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Herbert Marketing Help
Service Pricing  
Laptop and Notebook

Here's Exactly What You're Going To Get With The 

"The Coach's Dream Clients Secrets" 

Service Package

The Lead Gen System 
(€ 15,000 /m Value)

  • This Marketing Strategy and Planning holds the secret to get high-quality, high-paying leads automatically.

  • Takes care of all your lead generation process.

  • Focus on selling your classes, events, programs, and webinars to high-quality leads all generated for you.

Market Place Price

€ 180,000 /yr

Lead Capture Secrets 
(€ 17,000 Value)

  • This Brand Loyalty Service is your solution to create the best first impression to leads.

  • Build credibility, thought leadership, and brand awareness.

  • Become the go-to expert in the minds of your clients.

Market Place Price

€ 17,000 /yr

Authentic Expert Secrets 
(€ 36,972 /yr Value)

  • This copy-writing service gives you the secret to sound clear and authentic.

  • Resonate with new clients.

  • Inspire them to take action.

Market Place Price

€ 36,972 /yr

Client Excellence Hero 
(€ 54,000 /yr Value)

  • This conversion analytic service makes it a snap for you to understand your audience.

  • Deliver unmatched customer experience.

  • Improve profitability and delivery of your message.

Market Place Price

€ 54,000 /yr

€ 90 /hr

Marketing Platforms + ongoing Optimization (€ 3,850 /yr Value)

  • This Automation, Management, and Hosting Service make it easy for you to turn traffic into leads and sales with easy-to-use.

  • Offer your services to more clients.

  • Reach even the most outrageous sales goals faster than you ever dreamed possible.

Market Place Price

€ 3,852 /yr

Here's Everything You Get Today

  • The Lead Gen System (€ 15,000 /m Value)

  • Lead Capture Secrets (€ 17,000 Value)

  • Authentic Expert Secrets (€ 36,972 /yr Value)

  • Client Excellence Hero (€ 54,000 /yr Value)

  • Marketing Platforms ongoing Optimization (€ 3,850 /yr Value)

Total Value: € 107,825 /yr

But today, you're getting all of this...

FOR ONLY: € 3,997

€497 /m after 12 months...

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