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How Do I Generate Leads? Part 1

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

Have you ever wondered what structure do you use to sell your product and services, as well as everything else within your business?

Join me on this episode of the virtual entrepreneur. I am your host Herbert innocent and today we are talking about how the ideal structure on how you go about selling, but what we are going to focus more is on how we're going to build ourselves a landing page in the next two, three episodes, but not just any landing page we're going to start attracting dream clients and build ourselves, at least.

Before we jump into this in our past episode we talked about how stories can be used to sell. This is a concept that a lot of entrepreneurs, myself included, struggle with the concept of understanding how do I go about actually, a lot of entrepreneurs struggle with.

We know stories sell. We know copywriting and sales are some of the are the key things to generating revenue in your company. But for some of us we are not experts in some of these areas, right, especially when we're beginning in our businesses, right.

So as a self taught copywriter, as well as salesperson, we're going to be looking at this in more details and you're gonna start landing clients building that list. But before we get into that if you didn't get a chance to listen to the past episode where we talked about how stories sell stop, go back to that episode, have a quick listen to it. And then when you come back, we're gonna start on this episode.

So I've learned three key things when it comes to selling.

The first is you want to be able to grab someone's attention.

If you listen to grant, he says, hey, you need to interrupt someone, and grab their attention very very quickly. And as soon as you grab their attention. You want to start telling them the story to close them.

When the offer that you've made for them. You want to tell them a quick story to close them on the offer that you have made for them. And the goal of telling them the story is to change the state of their mind in which they're in, at this present moment, to a higher state, where they believe the goal that they've been dreamed about which have felt far, and out of reach, are now possible.

They're now within reach. And by bringing them to this state where they can now have this belief they can try again on something that they've tried before and having gotten the result, you're now able to help them make take that leap of faith in your product in you, as well as in your services.

So today we're going to look at one thing so easily we looked at the whole story structure. Today we're going to look at the part where you grab the attention and start building that list. More importantly, we're going to try and start looking at why building a list is very important.

So some of my mentors have said that they've told me countless times that, if you're looking at this simple marketing maths, maths, right.

For every person you have on your list.

For every person who have an online list, you should average, About $1, per person, per month.

We should average, about $1, per person per month.

So what this means for us for you and me as entrepreneurs, if we have a sales goal as sales revenue goal, then you can narrow it down to how many people we can bring in our list and then we can focus on bringing more people into that list, right, and this becomes very easy compared to the past where we would focus on trying to find clients we can sell them. See when you do that way it works, but there's one big problem.

We have to continually keep going, looking for clients which is good, especially at the beginning it's very good. And if you're using that money and investing that money to building all of this, it's even perfect, but if you're not able to capture the list, then you're quickly going to end up with a dry, especially if you're doing cold calling, or if you're doing cold prospect cold emailing, then what you do is you find yourself running dry.

Once you've finished all those in hips start following them up, following up and since you don't have those running list you're following them up manually to try and understand and assess their level of interest.

Right. So, if we have a goal of, let's say, creating a 400,000, per year income, then you will need about 12,500 People in our list, per month in order to be able to get to those levels, if you, you know, it's just simple math. If you're looking for 100k per month, sorry per year. Then we are looking at somewhere along the lines of 8000 email list, right. Now, one of the things that I've learned about our list is, it's not a perfect correlation.

Right. But before I jump into that, one of the biggest questions that you want to ask yourself is how do I generate these leads and build up my own list. And this has been the biggest puzzle of questions because we can go and you can create lead magnets, you can build landing pages and squeeze pages. But the thing is sometimes it doesn't work as well as you want it to work, at least not as fast as you want it to work.

Right. So if we were to really targeted the key pain point so we can create an irresistible offer, so we can give it to our prospects in the marketplace to get them into our list.

