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How Can I Start Affiliate Marketing?

Start affiliate marketing within an unfair advantage. With these five simple, powerful hacks.

Oh the virtual intrapreneurs join me on this episode of the virtual enterpreneur, as we answer the question, How can I start a billiat marketing. This is the question that a lot of beginner affiliate marketers people who are just jumping in to the affiliate marketing world, you have, How do I start. And the question really comes down to one that is knowing what it is you've just committed yourself to makes it really easy in understanding how many steps you have taken before you've conducted.

Now sometimes, it is not necessarily important to know exactly how many steps you've already completed, cause it can really demotivate you or make the workload seem much, much bigger. And for that reason, a lot of affiliate marketing programmes will tend to sell you on the idea of get money quick or make money online, very fast and easy, but the process is far from fast and easy the process takes time, either strategies, building a business, and it requires us all the fundamental principles of building a business.

Now that said, I've narrowed it down to five very powerful things that you can do to get started, and the first thing is find a profitable affiliate marketing niche. Now, when it comes to promoting a food marketing product, there really is such thing as a very bad product and a very bad niche, and that comes down to a few things. If you're in a coupon or discounting. And most of your customers want to buy really cheap, and they want to spend.

2:06 And so, you as an affiliate making Commission's become a really difficult thing. Whereas if you are in the, you know, in the affiliate marketing niches, such as the business or the finances, or the investment or the loans, where there is a lot of commissions, then it becomes much easier because the Commission's are huge, people in those niches are prepared to spend big bucks, buy cars they know the results are worth it.

So, picking the right niche helps. However, if you also pick something that you have enough interested, so that you can best yourself in so you can best yourself because your passion really shows up right. If you're going to start promoting something without passion, people will feel it right, especially on the online spaces. When you're talking, your energy level just really goes down. So you need to bring people, that passion.

Best way to do that is to pick something that really inspire you that makes you glow and talking and so picking a very profitable niche that you're passionate about. And the best way to find one of those keys if you look at the docs that you're using, because the website of the products that you're using in the scroll down at the bottom.

Usually they do have found that they do have an affiliate programme. And if you look in there you can see how to get started from there is a product that you do use, because much more easy likely going to know a lot harder to talk about example the computer, I was using an ACS computer. I loved the design, the design that I was so proud of, even other people with other computers were looking at me, and they would say, Wow, that's a really lovely. He was a normal computer does a PC, does the normal computer, but people saw it, and they could tell that from me liking it. I had an effect on them. That is where I'm coming on this.

4:10 When I'm talking about picking a niche. When you have really strong passion about something, have a strong influence on others. Now once you've picked a niche. Then the next thing becomes really important is to really do your affiliate marketing, customer research in our past episodes we've talked about customer research right. We've talked about how to go and do it. So if you haven't listened to that episode, go and listen to that.

4:38 This is the break episode between the book that we're reading. I wanted to give you something small to digest, you know, learning, and when it comes to your customer research, really what you're trying to understand these kind of people I would tell them. Right. If you're picking a product that you are using yourself, then you need to take a look in the mirror and ask yourself, what kind of questions are you asking yourself when you're using the problems that you've had, right.

So for example, you want to know things like, where did you look for information, what social media platform did you use what keywords or search questions do you use in Google, YouTube to get the answers to the questions that you had the problems that you're facing. Right.

The reason why you want to do this is that phrases that you're using for the people that you're using those phrases to get a very specific result that's going to change from image to image, but also some key phrases so unique, such as if you're working in the tennis market, they have something called a elbow.

I think it's the elbow pain or something like that. I remember the exact word I think the tennis elbow or golfer's elbow or something like that, and it has to do with your elbow, of feeling pain on your elbows from playing a sport, right. So, people will tend to search for that specific phrasing, when they see that problem. Or another example is, people who spend a lot of hours sitting in their offices will tend to have back pain on their back, and usually they'll search for things like Office, neck pain, right, and what they really mean is, how do I get rid of the back pain from sitting many hours on the desk, on an office desk chair, something like that. Right. So, knowing these key phrases allows you to shortcut your way right to the customers who are really looking for solutions.

6:47 And also, if you do your customer research right. That means you will know where your customers are on social media. So when you want to draw a website you will know where to go, and you'll know what to say to them, because you'll know what questions they already asked, right, and you'll know what products you really like to buy because it does research. Does that make sense. Then the next thing you want to focus on is creating marketing strategy.

7:14 The first thing we're saying here was that internal, how far will it go to the drill completed, right, in a bigger picture of your overall affiliate marketing, but big picture is going to show you how you're going to be getting, getting done revenue, Right, and picking the right affiliate marketing programme to show you exactly money when you can get it, how you're going to get it, how long it's going to take, where you can start getting in, it's going to show you how much you can spend in ads, and still make a profit. That is the difference between having very powerful strategy, having, because when you don't have any you're going blind. And in any business if you don't know how much you can spend without and still break even.

7:59 Then you always know how far you can push yourself, but if you don't know those numbers comes very difficult. Now that you know that next big thing comes, finding highly converting offers, and not products, but the difference between an offer and the product is very simple. A product is a commodity, right, iPhone to commodity that one who's selling the cheapest one, always get the customer. When you buy an offer. It's not a commodity, and it offers a bundled product, but the good offer. Can so a very big problem. And it tends to feel like it's cheaper, even though it may be much more expensive. So if someone was selling a phone, but that phone had very valuable content inside it, such as, I don't know, very specific music download that the person was buying was interested in value significantly.

8:57 If it had very huge cloud space value for them, goes up, depending on who you're selling it to, they want to solve specific problems, and then offer solve specific problems beyond just a commodity, that makes sense, right, phone is a commodity, but what we use the phone for. That is how you make your offer, by solving the problems by someone has to fall in business, perhaps they weren't able to make those calls. Right. And when we type those in or things like that.

9:30 Now, inevitably the offers and product, I think I've made a podcast, and podcast episode on offers, how to find killer offers. So if you scroll down to the past episode for that specific product, how to find the killer product, because this will sell single ticket offers always convert better. Right. Next thing is next and the last thing is 110 x your clicks, sales, profits. Simple optimization. What do I mean by that. Now that you know everything. Next thing becomes, how do you make everything efficient, so that all the time you're spending to get those customers from a on social media, YouTube and other than a pure website, how do you make sure that you're calling to email list, and the converting the buyers, the more efficient you can do that. Every effort you put out there, getting 10 tenfold in return. That's the goal. Optimization just means 2010 split testing the pages, things like all the sounds tedious. That is why I recommend a few of my episodes for you to get an overview. And also, if you have any questions you can always ask me on Herbert, Herbert marketing help calm when you subscribe to this podcast, and I'll be sharing a tonne of value coming in for use in blogs with additional content, including the reading which is think 30 Which is the science of getting rich by WT Wallace, to basically offers, you know, Formula offers formula, getting rich, and this formula is, I think, quite successful businesses in the field of marketing are lined up based on, based from what I've read, if you have done a little dashing together on my side. Other than that I want to thank you for tuning in with me, this episode, I will talk to you next episode. Good evening.



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