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Hi my name is Herbert Innocent 
Laptop and Notebook


That The Most Important Part of Any Page On Your Website Is Not Your Offer, Your Logo, or Graphics? 

It sounds crazy right...


because we’re so used to hearing about layout and formatting and graphics, and while that is important. 


I’m going to share three secrets with you today that's going to Revolutionize The Way You Get Clients Online.

So, what is the most important part of your website?

It’s "Your Businesses Professional First Impression!"

So The First Secret Is, People Have Grown Impatient.

The big idea here is that you need to give them a reason to stay on your site by catching their attention instantly with whatever you show or tell them first. 
This is important because catching their attention means

You Can Turn Them Into Clients

NOT catching their attention means you lose another valuable potential client who could have brought you repeat business! 

The second secret is a confused client never buys. 
The main thing to understand here is that if people get confused about what page they’re on, why they’re there, or what they should do next,


they will leave and they won’t buy. 
This means if they get lost or uncomfortable, if your message doesn’t sit well with them, you won’t land a client.


This is a big deal, especially when you want... 

More Loyal Clients To Bring You Business

The third secret is you do NOT catch people’s attention the right way with your cute logo, fancy graphics or long and boring to look text. 
You catch people’s attention with a big bold headline, or a question that stops them,



Lets Them Know This Is Important To Them,



and forces them to pay attention.

This is key because when you catch their attention the right way, you actually set their mind up so they want to work with you and becoming a client. 

Out to Sea Laptop

Want To Work With You And Become a Alient

Now, I Know What You’re Thinking

It’s hard to come up with a great headline for all these different pages and know what's the right thing to say and...


Does it really matter all that much?
Well the tricky thing is that most people don’t spend enough time on their message because it’s hard to come up with what to say.


In fact,


It’s so hard that if they come up with one draft, they’re ecstatic!


They use that and never test. 
And so I’ve created this...

Laptop Writing

Click With Clients System

So You Can Get All Your Landing Page Copy DONE FOR YOU!

In Less Time Than It Take You To Eat Lunch!

And I, as self-taught copywriter who has landed business clients with big names,  what I do is:

Work Desk



Deep dive into Understanding My Clients' Vision, Mission And Values.

Then look at testimonials my client has. To understand their Customer's Hopes, Dreams, and What Inspires Them To Buy.

Virtual Team Meeting



Working on Laptop



I then look for any Missed Opportunities My Clients May Want when doing customer research for them.

Then using copywriting techniques refined over the years. I put together a message that Speaks To The Hearts And Minds Of My Clients' Customers, Inspiring Them To Buy

Working on Laptop



Working with Laptop



Then we split test using traffic source traffic of your choice. So you Get Highly Profitable Copy.

So what I’ve done is I’ve created this amazing,

Laptop and Notebook

Click With Clients System

So You Can Use To Resonate With Prospect Turning Them Into Loyal Clients!

If you click below, you can take advantage of it today.

We also have awesome email sequences to warm up your audience and draw them into your world, getting them super


Excited About You, Your Events, Programs and Your Offer


WITHOUT being pushy or over the top...


But today I’m talking about the Click with Clients System, which is amazing. 

I can’t wait to see you on the inside.

Have a great day.

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