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Rachel Chung

 Can Help You:

    Overcome Procrastination
    Overcome Self-doubt
    Become your Confident Best Self
My Story

Hi I’m Rachel Chung - ICF qualified Confidence & High-Performance Coach.
And I’m the founder of Essence by Rachel Chung.

My mission is...

Through mindset mastery, personality profiling and personal brand image consulting with 8 years experience...

I help the online-serviced based female solo entrepreneurs at the start-up stage to overcome procrastination challenged by self-doubt, fear and perfectionism.

So they can kickstart and keep thriving in their business with the highest productivity and absolute confidence as their best self. ;-)

To fulfil the mission...

I'm focusing on ‘YOU’ with A-Z 100% personal touching support…
Inside this community…

You can learn how to build your core confidence from inside to outside…
With hands-on support from experts and a well-structured system.

And this is a fun interactive and safely respected environment for you.
You will explore your potential to a new reality…
With all-in-one & One-stop full transformation.

During your joyful journey here…
You will also discover the Instant applying and Instant long-lasting achievement as well~

I have helped women Stop Doubting and Start Believing…
So they can create a long-lasting impact with their business worldwide confidently.

“Stop Doubting Yourself, Start Believing Yourself!”


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

Let's connect.

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