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Whose Fault When Beginner Affiliate Marketers Don't Get Monthly Commissions Checks ?

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

3 Things to Consider Before Starting Affiliate Marketing.

Today we are talking about the three things to consider before starting affiliate marketing As a beginner.

Now, in the past few episodes, we have been talking about a few of marketing, and what it is and how you can jump into this fast-growing business opportunity. And we talked about niches and how to find yourself in affiliate marketing niche within the three core markets. Then we talked about how to use your competition to find some of the top best selling products that are converting like crazy.

Then we talked about traffic, and we say, and we talked about ways that you can find customers who wants to buy from you right now. Then we talked about how to get more clicks more sales and more profits, using email list, right, how to build your mailing list and how to get those clicks. Then we talked in the last two episodes we talked about skills. And then we talked about tools, right, the tools you need to start Affiliate Marketing. And the goal is in thinking of this as a business, right, thinking big, but taking small powerful steps.

Now that's done.

Let's jump in on today's key things about affiliate marketing, which is the three things you need to consider before starting affiliate marketing.

The first thing is, start thinking about affiliate marketing, as a business.

And what I mean by this.

Affiliate marketing is essentially getting people from where they are looking for solutions to their problem, and bringing them as close to the solutions that they're looking for as possible. You don't need to sell them, you just need to show them where the solutions are and they will go and make the purchase themselves.


And so if you're thinking of it as a business that means there's, there's going to be labour and workforce involved, right. You're going to need resources, like any other business, because this is a marketing, business. Right. It is called affiliate marketing that means it's marketing through affiliation. Right,

so you are doing marketing for another business that what this is all about. And so you need to think about it in terms of business strategies and business plans, you don't need to go and create those 20 pages, 30 pages business plan, but you do need to have a plan of how you're going to go about doing this if you want to be successful.

Like everything else in life, you need a plan. And you need to take the small steps to go forward.

And the reason why you need that is because without a plan. You wouldn't be able to tell if you're running around in circles. Right. And so you need that. And then the next thing you need is you need customers, no business can exist without customers. So you need to know where your customers are going to be so you can go in and get them who your customers are, so you can talk to them. And more importantly, how to talk to your customers.

Now don't worry if you don't know much about this, like I said, we've covered a lot of these in the past episodes, if you want growth the past episode and listen to those. And we'll continue talking more about this, but the goal is you need to know your customers. The next thing is like any other business, you need to understand that businesses take time and money.

Right, to build. So, if you do not have a lot of money, it's going to take you time. You need people to invest that time to grow your business. Conversely, if you have a lot of money, then you can pay a lot of people for their time to make up so you can leverage money to get the results faster, but either way it's gonna take time and money or time or more money.

So it's going to be up to you how you use that. And if you pick a really good affiliate programme, you can start getting results in as fast as two to three weeks, and partner with Anthony is one of the programmes that I used to get started with affiliate marketing.

And one thing I can say with certainty is that within three weeks, if you haven't generated a sale, just go back and rewatch all the video trainings, they're so simple step by step, you should literally be getting sales within three weeks.

As a completely beginner, and that is what I can say from there. Now, that said, the second thing that you need to know about affiliate marketing before you start affiliate marketing is a marketing business as we say. And that means your goal is to build bridges. Right. So you customise on the other side of the river, all they can think about is the problems and the questions and the roadblocks preventing them from getting the results that they want in the unit to build those bridges in their mind, to get them from where they are to where they want to be.

They want result need to show them the results that they want.

They want, you know, to reach their goals here to show them how they can reach their goals.


And you need to be able to put your audience first. Right. No one is going to care about what you do, unless you can help them. Right. People are in looking for their own solutions to the problem that they have. And so you need to be putting your audience first because you're in the marketing business, that means you're helping people reach their goals, find what they're looking for.

And the next thing is your focus should be in collecting customers, right.

Your focus is not on selling any product your focus is not on anything else, aside from connecting those customers, nurturing those customers, those leads into customers who are willing to buy, giving them education on the solutions that are available on how to get the best results faster on how to get the best results with very little effort put in, because at the end of the day, the more you can help them get the results, the more likely they're willing to try your solution.

Right, so you should be focused on collecting your lead and building up your customers. They say the money's in the list because as a marketer, the more people the more leads you have all we need to do is just nurture them, and they're more likely to buy.

The third reason, or the third thing to consider before starting Affiliate Marketing is, you need to have a reason why is it passion, are you passionate about a very specific thing, like exercising or dieting or a passionate about, I don't know, drawing, or piano lessons that you know you can you play very good piano or writing books, ebooks, whatever it is or you're passionate about.

You need to have something that you're really willing to work forward to because, like I said, if affiliate marketing is a business you need to to invest your own time. And if you're not interested in it, you will not invest the time, but it requires some of the best things you can think of what is a problem that you yourself have overcome. Right. If you've ever come across a problem, the chances are someone else has a problem.

You know how to talk to them because you know what it was like when you were there. Right. You know the problem that challenges you face you know what websites you use, then by targeting a product that is helped you. So your problem that you faced, the chances are it's going to be much easier to promote because you're going to be speaking from the heart, from experience, and you're going to be helping people by giving them a lot of value, just from your own experience, and that makes promotion, much, much easier. You've heard people use testimonials. The reason why they work so well is because other people's experience. Right. And you've heard people use ambassadors. The reason why it works so well is because of those experience. Nobody wants a salesman.

We selling them stuff, but everybody wants someone they can trust and rely on to get good results.

And the next thing is you need to think long term strategy, right. This may overlap to the past few things that I said. But when I say long term strategy.

Think of this as in, you can start affiliate marketing now, but you need to be thinking in terms of assets should only be using tools that are going to add value to you as a person and to your business, most beginner affiliates tend to go out and spam out the links. And the problem with that is it's not strategic.

It doesn't help you build value. If you create content you're building an asset. So if your content is ranking on Google, it may take time to rank, but once it's ranking ranking. It's an unstoppable force, right. And so what you want to do is you want to focus on these kind of online assets.

So knowing copywriting is an asset.

Right, building an email list, that's a very profitable asset, creating content that is an asset. And so, being able to build these assets, means that even when you start a business that is not affiliate marketing business you have valuable assets that can help you move forward.

So, that is me.

On this episode of the marketer's secret lighthouse. Thank you so much for tuning in and joining me on this episode and we will talk together on our next episode of the marketer's secret lighthouse. Good evening.



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