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FaceBook: How to Promote your Affiliate Marketing Product using FaceBook

How to promote your affiliate marketing product with Facebook.

Join me on today’s episode of the marketer’s secret lighthouse. I am your host Herbert innocent and today we are talking about Facebook.

And more specifically, how to use Facebook to promote your affiliate products.

So, if you are new to this channel, you probably have may not know this but we have been answering the question How to Start affiliate marketing, and I’ve been breaking down the concepts in each session, explaining how it works and how to go about doing it. So we started by defining and if you’re just starting with this episode, I want you to go back, the very first episode.

And you’ll notice where we started talking about how to start affiliate marketing. And we mentioned in the past that we start with the three core markets we’re looking at the three core markets. And then we covered our specific sub-market within, let’s say the health, wealth, or relationship market. And then if we take the example of the wealth market. We got into the sub-market of the internet marketing and internet business.

And then from there we took another step diving deeper into a niche, which will end on Facebook ads copywriting service for small fitness businesses. So, that is the example we’ve been using in this particular series of episodes of the podcast.

So what I’m going to talk about today is traffic but we’re going to go even a step deeper and look at Facebook as a source of traffic and way that we can drive traffic from Facebook. On to our affiliate products and affiliate links using paid and free methods.

Now that said,

let’s jump right in.

So the first thing you want to know is there are many ways that we’re going to use Facebook to drive traffic to our, to our particular page, and

The first method is Facebook pages.

Now, when it comes to Facebook pages one thing that you need to know is that just within the page on itself, it acts as the front of a business so a customer is in this social platform with engaging other people. And if they come across your page, the content you have there may really help them take an action.

And one of the effective ways of driving traffic from Facebook. Facebook pages, is to first build up that Facebook page following. And the best way to do that is either to have a competition or to have a contest where you are telling people not to like the page, and you know, follow a specific link.

And the winner is going to get something, ideally something very, very valuable for free. And this thing doesn’t need to be expressed, but it does have to, it does need.

It does need to have a higher perceived value, like a holiday destination has an example that I’ve heard in the past and holiday destination has a very higher perceived value than it’s actually cost.

So using something like that as a contest or competition prize for people who are liking and, you know, sharing Facebook page may be very profitable way especially if you’re monetizing that traffic in the back end.

Now the best way to monetize that is essentially to drive them into a group, where you get them to see your content and promote your product, and if you hold a contest for a year-long by the time the contest. The years entered you probably have had a lot of people who have liked it.

The next thing is Facebook groups.

Now, when it comes to Facebook groups. One thing to know is that there’s a lot of groups, Facebook, one way to set one up yourself. Another way is to go into existing groups these people already ask them the questions to go inside and to start from talking, engaging with them, answering a question answering their questions and if they ask more for more information, you can then direct them to your website.

And the key here is to not spam your links all over the place because the admins will remove you.

If you do spammy links all over the place, and you want to be setting a very good first impression as well so what you want to do here is you want to focus on building the value become a very important member and when you start sharing a few blogs you know as a follow-up, it becomes much, much easier and if they’re very relevant.

It becomes much easier as well. And it’s always easier to share content rather than just share your link.

In terms of getting the traffic you want to share content, a term, you know, it can spark curiosity, whereas if you just share in the link, it may spark curiosity but most likely people won’t have the interest in just clicking a random link, that makes sense.

The next place where you can promote on Facebook is your Facebook featured photo on your profile.

So if you’re going in Facebook featured photo on your profile is an option to click that photo, and to attach a link in the description of that photo so that when someone sees a forum.

Click it to see more,

they’ll get the description, and then you can tell them, find out more than go to a specific website to learn more about you in what you do and you can create a customized photo that has a message speaking to your specific audience.

And that’s a really powerful thing to have known, they’re also on your profile description you can have a very powerful call to action, with a follow-up link directing your, your, your ideal audiences and prospects, where you want them to go.


The next method will be your Facebook posts on your Facebook wall,

and these posts that you’re creating, can be posts that inspire can be quotes that you find success quotes tend to work really really well.

You can also share very good results that you’re getting and ask people if they’ve been interested in getting the same result.

They should ask you how, and usually, you’d follow up with them directly, we have a very specific website from there.

There’s a lot of people who use or utilise this method and it’s quite it’s quite effective if you watch it in action. But the idea here is to first ball, build a rapport with your ideal audience.

The next method is Facebook Messenger,

and this is essentially a touching Facebook Messenger, with your website. and so when people come to your website, you’re able to communicate with them, telling them, but the latest Lofa latest products and things like that.

Aside from that, the next method which is paid, would be Facebook ads, and this is essentially where you go to the ad manager and create an ad targeting very specific people, with a very specific value proposition which is either to click a link to watch a video, or to request more information, or something along the lines of those.

The idea here is though you’re spending money to get views, and you’ll need to test that, to make sure that you have a more, a more effective copy that will get more views and more clicks.

So now that we’ve talked about that.


thing is we want to look at the key elements that contribute to making sure that you have an effective Copy.


yeah so copy traffic copywriting drives traffic to your website.

More specifically, copywriting tailored to Facebook. So when you’re using Facebook, you’re going to need headlines a lot.

So, either on your posts, or on your Facebook ads, you’re going to need headlines that address the problems, questions, roadblocks, and results of your ideal targeted customers, right, then you’re going to need content, images, and videos.

If you’re posting on your Facebook page, posting videos that are more than three minutes long and engaging consistently will really build up that engagement with your ideal prospects and your ideal followers.

So you need content marketing.

And what I mean here is you need things like blogs and other videos like YouTube, so that when you go to Facebook groups,

You can direct people not to your affiliate link, but to those Content Market, so you can bridge them from that content to the affiliate link, because one way of thinking of an affiliate, is you have your ideal customer, who is standing on the other side of the bridge.

And then you have managed to cross that bridge and you’ve got the result.

They want to get similar results as you, so you have to do the job of building a bridge for them so they can cross over that bridge, and get the results that you want so you show them the result, and you show them that bridge so they can cross over.

And so creating content is a way of building a bridge that takes your ideal customers from someone who doesn’t know how to get the result into somebody who’s then taking out their wallet and crashing out to get that result, because you have built breach that they now see how to get those results.

And then you also need to be engaging in those communities. So you know actively creating those bridges. Now, aside from that, there are many other platforms.

And these platforms include Quora, Yahoo, Reddit, YouTube, Google, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter clubhouse and Facebook as you’ve already discussed, but there’s quite a lot more than just that.

But these are just a few, which you can also run ads on them as well. So I hope that helps you get in an understanding, and we’re going to continue on, on the next episode, and digging deeper into these concepts.

Aside from that, thank you so much for tuning in on this episode of the marketer’s secret lighthouse, and know talk to you on our next episode.

Good evening.



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