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How Do I Generate Leads? Part 3

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

So, how do we finally put together that lead magnet?

Right. So how do we finally put together that lead magnet to bring it all together?

Join me on this episode of the virtual enterpreneur, I am your host, Herbert innocent, and today we're going to be continuing on, on our series on how to generate How do I generate leads. By starting from creating a lead magnet, all the way to the end. Now, I have a tonne of content that I'd love to share with you that is super super valuable.

But before we jump into that one thing I wanted to say was, if you didn't get a chance to listen to our previous episode where we talked a little bit about the mindset in creating a go to Marketing Strategy Plan that will allow you to essentially, navigate to the marketplace in using your lead magnet as an entry point, essentially, because what this means is you know, you're picking a point of entry to the marketplace but you want to do it strategically so that you're building on rather than destroying what you've been doing.

So with that said, the first thing, if you didn't get a chance with that episode I want you to stop this episode, go and listen to that one, which is our previous episode. And when you're done come back we'll still be here and you still get a tonne of value.

With that say let's jump into today's episode. And one thing I wanted to talk about one of the first things that you want to do is assess the situation that you add and usually it's a mess, you want to assess it right, you want to ask yourself some of the critical questions such as, who are the clients, where are they at what are their past experiences, what have they bought, what have they use, what do they say, how do they feel about it. So you want to do a little bit of the market, market assessment, right you and assess to understand them a little bit. This is critical in terms of creating copy.

This is very very important, because when you can create copy you can talk to them.

The next thing is you wanna mark your territory. You want to decide which marketplaces you decide to go after. So if you remember we talked about creating a map for your market space.

So you want to mark which market you want to go into and dominate, right, because by doing that, what means is, What that means is you can segment them divide and conquer. Right.

You can divide your market into something that is much more reachable digestible measurable, right and then you can digest and once you have a significant percentage on board, you're done you can go the next thing right.

Next is you want to decide what is your verticals right what are your numbers, what are your size right, you're gonna decide the size of the market, the numbers, and who are the people that you need to reach out to and how are you going to go and reach out to them now LinkedIn is a powerful tool for that.

But another tool we could use is just called calling, and depending on the angle that you're going about, you can easily get to the key person that you want to get in touch with. Right, so that's also very very important so you want to decide, what are your verticals.

The next thing is you want to decide your revenue you want to size up the revenue that you're gonna get how much money is in your market space, right, and how much of it is accessible that you can access and how much of it will require out of the box thinking to access and all those good questions.

And the next thing is you want to define your channels because some of these things is going to be great, but some of your clients are going to come from you partnering with other complementary businesses so one of the things that I've learned is if you're in photography. It's easier to partner with hotels that have venues for events and then whenever they have an event that we use your photography services, you know recommended photography services in exchange for something small, whether it's cash, or whether it's just photos for their own business or something like that.

Then the next thing is you want to sell your value and not your price. So with all these key steps in mind which is assessing your situation, the mass and all that, then marking your territory or marking, you know, your landscape, and then defining what are your vertical, right, what are your numbers, What are your size, then sizing up the revenue, the resources, and then defining your channels, you know that you're going to use to enter into the market, and then selling on value not on price, or by using these key things.

Our lead magnet can also help us in terms of, you know, assessing Mark territory, helping us penetrate better to the key people that we want to reach out to, because at the end of the day we are targeting a very very specific audience. So with that said, I'm gonna jump into how do you go about creating your lead magnet now so now that we have seen some of the things to think about. The first thing you want to ask yourself is, who is our dream customer, are they marketing managers are they, general managers who are the decision makers that we want to target, right, or the mom or the dad, depending on who your customer or your clients are. You want to make sure that you are checking who are those people, excuse me that.

The next thing you want to do is, what is the ultimate result that you want to get your dream client, you want to ask yourself that question what is the ultimate result that you want to get your dream clients,

understanding what the ultimate result is means that you can also find ways to package it so that it adds value, a value added rather than price right price is never the issue it's always value. And when someone says it's too much.

The price is too much. It's not that the price is too much. It's too much for the offer you have made them so you what you need to do is increase the offer, and then the price will appear to to level. So those are the two ways to, you know, reduce the price to either increase the offer, or if you actually reduce the actual price, which means you diminish the value as well. And it just goes down, it doesn't work very well for the other for the other version, right. So that's one thing to consider.

Now that we know what the ultimate result is the next thing is we need to ask yourself, what are the core results or offer that leads to the ultimate result.

So what are the key values that value propositions are offers that return the key ultimate result, right. So for example in photography.

Even though, it usually appears like you're just providing photography, there's actually several things. One is, there is the appearance of the photographer in the venue that creates a completely different kind of atmosphere, engaging the clients, clients, right, and then the next thing is, there is the psychology of creating and taking photographs that are engaging in psychologically promote selling,

for example, taking photos of photographs of faces and things like that and if you're right, then the third part, may be you know the post production, making sure that photos work well in print, and in websites, right, different websites, they have different requirements like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and ovals, right, so there's all these requirements you want to make sure that you know your photographs, meet that they can stand out. Right.

So, there are those elements, those are the killer things that you do for the photographs that make the photograph stand that. Now if you take in a different case in a case of marketing. If you're doing content marketing. Well there's the creation of content. There is the creation of headlines or titles, and these are very, very powerful, powerful titles are allowed.

You know, to be able to grab their attention, but also build curiosity in a very small sentence, allowing the user to know exactly what they expect, without any of their roadblocks or fears of an unintended consequences that tend to come with this. So with that say there, you know, depending on what do you offer with content you could offer copywriting call to actions content itself as well as headlines, and then photography can offer all this other stuff. So there's a lot of elements. Right.

The next thing you want is you want to ask is what. So that question was, what are the core offers that you can offer that lead to the ultimate result. The next thing is take one core result. Right. What are the sub results or sub offers that you can teach. Right. So for example, in the content, you can teach called actions, right, or you can teach headlines, or you can teach content creation strategy right in photography will teach how to take a stunning photo of women, that's get, you know, a positive response in terms of attracting and capturing that attention as, as, as well as retaining it. So you could do a lot of these things there.

And the next thing becomes, you want to teach one of those core elements, whether it's taking a photo of a child, a toddler, or taking photos of emails, or taking photos of fashion, whatever the key element your focus is, oh, how to create powerful headlines, how to create powerful content in 10 minutes, or how to create a powerful call to actions, right, whatever it is you want to focus on you can focus in any of those areas, and still deliver a very powerful result. Right. So there you have it.

So the goal then becomes, you can teach your strategy in a video, or transcribe it, and then you can use that and polish it nicely to turn it into a lead magnet.

So there you have it that's how you could go about creating that the easiest way is obviously to transcribe it and just put it as a blog, or as a PDF ebook with a bit of cover on the front side, and you're done. So that's how you could go about creating a powerful lead magnet in as little as 10 minutes or less. Now I want to thank you for tuning in on this episode of the virtual entrepreneur. I hope you got some value from that and I hope it helps you in terms of creating a lead magnet.

We can create a few of our own lead magnets, and if you have any questions you can reach out to me at Herbert marketing that is h e r b e r t marketing and I will talk to you on our next episode of the virtual entrepreneur, And as always, have a wonderful evening.



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