Right. So how do we generate leads, and how do we build our own list and that's what we're going to be focusing on this next few days. It also be focusing on who our dream customers. Right. We're also going to be looking at what is a lead magnet, and how can we create that. So that means are attracting now.

The topic of lead magnets, is something that we've covered in the past, it can be a tonne of anything really. But the idea is how do we make it irresistible so that we can cover the those areas.

Right. And so, the really big, important reason for us to understand this, that I've learned is that, you know, the value in our business is our list, the bigger our list, the bigger the value in our business. Right. And especially if you can start converting that list into paying clients paying customers, then that's even much, much more profitable.

Right. And one of the things that I've learned is, depending on how good your relationship is with you list, you should be able to average more. So if you build your list you properly. You should be able to average more per person, per list, which is really really good. Right.

So there's a direct correlation between how much we make, and the relationship with our list. So the focus of business should be to generate leads, because we have processes that will continue selling them automatically. Right. And this is particularly good if we want to start from scratch. And this is something that we keep starting on but every time we hit a road bump, we try to reevaluate and change things and start all over again.

Right. And one of the biggest things that we need to ask ourselves as we start building this list is, what is the resume that we are promising the clients. What is it that they're going to be so attract that's going to attract them to us, an immediate problem we can solve for them very, very quickly, so they can come to us so they can feel attracted to us.

And there are many different types of lead magnets, but this is just an example. Now with that said, if you haven't had a chance to listen to one of our previous episode where we discussed the idea of creating a lead process. Usually it goes something like this.

We have a lead.

We have a lead page. Right, lead capturing page or lead funnel, which is just a small one page website that's designed to capture for us, leads, it does nothing else but just capture emails, collect emails from people who have an interest in the products and services that we offer. That's all it's designed to do.

Right. Then we create something like lead magnets, this is just something we give someone in exchange for an email, right, so before we can start asking people to exchange something for money. We want to exchange for an email because if we can keep emailing them, then they become our customers, our prospect, we don't have to go to Google or Facebook or YouTube to buy ads to try and get in contact with them.

And then the goal becomes that we build our list so that by the time we have so much people in our list, we can average much more per month.

Right. And by focusing on this structure, this is essentially the basis because the more customers we can have the better we can always find new products and services that aren't our own to sell, but having that list is critical, because it's the part where everything's gonna depend on. And then the next thing becomes keeping following up with them.

Now the beauty about this process versus other processes that with this process because they've came to us, we can automate the entire follow up process, so they are getting all these emails telling them how to get results without us trying to manually reach out to them, and we can customise a relationship based on the responses we are getting, and building on that building adding more value to them till they find that everything we do, is there and is completely irresistible helping them getting the result that they really, really want.

And one of the things that I learned recently is that for some businesses. They don't need hundreds or 1000s of people, they can have very few like a few 1000 People less than 10,000 people, but to average so much higher because of the nature of the business. So it really depends.

And depending on who we're targeting and what problem we're solving, we can really customise those relationships and give them that, you know VIP experience in terms of building relationships, just like the way, a local business would not need too many people to do very very well.

With that said, that is been the goal for this week so we're going to be building all this process out, layer by layer. So for today this ride is simply going to build a one page website, where we're going to be driving in a lot of traffic, and then we're going to be collecting those emails and you're going to sell the back-end product. Now, with that said, one thing I want to say is this front page is called the lead page or lead funnel or squeeze page.

If you haven't had a chance to visit that yes, we have wonderful few episodes where we discuss how to build that, if you're gonna scroll down and listen to one of those episodes, it will give you an overview, including how to build one without a lead capture, but this time we're going to focus much more, so that we can start getting those results, at least ideally within the week, rather than waiting very, very long.

So I want to thank you so much for tuning in on this episode of the virtual entrepreneur I hope you got a tonne of value. And you can find the notes for this episode at Herbet marketing that is h e r b e r t marketing

I will talk to you on our next episode of the virtual entrepreneur, As always, have a wonderful evening.



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