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Clicks: How to get more clicks for your Affiliate Marketing offers

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Today I am super excited because we are talking about more affiliate marketing clicks.

More importantly, we are talking about how to get more clicks for your affiliate offers. Now, if you're new to this channel have, you know, the marketer's secret lighthouse, we are all about affiliate marketing, and today we'll be talking about how to get clicks in affiliate marketing offers.

And in the previous episodes, what we've talked about was the three core markets we talked about how to go in the markets of health, wealth, and relationships and carving yourself a niche, out of that. So we've talked about niches, we've talked about products, how to go and find very good products that are really converting, so you can use those to start generating affiliate marketing commissions. We also talked about how to use your competition to your advantage.

So, if you have not heard any of those episodes, I urge you to go back and I want you to listen to those and then come back we'll still be here. And the other thing that we've talked about before is traffic we talked about how to find your perfect ideal customers who want to take out their credit cards and buy from you now. So,

now, and then the last two things that we talked, where we've actually talked quite a lot more about the last of the two big things that we've talked about skills and tools, and we talked about how you need to know what skills and tools you need, but what to do if you don't have those skills and tools. So yes, there is a lot of shortcuts, there's a lot of ways to get a lot of stuff done.

Even with or without all these things that you will need, but if you haven't heard of any of these episodes, go back and listen to those and then come back and they will continue on from here.

Now, that said, let's jump in on today's episode which is how to get affiliate marketing, clicks on your affiliate marketing offers.

And to begin with, one thing I want to talk about is the places of your call to action. Now, you may or may not have, have heard of the word call to action. But what it means for people like you and me who did not study marketing in university. It means writing words, that tell your ideal customers or your ideal prospect, what actions to take, right, cold, cold call to action because it tells them exactly what to do and when to do it.

The places you put your call to action could be at the beginning of your content in the middle or at the end.

So if you've ever watched YouTube videos you've heard someone saying, subscribe to this video likes, and, you know, click the Thumbs Up button. And if you watch some videos will say that at the beginning some videos say that in the middle and then some videos say that at the end. So, these last places you can put but those are the ideal places you want to put, and usually, you'd put the call to action at the beginning.

If you know that you're going to be giving them a lot of value and you've already told them, an irresistible upcoming or value that you're going to give to them at the beginning, or after you've given them value don't tell them to take a very specific action.

Oh, you can split it, you give them value you tell them to take action then give them more value. So, that's why we say you know the beginning in the middle, in the end, depending on how much value has already given them.

Now that said,

You also need to be very specific about the type of content and on which platform you use, right. So, if you're writing a blog post your call to action may be all over the blog post, right, you may have links all over in there that people can click and go into the links that you want them to look at. So knowing the platform, means that you also need to understand how to place the appropriate call to action.

So, if you are on Facebook, for example, you cannot put that many links, they just don't work in your post.

As a matter of fact when links don't tend to work very well in Facebook, although if you tell them to search, to join your Facebook group from your Facebook page, then it's easier, or if you tell them to go and watch a specific video then it's easier. So it's very important that you think about the type of content and the platform, and then decide the most appropriate call to action.

For example, on podcasts, it's easy, it's usually much easier to tell people to either check the description or to tell them to go to a very specific website and look at it.

And so think about these things while deciding where to place your call to action, but something more important than just those two together has the confidence to make a request. Tell them what you want, tell your audience what action you want them to take because the chances are you are going to help them improve their lives. That is what you're trying to do you're trying to show them that this product will help them improve their lives.

For some people, this is getting better health.

So for some people, this is fixing their marriages for other people better. Still, this is helping them raise their kids better, if you're looking in the parenting niche.

So, It is important that your confident enough to tell them what action you want them to do.

For example, if you really want more sales, more fruit more profits more clients. Then I really want you to subscribe to this episode because I talk about affiliate marketing, day in day out.

