any could we jump around and turn things around.

Even if they get you. It's that energy started to sell because people buy emotion and emotion is an experience.

And it's something that it's very, very strange to look at because you'd think that, you know they're buying something because they want the product, the one that emotion is, you know it's that trend is the emotion is what caused that transaction.

They want to buy that emotion. So, thank you so much for tuning in on this episode of the virtual interpreter I hope I've given you value, and the key thing here that I wanted to touch on is really going that extra mile, right, and what it takes is very little, but the output is so huge and it's what separates everybody else from the rest.

Right. If the 8020 rule is accurate. Right. Then to get to the top 20% What it takes is very, very low. Right, it's doing what 80% are doing, but a little bit extra.

So thanks so much for tuning in on this episode of the virtual entrepreneur. I hope we got a tonne of value from this you can find the notes for this episode of Herbert maketing And as always, I'll talk to you on our next episode of the virtual entrepreneur.

Have a wonderful evening.



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