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How Often Do You Hear Yourself Saying “I need to create passive income from commission checks !”

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Today we’ll be talking about how you can start affiliate marketing. How does affiliate marketing work.

More specifically, we want to think strategically.

As we’re serious about business and wanting to you know take all the necessary steps to start the business. Especially in the affiliate marketing niche.

Within the affiliate marketing spectrum, you will be the affiliate marketer but whatever you choose to sell promote, and so on will be up to you.

And the best thing to do is to first start thinking strategically, you know.

Make big plans but takes more actions that lead on ultimately to the big goal that is becoming an affiliate marketer.

That’s the best way to start affiliate marketing today is first, you have to choose a niche.

And we know that there are three core needs or niches niche, which is health, wealth, and relationship, and these are the three core needs. And then you have to go in there and decide which of these you have a lot more interesting.

And so, which is means that you want to go in there and find sub-niches.

If you’re looking at the relationship.

Then you may think in terms of parenting, you could do promote parenting-related products. And if you’re looking in the wealth relationship, you could look at something like investing, while flipping houses.

Or, loans, anything related to money makes making money and building wealth, and saving money online.

And then if you’re looking on the health niche then you can look at things like dieting, exercising, and wellness.

All the things that have been related to health. But the idea is to find a specific affiliate marketing niche.

You can target this specific audience.

Once you find the niche, the sub-niche that you’re looking into, then the next thing becomes. You need to know what the audiences in those niches are thinking about.

And what I mean by this is,

You need to know what are their problems. What are their questions, and what are the roadblocks preventing them from getting results. And you can even go one step further and find out what are the results that they’re looking for.

By looking to learn these things.

What that means is that you can have a very good in-depth knowledge of your audience. Before you even start thinking about product promotion and all those things.

Now, the next step is finding a product. There is a lot of affiliate networks their impact is one of them JVZoo is one of them JVZoo. And then there is also Clickbank and is a lot. Those are just a few on the top of my head.

But the idea here is to find an affiliate network and the difference between an affiliate network.

An affiliate market is that an affiliate network has a lot of different affiliate programs, inside it.

They have lots of different affiliates offers that you can go into and take one side promoting.

Whereas an affiliate marketer essentially is the person who’s promoting those offers.

And there’s a lot and one company can have an affiliate program or an affiliate product that they want affiliates to promote. And your goal is to find those offers.

So if you go to a network you find a lot of different companies with a lot of coming with a lot of different offers in one place. It makes it easier for you to choose what product. And if you’re beginning from the.

If you’re starting from the beginning.

One thing I recommend is to use ClickBank Market Place,

it’s one of the first few easiest ones.

But you want to test out the products before you can start promoting them. Make sure that the products are worth promoting them and look at also have a for promoting them.

And if you’re not so sure about what exactly will be required, then taking a course or learning from someone by partnering. Such as partner with Anthony. Maybe the best way for you to get training, as well as promoting the products at the same time, you know, hitting two birds with one stone. That way you’re not you’re making the learning curve of becoming a super affiliate much smaller.

So that said, the next step is traffic. What you want to do here is you go is essential to build an email list. You’ve probably heard of this demand is on the marketing list. And what this means, essentially, is you want to go and find a lot of audiences, customers, and prospects.

Who are not already, your traffic, you don’t own them their ad on Facebook and other social media platform such as intro, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube.

A lot of these platforms will have a lot of audiences but you don’t control those traffic. The goal is to turn them into an email list, which is traffic that you can control.

What this means is you can promote them with a lot of additional offers. Without having to be to sweat it out a single email will generate a lot of revenue coming in.

So I mentioned that there’s a lot of different sources of traffic. So once you know your goal to build an email list. Then you start focusing on picking a source of traffic that you can drive those traffic to your offer. As well as getting them to sign up on your email list.

And the way you do this is, either you send them through your email,

Landing page. So you send them through a landing page where they subscribe and then you direct them to your offer that you’re promoting.

And that way you’re capturing their email. You can send them up, follow-up emails to make sure that you know, you’re helping them make the purchase.

Once that’s done, the next thing becomes either the source of traffic, either you want fast traffic or slow traffic. So deciding if you’re going to go with it. Fast traffic is usually ads. So Facebook ads YouTube ads, Google Ads, which is. And then you have the like of Instagram ads as well.

These are all very useful to help you get a lot of fast traffic so you can test a few things. Testing the emails and few things to see that they are working.

And then there’s also free ads which is usually mostly organic ads, but this is where you can get

A lot of customers coming in, you know, building up your authority, with the specific niche.

That way people associate you as the go-to place for getting their questions and answer questions and problems, answered if that makes sense. Then from there, what that means is, you’re essentially building these assets that will continue to generate traffic for you even when you stop spending ads.

So when it comes to Free traffic.

Organic traffic on YouTube is one of them, YouTube, Facebook, and also sites like Quora. And a lot of other platforms, social media platforms as well.

However, the one thing to note is it does take a few goods while to build up the traffic.

In most cases, if you start writing a blog, let’s say a medium may take four to six months to start building up that traffic. And so you need to be aware of that as well.

So combining paid and free traffic might be the best way. And if you want to really start getting the sales faster, quicker earlier. Then going to sites like Udemy, which I’m going to put the links on the description of the podcast in here.

In there you will find a lot of email lists that you can start promoting your offers and tested very quickly getting very faster results.

And the best part is these ads are not as expensive as they will be if you had to buy a lot of different types of other ads.

So, that is, that so if you want to start off your marketing today. The first step would be to choose your niche than to find a product, then to get traffic and start promoting. And the goal here is to build an email list.

In that way, you have a lot of traffic that you control. Thank you so much for tuning in with us on this episode today. And I will talk to you what our next episode and if you have any questions.

Feel free to email me and I’ll get back to you on our next episode. Good evening.



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