And I'm really passionate about this because I believe that if we want to improve the quality of life for the people that we care about, then we're going to do that through learning about business, and there is no way to learn about business much better and faster and cheaper than affiliate marketing.

Think about it.

You're learning about how to get a customer to make a purchase. And the best part is you don't have to take all that money if getting that customer out of your pocket. And that my friend is the best way to learn. So I am confident that affiliate marketing is really, really the best way to learn about building a business online business that can really grow really fast.

So if you want to live life on your own terms to take life by the horns, then subscribe to this podcast, and follow me on Medium, and check out a partner with Anthony program because I've learned a great deal from that guy he teaches you everything you need to know about affiliate marketing, you get to watch video step by step, you get to see how his big business works.

He's a million-dollar business, and it's working right with 1000s and 1000s of students making sales every day. So, if it's working for them, the chances are it's gonna work for you. And so, that's why I'm really confident in this now. That aside, let's jump back into what you were talking about. The next thing I want to talk about is the types of cold action that you can use to get more clicks for your affiliate offers.

So we've talked about the places. And now when it comes to the type of call to action.

There are types, it just depends on the action that you want them to do. Do you want them to make a purchase? And you have to realize that for someone to make a purchase that is a commitment, they're taking out their hard-earned cash, and they're buying something, and in most places, you need to give them enough value before they can do that before they are willing to do that.

And so, in, in some cases, you want them to learn more about the product. And so what you want to do is you put a call to action that tells them, hey, you can watch this video. Hey, you can read more over here. And so, oh, you can say, by the way, if you want to learn more about affiliate marketing, check the links, in the description.


And so, that's the other type of call to action and another type of call to action is a community that joins this community, subscribe to my email list so you can get more content you can ask me questions if you have and these types of commitments.

As you can see they're very very different. Right. One of them.

So what I'm trying to say here is, depending on where you are with your customers, it may be much easier for you to give them to take a smaller action first before you can ask them to make a bigger commitment, such as a purchase. Right. And so, as affiliate marketers, you'll notice that a lot of marketers do first is, first, they ask you to read content right they introduce you to content. If they take it from Facebook groups, they may direct you to a piece of content on a blog or on a video, and you are reading that right.

Then next they ask you to subscribe right, they're making you do small commitments. And then the last thing they ask you to do is to go and watch a video on a website, and then from the video on the website, then they'll ask you to make a sale to make a purchase.

And as you can see there, you're going through the small steps of small commitments before you can make a really big commitment. And you as an affiliate marketer you need to be very good at taking your customers, your ideal prospects through those steps, getting them to make the small commitments before they can make the bigger commitments.


So, now that said, the next thing or the last thing that we want to talk about is the type of content that you should have your call to action on.

And this is gonna be very easy. And you probably have already seen some of these on the websites and all over the place on the internet. So your emails should have called actions. If you're in affiliate marketing you're sending an email that doesn't have a call to action. I think you're wasting a lot of your time which you should always have a call to action, even if it's Thank you they thank them. It shows to have a call to action.

One thing I learned was, There is no email not sent to them missed opportunity. And there is nothing else you can do to regain that opportunity.


And if you think about that, that's crazy stuff right. So, that said, the next thing is your landing page should definitely have a call to action. It just doesn't make any sense not to have any call to action. And then your blog posts to have tonnes and tonnes of call to action, and then your videos and your podcast should also have a call to action, even your blog posts on social media sites should have a call to action.

That's asking your audience to do something, either is to either to comment or to tag someone or to reply or to message you, whatever it is you want them to do a small commission so that when you ask for a bigger commitment, they're much more willing, they've already built a trust and rapport with you now. My final tip for today's episode is to make your call to action, irresistible.

Nothing works better than being able to make something irresistible spark curiosity, inspire, Whatever you do, the last thing you want is to make it boring.

So, that said, thank you so much for tuning in on this episode of the marketer's secret lighthouse, and I'll talk to you on our next episode. Good evening.



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