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Customer Research: How to do Affiliate Marketing Customer Research

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Ways to do your affiliate marketing, customer research, join me today we are talking about how to do affiliate marketing customer research.

If you're new to this podcast.

In the last few series of these episodes, we have been talking a lot about affiliate marketing. So we started by talking about the three core markets and how to go about and catch yourself in a niche within those three core markets of your ideal affiliate marketing customers.

So you can set targeting those and generate profits, and then we went on and talked about products, how to find very high converting high selling, selling product. And we also touched on a little bit about how you can use your competition to your advantage to really, you know, make strides forward in generating those sales and commission.

I'm dying in our last few episodes we also talked about clicks, how to get more clicks for your affiliate marketing commission and links. We talked about how to generate more sales with affiliate marketing. And then, in our last episode, we touched on how to get more customers for your affiliate marketing. So if you haven't listened to one of those episodes, I urge you, I want you to go back and listen to those, and then come back onto this episode we'll still be here, and then that way everything will make sense.

Now, that said, let's jump into what today's episode is about, which is ways to generate your affiliate, ways to do your affiliate marketing customer research.

Before we go any further, the first thing I want to talk about is why you need to do your affiliate marketing customer research.

And it really comes down to three powerful things, the first thing that you want to do is you want to know where your affiliate marketing customers are, right, and your customers already online, they're already on social media platform they're already searching things in Google, they're already browsing, You know, nice lovely post on Pinterest, or looking at pictures on Instagram, they're already talking, they're already talking, you know, to their friends and families on social media platforms like Facebook, or they're probably watching YouTube videos trying to understand how to do things that are going on with them.

So, being able to find them where they, what they're looking at is really really important. And the reason why you're never able to find them again comes down to this second reason of why you need to do your affiliate marketing customer research, which is essentially the second reason is essential, so you can talk to your ideal affiliate marketing customers.

If you want your ideal affiliate marketing customers to take an action, so that they can better their lifestyle so that they can improve their health, so that they can improve their wealth, or whatever it is you want to help them do with your affiliate marketing goal, you need to be able to talk to them. I mean one you may need to talk to them one to one, I've seen people who are talking to prospects on Facebook chat on one to one.

And then there are people who are talking on one too many. They're using platforms like YouTube creating videos from one person to a lot of people, so you need to talk to them, so you can tell them about you know the solutions that you've discovered that will really really help them, and all the other good things like that.

And the third reason why you need to do affiliate marketing customer research is so that you know how to ask them to do something for you.

There is no way you can be able to help your ideal customers. If you can't ask them to do something, if you can't ask them to take an action, right, and there isn't simply ease, they're going to read all the content but if you don't ask him to take action, the chances are they won't take action, they'll just go to the next piece of content as reading it on other YouTube videos or watching it, so you need to be able to ask them what to do in order for you to ask them to do something, like, go and check out this product, you need to know where they are, and you need to know how to talk about them.

Because if you approach a random stranger and just ask them to check something out, the chances are they won't check it out. So those are the reasons why you want to do customer research so you can talk to them. And so you can ask them to do a powerful meaningful action that can change their lives.

Now that we've covered why you need to do your affiliate marketing customer research.

The next thing that you want to do is you need to know how to do your affiliate marketing customer research.

And there are several ways to go about doing that. And the first way, which is I learned and I just thought it was a really genius method from Russell Brunson was, you need to model your competition.

And what this simply means is you're probably not the first person ever to do what you're doing. And if you are then the chances are, you should stop doing that and find something else that someone else has already done, simply because if you're the first one to discover and invent things. It's going to be quite tedious, there's a lot of mistakes, there's a lot of things that you don't know yet.

But if you're trying to promote a product, chances are someone else is already promoting that product.

Chances are you have competitions who already in that market. And so finding how your competitors are doing things and model, what they're doing, will significantly improve the chances of you generating a lot of sales because you are using all the results that they're using the very tested some of these things and you're just going there. And also reaping, you know, of the benefits, and you're not trying to rip them off, you're trying to learn from them by modeling and not copying. Does it save a big difference there?

