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Email Sequence: How to get your Affiliate Marketing email sequences done and dusted.

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Here is how to get your affiliate marketing email sequence done and set up.

Today we are talking about email sequences. More specifically, how to get your affiliate marketing email sequences.

Done and dusted.

So if you’re new to this episode series, what we’ve been talking about in the past few episodes was, we started talking about how to start your field marketing how affiliate marketing works and how to get yourself in there. It’s one of the few really fast-growing markets today. And so getting yourself in there, while still quite a lot of products can be quite beneficial and so in our first.

In some of the very first few episodes, we talked about the three core markets and how to get in them and carve yourself space, which has less competition.

Remain we talked about the product and how to find how to leverage your competition, and get yourself one of those killer products. And then we talked about how to find the perfect traffic of your ideal prospects who want to buy from you now. The best part of this is, these are people who want to buy from you as an affiliate, or if you have a business, they want to buy from your business. So this method works for both.

Then we went on and talked about email and at least.

So how to build an affiliate marketing email list so that you can double quadruple and, you know, really increase your profits and sales, with the same customers. And then from there on, we talked about how to set up your landing page, and then how to build a killer. Lead Magnet by hacking.

So this means you don’t have to go and learn how to do everything yourself you can just find what’s working and model it and the best part is you don’t even have to do any of the hard work yourself.

So, if you haven’t heard any of the things that I’ve talked about, go in the past episodes, and listen to those. And then when you’re done, come back, we’ll still be here, and then you’ll catch on on this.

That’s it.

Today we are talking about how to build your affiliate marketing email sequences. Now, this is not going to be an in-depth, step by step tutorial, but it is going to give you an overview idea of what is going on in that way when you start your affiliate marketing, you know what to expect, you know what to do you know what steps are involved, and you’re not left wondering like most new beginner affiliates are.

So, what are your affiliate marketing email sequences and why are they important well when it comes to more sales, what do we mean here is the goal in all kinds of marketing is to convert prospects and traffic that you don’t own into traffic that you own.

And so we build an affiliate marketing email list of prospects and customers who are more likely to buy from us from the product that you’re promoting and by building this email list, it allows us to email them product and promotion, any time, and then we can expect sales, and a lot of revenue generated from that, without any added cost on our side, except for just the time spent, and effort to write those affiliate marketing emails.

However, building an affiliate marketing emailing list also means you have to nurture those email lists right, you have to give them value you have to educate them you have to provide them with information to keep them engaged, and some of the best ways to do that is to build an email sequence. This is a set of automated affiliate marketing emails that will be sent to your ideal prospects. Once you’ve written them.

It can be as many as, 360 emails, or it could just be writing your first five emails for when your prospect, sign up to your landing page.

And the goal here is you’re bringing them on board you’re letting them know that they finally reach you, they’re going to get a lead magnet, and they’re in the right place you’re going to be talking about the problems the questions and the roadblocks that they’re facing so that you can help them break those down to get the result that they want. And then, from their own, you can start promoting products onto them. And then,

you can expect more profits, and the more your affiliate marketing email list grows, the more profits you can expect from that.

So the goal is how do we go about writing these emails.

Now depending on the affiliate programme that you selected some programmes will have the affiliate marketing emails, written for you, which is really really cool because that means you can just plug them in and you don’t have to worry about them.

But if you already have an email list, or if you’re someone who is constantly providing value for your ideal prospect, then it may be worth drafting your own affiliate marketing emails regardless because your ideal prospect already know you they’re expecting content from you in their emails, and so it makes sense if you draft, everything in your own tone of voice, so that everything is tailored from you to them, and it’s personalised because, if anything, we all don’t like to be sold but we do like to buy.

So, that said, how to set up your email sequences for your affiliate marketing. Well the first thing is you want to start by drafting the affiliate marketing emails, writing about the tools you use, and these tools are going to be ideally your affiliate tools that you’re promoting, you can write about the problems, the questions, the roadblocks in the results.

And then in there, you can have your affiliate links, talking about the problems the questions the roadblocks and the results and how they can get those solved.

All they have to do is watch a video, which could be a link or read an article that will be linked or go to a sales page that could be a link. As you can see, all you’re doing is you’re talking to them about the things that they care about the things that they want to know about, and what you’re doing is you’re sending them from the email to a specific page where they can make a purchase.

To learn more or to solve their problems faster. Right. And so you want to have your list of products that you’re promoting, then you want to add content around them. You want to keep your affiliate marketing emails short, there’s no need to make them very, very long, and then your first email could be a welcome email, giving them the free lead magnet that you promised them on the landing page.

Again, if you haven’t listened to the landing page episode, and the lead magnet episode go back to the previous episode, then you will hear me talk more about those. And then you’re going to use an autoresponder, this is going to be a problem, I can Getresponse, I personally use Getresponse.

And the reason is that it shows you so many stats you can see everything the engagement, and you can dive dig deeper to see exactly what’s happening. The best part is you can get 30 days trial for free, completely free, then you can you know, take your list if you don’t like it afterwards.

But the idea here is it provides you quite a lot of visibility into your ideal customers and prospects, which is powerful, is because data really helps you make the best decisions.

And when you’re testing what time to send the emails as well.

And then you can automate those, all you do is you set them on automatic by creating a campaign right, and then you set those on autopilot, and then they’ll just send automatically once a new lead comes into your opt-in page, and then you connect your autoresponder programme with your landing page.

And that’s it you’re done these step by step tutorials, but what I’m giving you here is an overview, an overview that you know you have your product, you have your content, and you have your email list, landing page and your lead magnet, and your email sequence is done, all you do is connect them together.

And voila, you have a recipe for automatically converting lookers into buyers. Right. So, that is a goal you’re converting people who are just browsing and looking at your website or your content online, into people who want to make a purchase from you. So that is a game of golf, what are you doing here that is the big secret.

Now, I want to thank you so much for tuning in and joining me on this episode of the marketer’s secret lighthouse.

That is it from me today. Thank you so much for joining me, and I will talk to you on our next episode of the marketer’s secret lighthouse.

Good evening.



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