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Indiana Gregg

 Can Help You:

    Overcome come challenges in entrepreneurship
    Work from any location and profit from your freelancing
    How To Get Started As Social Entrepreneur
My Story

Hi, I'm Indy. And well, my journey during the nearly 50 years I've spent on this planet has been full of ups and downs, amazing triumphs, heart-wrenching challenges. But, you know, nothing ventured, nothing gained, eh? So...I've worked in tech and the creative industries for 25 years. I've founded multiple companies and consulted many startups over the years. I worked extensively in the music industry and creative spaces as well. That probably taught me to hold my head up and keep on keeping on. I guess the one thing I've learned is to follow purpose because that's kinda true north. When we stop following that, it's when stuff goes awry.

I'm a mom of three adult kids who are now in their middle 20s. So, to compensate for empty nest, I started more startups and began collecting stray animals. (I have no idea how they find me.)

I'm passionate about socially conscious tech, society, social issues, and change-making. As a female entrepreneur, I understand the challenges both women and people of all genders face and hope to help to level the playing field for the future of work!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

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