The next thing that you want to research how that you want to look into is the questions the problems, the roadblocks, and the results that your affiliate marketing customers want. And the reason why you want to look at those things is because

if you want to help your ideal affiliate marketing customers, then chances are they're already looking for things to help them.

Right. If they are warm and hard traffic, which means they already know the problem they have, and they know there's a solution out there, then they're probably already looking comparing on certain websites and comparing different products. And so you want to know how to address the questions, problems, the roadblocks, and the results that they want, because if you can address those, then you can quickly jump in front of them and start making conversation, you know, you're asking them, is your headache, are you getting back pain.

Do your new joints hurt, or you're getting arthritis food or getting tennis elbow, you know, you're using these words because these are the words that they are used to feeling right when someone is playing tennis and they're feeling the elbow doesn't feel right. They go and search for things like tennis elbow, and that is a market there that you can look at into how to help them. Right.

Are you having shortness of breath? These are the kinds of things, the questions, and the problems that they're having, and addressing them allows you to get in front of them and start making that conversation.

The next thing that you want to do is you want to look at review sites, and you also want to look at the social media network because they're probably engaging in groups like in Facebook groups, or in Reddit groups where they are looking at solutions that other people who are in the same place as them. By using.

So for example, if you're someone who plays tennis, chances are you're in a tennis community where, you know, if you're facing a problem you can ask other people who have faced that problem within that community.

So you want to go in those sites and look at what else they're saying, or you want to find the products that they have bought before, and look at the reviews, and what they're saying because that will give you a lot of insights. As an example, one of the past products that I was selling from my own business. I went and looked in the competition in Amazon, looked at the reviews, and I learned that 90% of my new customers were male, which changed the messaging significantly in how I was talking to my ideal customers.

The next thing is you want to look at the product sales page that you are promoting Because if you're promoting an affiliate product you're going to have a sales page and on that sales page is all the copywriting that you need, and by copywriting, I just mean the words that they're using to talk to the ideal customers to ask them to buy.

And if you use similar words, then the chances are you, you'll be able to talk to your ideal customers because they already know what they're looking for, and the company that's promoting that product already did the customer research for you. So you just need to model and use the same words and the same colors and things like that. Now that we know how to go about doing affiliate marketing customer research.

The next thing you want to do is you want to look at what to look for in your affiliate marketing, customer research, and I may have touched a little bit on some of these things.

So you want to look at the problems the questions, the roadblocks and the results that your customers are looking for, because having a list of all these, at least 10 age means that you can create a lot of content around a problems questions roadblocks, and results that your affiliate marketing customers want.

The next thing to look for is key phrases, right different markets have very different key phrases, and using those right key phrases, means that you can talk to their new affiliate marketing customers and they will understand you.

The next thing we're gonna look at is similar design websites for doctors and websites for fitness are very different. Do not try and confuse those two so if you're gonna create a landing page, which is a one-page website to direct to your customers, then you need to have a similar design to this sales page that of the product that you're promoting or you need to have a, you know, a web design that is similar to the niche that your ideal affiliate marketing customers are used to see.

The next thing we're gonna look at is you're gonna look at where your traffic is coming from. So what I mean by this is, I said before that your ideal customers already in many places on the internet, you want to go and find where they are. And look where your ideal competition is driving their traffic from, and then you can start driving traffic from the same places. You can either do that by, you know, buying ads from the same websites that your ideal competition is or you can start talking to them in Facebook groups where they're talking about.

The thing that they're passionate about. The thing that your ideal customers are passionate about. So if it's tennis, you're gonna go to those communities about tennis and start talking to them, and a very good tool to help you with finding out where the traffic is coming from is similar web allows you to see where the traffic from any website is coming from.

And that is a very useful tool.

So, that is me for today on this episode. Thank you so much for tuning in and I'll talk to you on our next episode. Good evening.



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