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Getting Traffic Hacks For Success

What I've learned about getting traffic that every business owner needs to know.

Hello and welcome to this episode of the virtual entrepreneur. I am your host, Robert innocent, and today we'll be talking about getting traffic.

And the topic for today is getting traffic hacks for success. And I'm going to be sharing with you what I have learned about getting traffic that I believe every business owner needs to know. If they don't already know. I'm gonna assume most of them already know this.

Get Attention

So the first thing that I want to share with you about this area and topic about getting traffic is the first thing is getting attention, right?

And I've been learning a lot from other entrepreneurs, other successful super successful business owners, and one of the first things that they seem to be talking about and is getting attention in particular, Grant focuses a lot in talking about getting attention in the market place, right it says best known, always beats best product all the time, right.

And so this is a concept that I learned earlier, but it didn't stick to me until I kept hearing it repeated over and over and over. And what this means for entrepreneurs and business owners starting to grow their business or maybe wanting to generate traffic on their website, increasing the volume of people seeing their product, right, whether it's adjusting the CEO, the CEOs, or whatever.

It is that they're focusing on. Sorry, SEOs, whatever it is that they're focusing on. It really comes down to getting attention and getting attention isn't so much difficult. Right? It's the next part after you get attention.

But when it comes to getting attention, it seems the biggest thing to do for business owners and most of them don't do it. Most of us don't do it is really just getting seen. Being getting in front of that customer. Most businesses don't do that enough. Right. So for example, there is this mindset of just doing barely enough either in social media or on the website, creating just the bare minimum content. And feeling like that is enough.

We really underestimate what it takes to get known to get that attention to get in front of the right person, right? Who is going to find the idea who is going to find the product who is going to purchase that product and allow our business to grow seem to underestimate that and it comes down to the limiting beliefs that we have?

But what I wanted to focus on here was really discussable this idea of getting attention.

The idea here is, you know, communicating with somebody and getting attention and being creative and all those things.

But one thing I've noticed that seems to work the most is talking about something that is relevant, that is interesting and of interest to the person. Right? And how you communicate as well is just as important, but what you communicate is equally as important. And the one thing that I'm seeing that seems to be consistent is that when it comes to getting attention, frequency is better than perfect.

So what that means is, as an entrepreneur and business owner, we must be prepared to keep going at it.

Not really worried or concerned too much about first impression or anything like that. Right?

Because at the end of the day, as long as we are known.

That is the main thing, as long as they know us. That's the main thing right? If they don't ask to come buy from us, how can they don't even know exist? Right. And so that's the first thing that I've learned there.

Keep Attention

The next thing that I've learned after you're getting attention is keeping it and that's the difficult part for a lot of business owners.

And that's why I think we see a lot of very high website bounce off ratios and things like that. And the idea here is by keeping that attention long enough, we're able to deliver the message, get that pitch across, arouse curiosity, build up desires, or maybe even justify and build value. Right, get that interest and then multiplied.

Right? I've heard the grantees words the hook, right.

Basically, get them connected. Get them thinking about what just happened. What exactly how can that help me how does that fit with what I have?

So and keeping attention seems to be the one thing that with websites is very big struggle, especially when it comes to creating a website with a message that really resonates with the customer.

It seems to be a lot of new business owners who just go with the approach of just doing the bare minimum and then hoping that will be enough to get the customers interested to get the customer buying into the idea to get the customer staying on the page.

While we all know that you know you really need to work on that. So I wanted to share that with you.

So even if you're pitching a product, you want to keep the attention long enough so that you can get that message across and you want to make sure they did pay that attention if that makes sense.

Next Step

And as soon as you've done that the next secret or the next hack is what's next. The call to action, what it is that you need from them.

What should they do to get from where they just were to where you want them to be. Right. And one of the big things here in the idea here is the quicker you can get them to the call to action, the better because for most people these days, the attention span is just very, very short.

Right and so you want to show that, you know we appreciate energy we appreciate the time and we value that time and we respect it. And so to do that, we must quickly get to the point and then quickly get to the big ask which is we get what we ask them for. Right. So I've been learning those three things there.

But three hammer down this the third hook, which is what is next is getting a commitment as well, right?

Because at the end of the day, we want to build that momentum. If it's towards the sale, we want to build that momentum that leads the sale. And if it's them to do something for us, we want to build that momentum.

And the quicker we get to what next the quicker we get to the call to action. This communicates certainty to the prospect it communicates certainty to the buyer or to the investor whoever it is we are talking to by getting to what's next as quick as possible. We communicate certainty that's what they get that this is meant to be. Right.

So with that said, keeping people waiting builds doubt that the opposite was right if they are not certain they have doubts and that means self beliefs or sorry.

limiting beliefs creeps in and then from their own.

Everything goes out the window. Right so to recap the three things there is the three hacks are first of all getting attention getting known, getting recognised, right.

And then the next thing is keeping their attention, making sure that they understood they heard us and got the message. And then the last thing very, very quickly is what is next what are the call to action? What do I need them to do? Right. So those are the three key hacks I wanted to share with you for really taking yourself from where you are to getting to those

record-breaking months or record-breaking weeks or days we use and so on. It really comes to going with this and what I've seen and what I'm learning is that the faster you go with it, and by that I mean the more quicker you go at getting attention and moving forward not worrying about being perfect until later on because the more you do it, the better you get at it.

The more ideas you generate, the more people get to know you. So it seems speed and frequency builds more certainty in this area and it's the most important thing because the more people the better and the faster means more people.

And the quicker you get through that as well. It also means more certainty to the person who you're engaging with.

So I wanted to share with you those three hacks.

I hope they're useful and I hope you'll use them to help you.

Thank you for tuning in on this episode of the virtual Entrepreneur on getting traffic hacks for success. And I will see you on the next episode of the virtual entrepreneur.



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