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A Simple, But Powerful Business Promotional Strategy That Gets Your Leads

Updated: Jun 17, 2023

So have you ever wondered how can you go about essentially creating a marketing and business promotion strategy that guarantees you will be getting a tonnes of clients, and a tonnes of customers, as you go on every single day.

Join me on this episode of virtual entrepreneur if you're new to this podcast a very warm welcome. I am your host and today we are looking at a business promotional strategy that guarantees you keep going forward and getting those clients.

Even when everything else seems to have failed.

If you're new to this podcast on our last episode we talked about how to staying motivated in promoting your business because some of the things that happens as you start promoting your business is either you run out of ideas, or you hit different roadblocks or things show up that you don't know how to do or how to manage you get questions, and all these things at frictions, to your momentum, causing you to slow down.

And as this happens, you find yourself in a situation where you are not moving as fast as you want to be moving you find yourself in a situation where you are so busy searching and how to solve the problems rather than running your business rather than running forward, pushing further.

So today we wanted to talk about a very simple problem that is what strategy can you use so that you can implement everything as a process, and move forward.

With that said, the notes from previous episodes can be found at habit marketing, which is h AR ve RT marketing

You can find the episodes there the notes and everything that you have missed in the past.

And with that said, let's jump into today's episode.

The first one to do you want to come up with is your content marketing strategy.

But before we jump into that, you need to have an umbrella of view of how you're going to go about doing this. So imagine you're a bird in the sky, right, when running a business I've noticed there are two things right, you have your foot soldiers.

Right. People who see the tactics, right, you on the ground like the insect you see exactly what you need to do when you need to do every single day to give more in forward, then you have the Hulk, in the sky.

Right. The Hawk in the sky or the bird in the sky, and you have the overview where you can see exactly what's happening on the ground.


You see the big picture. So if we start with the big picture. The first thing you want is this. You want to be able to take all the customers from the different channels from the social media from Facebook, from YouTube.

So from the video platforms the social media platform, the written and blogging platforms as well as the ads if you're using ADS, right, as well as the referral and woodsman, whether it's offline or online you want to take all that traffic.

And you want to direct all of it to one place where you can collect the data, and you want to do that much much effectively much more efficiently, so that you overview strategy, you're able to collect all these traffic and all these different platforms garbage collect all that effectively into one place. That's the first step, right.

Now if you're going to go about doing that.

You need strategy for each platform because they all act a little bit different, and each day with new people in the marketplace, you need to be a little bit clever about how you go about doing everything, so that you are actually getting effective result, right, so let's start with the video content, right.

So you start with your video content marketing strategy. This is going to be content marketing strategy that's going to cover Facebook, it's going to cover any video platform, including Instagram which is going to cover your YouTube platform.

Now some ways you can go about doing this might be video lives. The others platform supports video lives. Another method you want to go about doing this might be pre recorded video, cutting into snippets and then you send them. And this is how the strategy might look like.

You might have video that explaining the problems, the questions, the roadblocks and the results that your ideal clients and customers are looking for. And as explained these problems, you direct them back to one page where they can get additional information. This information will be packaged in a form of a lead magnet or a form of a free book that talks more about that particular idea or a free audio programme, or a free video that's put on your website and not available on Youtube or Facebook or Instagram.

And when they go to that video they're there. You've now taken them from where they are to where you want them to be which is on your website. And then you can direct them to click, or to take the next action.

Right. But ideally at the end of the day after they've taken them there you want to be able to collect their email address, and the best way to do that is if the the thing you've promised them means that they have to enter their email address to get it.

So for example, it might be a little video course broken down into one minute or two minutes bites.

Right. It's so easy to digest. Right. So in order to get that little course in so easy to digest. They just need to put in their details such as an email address so that they can download those so that they can have access to those, including the free book, right, once we're done read. And because you're targeting the visual YouTube consuming kind of market. Everybody consuming at one point or another. But the idea here is because you're giving them those video tiny bite sizes.

Then you can have them watch those content, and they'll be much more happy to give you the email in exchange offers to seeing those content, right. So you've really created a strategy where you're directing it from a YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram, to this platform where they can now enter the email, and then you have that content. The next reality is, is a written content, right. So you may you may use the same content from your YouTube but transcribe it and then place it in your blog and place it on third party.

Blogging services, as well as paste it on Facebook, text snippets, paste it on Twitter, and take the entire blog and share it on LinkedIn.

And what you get is you get all these people exposed to your blog. And if they want the snippets you can direct them there and then give them a book and that book becomes something that they can use, they can grab and they can digest that and use that to get the result that they were looking for in the video in the first place, similar strategy, but for different demographic people who prefer to read people who enjoy reading more than watching. So we found that to a lot more people respond to that better.

Then the next strategy after that.

Maybe your email strategy and your email strategy is once they've entered their email address in there. You want to be able to talk with them in their emails in the email address, talking to them about the solution they're looking for, how they can get it. Maybe you give them a little bit of free information you might continue that conversation, helping them get better results. But the idea here is you're warming them up, letting them know about the offers available, preparing them up because they may need to see your messages, five, six or seven times before they are able to become a client for the able to make a purchase.

Make sense. So with that said, you have three already marketing strategy. The first one is the content marketing for videos. The second one is content marketing for reading. The third one is, you know the content marketing for social media.

But you also have your email content marketing strategy there, right. So, these might be follow up essentially it's essentially a follow up email, which we follow them up for for the first seven days, or 14 days, so we spread seven emails following up in a period of 14 days.

Right, and the frequency at which you send this email is entirely up to you, you can test to find what works better. Some people prefer more frequent, emails, others prepare fewer, but you don't just stop there.

The next thing is you want a process of having a referral marketing strategy. And this is essentially an email that goes to your client to your clients wants to purchase your services offering some them something else in exchange for a testimonial.

Now some clients will be happy enough to give you a testimonial, but others may need their incentive to put down the work into actually typing one or recording a video for one, so that they can tell you all those results that they're proud of that they got, like, and so while you're working with, there is simple follow up email with a simple freebie, or a bonus package that you could give them once they give you a testimony, it doesn't have to be anything crazy, crazy, just have to be something really juicy and interesting to them something that they want.

So with that, say, that's your process of what is your process. Start from all these channels, driving them towards this one page or two pages on your website. And then from that page, you're gonna be able to extract an email, and then lead them to another process where you're sending them emails, onboarding them warming them up.

And then once you've made a purchase.

Why don't you continue to another process which is following them up, and offering something else in exchange for testimonial.

So that's how you go about creating a business promotional strategy you end up seeing a lot of company use this with a tonne of bit of a twist here and there just to make it much more customizable to the marketplace, but so far what I've seen is it's something that works really really well, but it does take a while to build that it does take a little while to go about putting in place. And so some of the best things that you can do is you can get the emails written for you in terms of content you can utilise other people's content creation strategies. We have our own strategies that you can get, you can take advantage of that.

These will allow you to create your content super super fast, so that you're not wasting too much time. With that said, thank you so much for tuning in on this episode of the virtual entrepreneur, you can find the notes to this episode at Herbert marketing, and even in the questions just you can email me about it and I'll be happy, you can email me at contact at Urban marketing help calm, and I'll be happy to answer any questions that you have. Aside from that, I will talk to you on our next episode of the virtual entrepreneur.

And as always, have a wonderful evening.



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