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Affiliate Links: How Affiliate Marketing links work and where to get one

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Today we’ll be talking about affiliate links. So how to get your affiliate links, how they work and where to get one for yourself when you’re doing affiliate marketing.

So if you’re new to this episode of the marketer’s secret lighthouse. One thing you might not know is that we talked about we talk about affiliate marketing, And we have been doing affiliate marketing series. In the previous few episodes where we talked about where we started talking about the three core markets and how to carve yourself a niche within those markets.

Then we talked about the product, how to use your competition to your advantage. We talked about traffic, how to find the perfect traffic that wants to buy from you right now. Then we talked about emailing lists to say that there’s money, the money is in the list. And the goal is to build your email list because that is the most valuable, you can have for your business.

So today we’re going to continue to learn about the affiliate links. So before we dive into affiliate marketing, links, let me explain what exactly is affiliate marketing.

So what is affiliate marketing? What is an affiliate marketing link, I suppose that’s the golden explaining that, so they fit your affiliate marketing links. The best thing about this is there’s a lot of businesses selling a lot of products, and those products must be placed on the page on a website.


And a person comes to that website page, and buy that product so for example if you’re selling a mobile phone on the website that person comes there and they choose the phone the one and then they buy, and make a purchase. This is our products on Amazon and E-commerce, but also on websites courses, and a lot of other products that are being sold online. There’s a page, and you bring people to that page and they make a purchase.

There way affiliate links work, is that they decided that they generate different links that I directing people to the same sales page on that website, to the same web page. So you can have 203,000, however many links. But all those links are pointing to one website page. There are different links, but they’re pointing to the same place. And so, when you are given an affiliate link you’re given a very specific link that directs that page. And when someone makes a purchase.

They know where that person who made a purchase came from. And so if you’re an affiliate, you get this link. When someone makes a purchase. They know that purchase came from you.

Someone from you made a purchase and so you get a part of that commission. Now, you may not know where the Commission came from, but the way the Commission came from, but where the Commission came from is that when you’re selling every single product, there is a cost in selling product. For example, if you make a mobile phone and you want to sell it, there’s a cost in finding those people to who you want to sell the phone. And so because this cost exists.

Businesses have decided they’re going to ask other people affiliates to promote the product. And instead of them paying that cost of promoting themselves, they’re going to get to more people by using affiliate and they’re going to pay affiliate that cost.

Right, so your Commission’s come from there.

So that’s is the nutshell it’s, that’s how affiliate marketing works in nutshell, and that’s how you get to generate revenue from it. The idea here is that you know, You have a very unique link that’s directing people to a very specific sales page, someone makes a sales, and you get a commission in your account. And if you want to know what sign on the way you’d find one is if you pick any products being sold online.

So take, for example,

if you go to Amazon, Amazon has their own affiliate products, or if you go affiliate network, or if you go to a website, any websites that sell products or services.

They usually have an affiliate programme. If you click in there you can sign up. When you sign up, you get an account that you usually use your name details so all of it most affiliate programmes are free. And what happens is you also put in your PayPal details so that when someone makes a purchase their commission goes directly into your PayPal account, and the Commission can vary depending on the product. Some products have commissions as high as 60%.

So what you want to do is you want to look for a product that you want to promote. And then, you know, you can get those reoccurring commissions from there.

And some examples of where you could find affiliate product is So, the first example I say there is if you look for any website that is selling a service or production line. Another example is if you go to Clickbank and then Clickbank market place. You can sign up for the affiliate programme there, And they have a lot of business businesses that have a lot of products.

So instead of creating an affiliate programme, those businesses sign up on Clickbank and then they use Clickbank Clickbank as a way of generating those affiliate links for people, so that when you promote a product you get paid through, you know, the ClickBank Affiliate programme.

Another good example if you’re a complete beginner and you’re new to this that is when I’ll actually recommend is a programme where you get taught how to be an affiliate from growing from the ground up and get all the resources that you need. And this is called the partner with Anthony programme, and this is you partnering up with a business and looking at exactly how affiliate programmes work from the inside and the outside.

And the best part is, this is the quickest way to start generating revenue without experimenting and testing everything by yourself. So, that is it for me today.

Thank you so much for tuning in. On this episode, and I will talk to you on our next episode. Good evening.



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