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Fantastic Customers and Where To Find Them

How To find your ideal clients and grow your business

without having to work 18 hours a day, or work with clients who frustrate you and make you want to throw your computer out of the window.

Join me on this episode of the virtual entrepreneur. If you're new to this podcast, a warm welcome.

I am your host Herbert innocent and the theme for this week's episode is fantastic, customers, and where to find Them. That's right. We've been talking about ideal customers and where to find them. And the key takeaway for this particular episode today is going to be for you to be able to easily find your ideal clients, right, so let's jump right in. But wait, before we go into the.

On our last episode. Yesterday we talked about how to position yourself as an expert. And one of the key conclusions was that you need to have something worth value to give to your customers, but that is not enough. You need to have something worth of value to give to the gatekeepers, or community managers that your customers are going to be in those communities, right, because your customers are people they have passion they have hobbies, they have all these things, the world of their own that they enjoy the engaging the people they hang out friends and family, and all those things take place in communities, and you need to have something of value to give the people running those communities so that they can put you on the stage and give you access to the microphone so you can talk to the customers.

Now I'm using visual metaphor but what I really mean is, if it's a Facebook group, and you want to talk to all those audience, you need to have something that you can give those Facebook group managers, so that they can give you access to put your message in front of your ideal clients, I'm not going to go very deep into that, if you didn't listen to that episode, I want you to go back and listen to that episode, because you're gonna get a tonne of value, and to prepare you for this episode, so you can keep building on.

And one of the things that we've talked actually in the past was the idea that you don't need to be doing everything in one day, and you need to, you don't need to do a week's worth of work in one day, you just need to do. Today's tasks very well and efficiently and in a successful manner so that day is taken care of.

And tomorrow, we can just worry about getting tomorrow's tasks, tomorrow. Right. And so, that is the goal is, that is to make sure each day, we feel we did all the work for that day successfully, because as we've learned, success is cumulative. Now, jumping into today's topic, the first thing that I want to talk about is going to be how the first step towards finding our ideal clients.

Now, this is something that I've learned in my way investigating this and that is usually your ideal client is in doing two of these things really at any one time, they're doing two of these things. They're either searching for solution to to their problem, or they're either engaging social conversations, either with their own clients or with other people in their social communities, right now, if they're busy doing work that we can't interrupt them then we can ignore that, but in most cases they're doing socialising with friends, families colleagues in other platforms, right, and so we can go there and talk to them right asking them for a minute of their time. Now, let me give you a quick background of where we are exactly so ideal customer here is Bill.

Bill is a business owner who wants to scale his business, he wants to take his business to the next level.

And Bo has been having, you know, the ups and downs of clients on his pipeline as you call it, or on his on their website sales pages right, the amount of the volume of customers going up and down, that's making him worried. And so what we are doing is, we can see Bill you know coming at the end of the day if a hard day's work, you know, listening to podcast has drives for 30 minutes, all the way back home.

And once he gets home, you know, you know, taking care of eating dinner and everything, he finally finds few minutes to tune in and connect with his friends about either golf or football or whatever his passion. Passion is could be terrible, could be table tennis. But the idea is, he's taken a little moment to try and connect with his friends and family, via social media platform. And so, that is, at the end of his day, and we know that later on.

Tomorrow he may be searching on ways to improve upon the thing that has been stressing him which is getting consistent volume of clients to his sales pages right potential clients to sales pages. So, these days, that bill. Bill is in, at one point, at any one point is, is either socialising. Or, oh he's engaging in searching for results searching on how to solve the challenges that is facing. And what we want to be able to do is understand that we can go about and get Bill's attention, either when he's searching, or when he is socialising. Right, so you can, when he's socialising, we can go and you can grab his attention and try and talk to him, or when he's searching for results. We can have our ads there so that you can direct him from the search engine platform such as Google, to where he can get the results, he's searching for.

Right. And usually what he'll be searching for be the questions to the problem that he is having, or he'll be searching for the problem. If he doesn't understand fully what the problem is, and all he could be searching for the roadblock. Right. And, you know yourself, you've searched for this. When you've entered into the Google search, how do I get rid of this. Fill in whatever that thing was. And usually you do that because you have no idea how sequel solves that problem, right, and that is a very basic example, better, sometimes even just search for broken radiator or radiator not turning on.

I remember I've actually searched for that term, you know, I search for boiler is not turning on and I realize I wasn't the only one searching for that it was quite the experience of actually seeing what is happening.

Like, I couldn't tell why the boiler wasn't turning on. Right. And so these that kind of thinking there that is sometimes your ideal client doesn't know what the problem is they're just searching, this thing is not working, it should be working. So what do I do next.

So if we know those keywords that our ideal clients are using to search for questions, problems and roadblocks that they're experiencing, we can go about creating ads with those same words so that they can take them from the search platform onto our website, or our sales pages, right. And so that's one way.

Now, I have created an episode in the past on how to go a little bit deeper in terms of the things that your ideal customers may be searching for. And if you want to go and look at the episode on customer research, you'll find a lot more details going explaining these concepts much much more. Further, in with my examples. And the next thing that I would do clients will be searching for is, sorry, they could be engaging in their social platforms, right. So, we want to know what platforms.

Our ideal client is most likely in. Right. They could be following a famous celebrity in a very specific topic about their business or something like that. So a lot of entrepreneurs probably follow Elon Musk, Musk trying to learn a little bit about what he does and how he's doing his business. You know, so there are all these platforms that we can find our ideal clients, engaging and talking about the topics that interest them. And we want to know what these platforms are, and then we want to have a way to create a way in which we can go about grabbing the attention in that platform, right, because attention is the most important thing that we want from them this point. Yes. So now that we know that they're probably on these platforms. The next question becomes how do I go about getting their attention.

And that was why we were talking about the episode yesterday, that was, we need to be able to have something that is valuable to our customer but also something that is valuable to the platform, owners, or the group, owners, or the community, owners of these platforms, because it's gonna be by connecting with the community owners that our message can actually reach our ideal clients, Right.

So an example of these platforms could be searching a platform which your customers could be searching for questions. You know, problems roadblocks and results could be you know Google you have things like Cora, you can search in there as well. You can also search for questions in think Pinterest allows you to search and other platforms, other search engine platforms as well including YouTube is another one.

Then there is other platforms where ideal clients would be socializing and these could be things like Facebook or Instagram, Snapchat, and all these other ones such as the other ones that are emerging, like Tik Tok and the Bluebird, or Twitter. So there are all these other platforms as well, where your ideal client could be socializing in.

So you want to know which of these they're in, and then start working your way through which you can go and get their attention because that's going to be the most important thing we can get from them. Right. So, That said, the goal for this episode, the call to action for this episode is creating essentially it's finding those platforms. The search-based, and the social and then later on we're going to look at how we go about talking to our ideal clients in that platform. So now we're going to go and search for the platforms, so we know what they are.

And the groups, so we know what the groups are and then later we're going to work on how to go about talking to ideal clients. So that's a call to action for today. And then, once we know that we can go about creating the messages and everything strategies to go and talk to new clients. So the notes for this episode can be found on virtual entrepreneurs,, and I want to thank you for tuning in.

On this episode of the virtual entrepreneur. I hope you got value from that, and we will take the next step towards getting closer to finding your new clients.

And then from there on

that is that really, I will talk to you on our next episode of the virtual entrepreneur, and as always, have a wonderful evening.



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