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Customers: How to Get Affiliate Marketing Customers Faster

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Today we are talking about, customers, and more specifically, we are talking about how to get affiliate marketing customers faster.

If you're new to this channel and in the past few episodes we had been talking about affiliate marketing, and we had talked about niches and how to go to the three core markets, and look for a niche within those and carve yourself a very specific niche of the more specific demographic and psychographic profile of customers who wants to buy from you.

We talked about products and how to find high converting high selling products and how to use your competition to your advantage. So you can get more sales and more commissions, and then in the last few episodes again we talked about clicks, how to get more clicks so that you can start, you know, increase your chances of converting. And then we talked about sales, how to get more sales from your ideal prospects how to build an email list so you can increase the number of sales that you're getting.

So we've talked quite a little bit in terms of affiliate marketing.

And if you haven't heard any of those, go back to our previous office episodes and listen to those and then when you come back here. All these here would now make sense because you're always building up on top of each content. And the goal here is to give you enough information about affiliate marketing before you jump into it. And so that when you do jump into it, you can make the most out of this fast-growing business opportunity.

Now that said, today we are talking about how to get affiliate marketing customers faster.

And the first thing you want to do, if you want to get those affiliate marketing customers faster is you want to target hot traffic. And the reason why you want to target hot traffic is that hot traffic essentially means on the journey of solution and discovery.

Your affiliate marketing customers are really close to discovering you, right. So, if they're really far from discovering you we call them called traffic. That means they only know the problem or the roadblocks that are preventing them from getting where they want to, but they don't understand where the solutions are or how the solution works, or even who has a solution. And I'll give you a very quick personal example here on my last business, I, we built a high tech.

Energy-saving device, and that this device essentially just plugs in, on the back of the wall of your house, and start monitoring all the energy usage in your home, and then you can see that on your app, and you can start turning things off, and you know to reduce the savings. The energy consumption in your home and save yourself money. And when we were interviewing a lot of consumers.

A lot of customers, we discovered that they had no idea that this solution was even possible or even that it's available. And even though we went, the faster the solution the plenty of these solutions in the market. A lot of consumers said they always felt that energy bill where there was a problem in their homes and their businesses, but some of them didn't even know they could do anything about it.

And so that is where we begin our conversations right begin a conversation by asking, are only are your energy bills, giving you a headache, and if so, here's what you can do to get them down.

So, that will be cold traffic because all we know, was the problem they didn't even know that there was a solution so they weren't even looking for the solution. But if you target hot traffic, your traffic will know the problem, they will know the solution, and they will be looking at comparing prices between solutions, and targeting them means that you should not have to do the educational part of the marketing. So you can just focus on getting them to the sales page, and getting that sale.


So, that is the part of why you want to target, hot traffic.

The next thing that you want to think about is, stop trying to sell your goals and affiliate marketing is not to sell your goal is to build up an audience. Your goal is to build up the bridges in your customer's minds so that they can see where they are, where they see the problem, and where the solution lies, where they can go and get it, which is your affiliate link, right. So you want to use testimonials of people who have used the solutions successfully.

Right, so you want to focus on creating content that shows them how to get the solution, they desire. How to overcome the problems they saw hate. Right.

So that is your goal. Your goal is not to sell. Right. And then the other thing that we want to touch on here is the focus.

One of the biggest things that we struggle a lot of new affiliate marketers struggle is because affiliate marketing is so easy to get into a lot of people just get in and try everything but never focus on one thing, right, and lack of focus doesn't go anywhere in any kind of business you want to focus so that you are targeting a very specific type of customers.

Because once you have those, then you can use whatever resources you've built up to expand from there. But if you just try and target every single one of those with no focus, or if you're trying to sell a lot of product with no focus, then the problem you learn, you run into is, you don't get any sales, you lose energy and you lose momentum and you stop. And when you stop and you give up, that's how you fail.

Otherwise, you can always make it work. Right, so that's what I wanted to touch on that, on the, on in terms of focus. Now that we've talked about that, let's talk about how exactly do you go about getting those customers.

So when it comes to getting affiliate marketing customers.

There's generally just using paid traffic, which is using paid ads, some kind of ads, and then these free fast traffic, which is building a lot of content. Now when I say three, ideally you need an email list so you can start swapping with other people who have an email list. So that's how you could get free traffic. It's not free, you are trading traffic for traffic in aside from that, you just need a lot of strategies for building traffic, and one strategy is good but it may be too slow. And, or it may be too expensive. And so you need to combine paid and free traffic methods.

Right. And so, if you want to get those affiliate marketing customers faster. So what do you want to do is you want to go to where your competition is selling is buying ads from right, find someone who's your competition is, and is selling similar product, find where they're buying the ads and buy ads from the same places because chances are they're getting people from there to buy. And that means you're more likely going to get sales as well.

That's one way, and you want to model how your competition is doing it to minimize, how much money to spend, to test. Right.

And another thing you want to try is you want to create content that is considered high-value content, right, we talked about addressing your ideal customer's questions, problems, and roadblocks, so you want to create content around questions problems roadblocks, and results. And then by creating this content you can get a lot of your prospect engaged much much more effectively.

So that will be freeway there.

Then, another way to go about is we already know that the money is in the list and people are already building lists of prospects and affiliate marketing customers.

So if that is the case then you want to go to people who already have the list, and you might want to purchase clicks from the list, right, so that people who already have an interest are already in those lists, and if you're buying clicks you're buying from people who have interest and the chances are they're going to open those emails, they're going to read them and they're going to click the link because we are used to opening emails and clicking links and going to make a purchase. And so you're much more likely to make a purchase. And if you want to know where to get people who have an email list.

I recommend Udimi because they leave so many good reviews down there so you can see who has bought clicks from someone and how much sales they're able to make, and the chances are if they got affiliate marketing sales, the chances are you're much more likely to get sales.

That is all from me for today. Thank you so much for tuning in on this episode, and I will talk to you on our next episode, good evening.



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