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Faster: How To Get More Affiliate Marketing sales, faster and easier.

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Today we are talking about how to get more affiliate marketing sales faster and easier.

Now, for jump right into that.

If you're new to this channel, then the past few episodes we've been talking about affiliate marketing what it is how to get into these business opportunities so you can start generating affiliate marketing sales. And you know, create, lead the life that you imagine, and in the past few episodes, we talked about niches. We talked about the three core markets and how you can go into these cold markets and carve yourself a niche of an audience of customers that you can serve.

And then we talked about products, how to find high converting products and how to use your competitions to essentially your advantage so that you can start generating those affiliate marketing sales faster. And then we talked about traffic, how to find prospects, and ideal customers who want to make a purchase from you right now. And then,

we've talked about the tools and skills that you need in order to get started in affiliate marketing, and we also talked about ways that you can get started as an affiliate marketer, even if you don't have those tools and skills. And the best part is, I have links in the description for more resources that you might need in definitely check those out.

Then we went on and talked about clicks, we said, how to get more clicks for you, affiliate links.

So if you haven't listened to any of those episodes, we've covered quite a tonne of valuable lessons that will really help you get started. So I want you to go and listen to those episodes and once you have come back, then you can continue on this episode.

And the reason is because if you skip some of these then it won't make much sense we're always building on what you've already learned in the past, and my goal is to give you as much information as much knowledge so that if you do decide to jump into this business opportunity, you can get the most out of it much more quicker and faster. Now that said, let's jump in.

In today's lesson, which is, we are going to be talking about how to get more sales with affiliate marketing faster and easier.

The Who, not the How.

I want to talk about this concept that I learned a few years ago, and it was introduced to me by Russell Brunson and what he was talking about was, as intrapreneurs, we always end up facing a challenge in our, you know, in our journey to building the business that we imagine. And he says that we are fueled by momentum right, we want to build a business we get really hyped up we start building it.

And as we go along, we encounter things that we don't know how to do, we encounter problems that we don't know how to do. And so, what I wanted to talk about here was the concept of who the who not the how. And so, for you and me what it means as an affiliate marketer is, we want to generate more clicks, more sales, and more profits.


We want to find those customers and we want to help them get from where they are to the result that they desire so that they can get the result and we can generate Commissions. Now the problem comes when you find yourself in a situation that you don't know what to do.

And so you start going to YouTube, Google, and all other search engines, searching for how to do this thing so how do I get traffic, how to write blogs, how do I do a podcast, how to make YouTube videos. So you start doing all these searches. To get to know how to do something. And when you're doing that, you know you towards you down to the point where you lose the motivation to keep going because you have piled up yourself.

A lot of this work that you have to do you have to become an expert at something else that is going to take a lot of time and prevent you from doing the thing that you want to do, which concentrated on becoming an affiliate marketer a profitable affiliate marketer, making those affiliate marketing sales and commissions.

So one of the best ways to overcome this challenge is to find the person who knows what to do, to who knows how to do the thing that you don't know how to do and work with them so that they are doing the thing that they really know how to do, and you are doing the thing that you really know what to do, that you want to do. And together, you're reaching the result that you wanted faster than if you had to stop and learn everything else from the beginning, right, so now that we've talked about that.

The next important step, simply becomes, how to find the who.

So, for you and me is affiliate marketers want to generate commissions who want to help empower people, so they can take positive action and make changes in their lives. When whatever we are doing always comes down to creating a message online, on social media, or on a search engine platform so that our ideal prospects can find that message. And so the message will most likely have videos, graphics, images, and written content.

So when it comes to creating written in graphics and videos, then five I will definitely help you. They have tonnes of people on, who can help you create visual content for your Pinterest for you.

You know, your YouTube videos you want to create images for you.

You know at the front screen, the front of the video of your videos.

Those images I forgot what they're called. I know the name that just slipped out of my mind, or if you want to create Facebook posts with specific content, then there's a lot of people on Fiverr with just as simple.

So with just as little as $4, they can start creating for you.

Those graphic images, and also for you and me as affiliate, if you want a programme that really teaches you about affiliate marketing because you may be wondering, what is affiliate marketing and how do I do this, then programmes such as partner with Anthony, again I've links for these things in the description, really helped you understand what is affiliate marketing and how you can partner with someone who has done it and was taught a lot of students, successful students, so you can start doing the same thing. And the best part is, a lot of these is already done for you.

And so all you have to do is really just plug in, in your system, and then study using it all the things I've already done for you so you just plug it in, and then you're basically just doing the set up for yourself.

So there is that as well there for you.

And then if you want to traffic to generate sales for your, affiliate commissions. Then again, finding places where you can get affiliate marketing sales will be the best ideal, right. So you may be better that you do not have to start learning about every other traffic generation system out there like Facebook posts and YouTube, maybe you don't have to learn all those at the beginning, you can just find traffic source that you don't have to learn how to write those ads.

And the best way to do that is to find people's email list and have them advertise your link in your, in their email list.

And the reason why I say this here is that if you think about it the whole goal of marketing is to build a profitable email list, an email is full of prospects and customers who want to buy from you.


And if that is the goal, then it makes sense to skip all the marketing and just buy a list. While that may be ideal in some cases it's not always ideal, because even if you do find a list, in most cases very expensive and you may not know how healthy, that list is, for example, are those prospects.

Responsive do they read the emails when you send them. And so usually instead of buying an entire list. What you can do is you can find someone with a list, and then you can message them and ask them to email your link to their list in exchange for they may charge you for clicks.

Every time someone clicks your link, they may charge you for that. Or they may decide to, you know, swaps, if you will list them and say, well, I'll email your list, your link to my list and you can email my link to your list, and that way we are both growing our list. And so that way you can start getting a lot of customers faster.

Now, this place is to get people who want to swap and to sell clicks from the early email list that we can get customers within days instead of weeks just really days. And some of these places include safe swaps and Udimi, again, I have links to these platforms where you can sign up for free, and start connecting, with people who have these resources that you need.

Now, with all that said,

one thing you will notice here is, whenever it comes to building a business or building something like this, it's either gonna cost time or money, you will not going to have it both ways. So you never have to spend a lot of money, oil of time, but it does help to balance in between so that you're not spending too much time, or you're not spending too much money, but you are testing as you're going.

And so, that is all I have for us today on the macro secret lighthouse. I hope you enjoyed that and it made a lot of sense helped you make decisions, and we'd find more resources.

So, if you enjoyed that subscribe to this podcast, and I will talk to you on our next episode of the marketer's secret lighthouse. Good evening.



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